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What's one of the spookiest images you've ever created on this blog?

I wouldn’t really classify anything on here as spooky, I mean it’s all just video games. That being said though, there was one public domian SNES rom that kinda freaked me out when I corrupted it…

That painful moment

When you have to hold back a comment because you know the other person is going to get all defensive and emotional and you’ve already dealt with too much of it that day and will quite possibly lose your cool and go into overdrive if one more person starts acting stupid.

OK where is your off switch?

if you cant tell i did something different for bfsn….hahah whoops…im so scared about tonight but our babies are gonna hug again and i might cry….anyways….can you…tell i love….ellipses
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I think one of my favourite things about Shadow was how whenever there were kids around he’d do a coin trick for them and actually care about how they liked it and it was really quite adorable  


Coconut: Gale!

Gale: Hey cutie, I brought what you asked for, and I have a package set to be on your doorstep at sunset. Please get to it before your mother does, I don’t fancy being served at her next party.

Coconut: Thank you for going through all this trouble. I’ll be sure to get it before Mother.

Gale: Dare I ask what this is all for?

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Okay so I have a request but it isn't one of the prompt things. Can you do a little imagine on how Bucky would react to his girl being pregnant? Like would he be emotional cause he never thought he would get to have a family after hydra? Or would he be scared of fatherhood? Or would he be super ecstatic I just reallly need some daddy Barnes up in here

You stood in front of the bathroom sink, staring down at the small plastic stick that was sitting on the counter. Two minutes, two minutes. You were so scared that you were shaking. It’s not that you didn’t want kids, you were just petrified of how your boyfriend of two years was going to react. You’d never talked about having a family, or even getting married. What would he do?

Your two minutes were up and you let out a long breath, picking up the test and staring at it as two pink lines appeared on it. Positive. You let out a shaky breath, a small smile appearing on your lips as your eyes burned with tears. We’re going to have a baby. A single tear fell from your eye as you chuckled softly, closing your eyes. You were so incredibly happy… but that happiness soon faded away as you realized that you now had to tell him.

You closed your hand around the handle of the test, walking out of the bathroom and heading for your bedroom. Bucky was still laying in bed, his eyes closed. “You okay, doll?” He mumbled, and you nodded, sniffling. His eyes snapped open immediately, and he sat up. “Are you crying?” He asked, his protective instincts kicking in. You felt your lower lip tremble as you bit back a sob. “Baby, baby, what’s wrong?” He asked, crawling to the end of the bed and pulling you into his arms.

You let out a shuddering breath as you looked up at him, your hand tightening around the test. “Promise you won’t be mad at me?” You whispered, your voice thick with emotion. “Of course, baby. Of course. Now what’s the matter?” He asked, his eyes scanning your face as he brought his hand up to cup your cheek.

You brought the test up into his line of sight, opening your hand as your lip quivered again. His eyes widened as his hand dropped from your face, picking up the test delicately, like he thought he’d break it. His free hand went up to his face, covering his mouth as he stared at the piece of plastic in his hand.

You stared at him for a moment, your heart pounding in your chest. “Bucky… please say something.” You whispered, starting to panic. His hand fell from his mouth and he let out a long breath. “You’re.. you’re sure?” He asked, and you nodded slowly, feeling tears pool at the edges of your eyes. “Buck..” you breathed, and he finally looked over at you, his eyes glazed over. “I’m gonna be a dad?” He asked you, dropping the test to the floor so he could take your face in his hands. You nodded, tears steaming from your eyes. “If you wanna be.” You told him, and he pressed his lips to yours feverishly. “Of course I want to be.” He mumbled against your lips, and you let out a cry of joy.

“I’m gonna be a dad.” He breathed, resting his forehead against yours, grinning widely. “You’re gonna be a dad.” You repeated, your hands resting on his chest. He kissed the tip of your nose before bringing his cybernetic hand down and placing it on your stomach. “Are you happy?” You asked him, and he nodded, “You have no idea.” He replied, and you felt yourself smile more. “I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you.” He said quickly, pressing kisses to your cheek, causing you to giggle. “I love you too, James.” You said between laughs.

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