face up for bjd


Feadoll Minu Unicorn par Nomyens cosmetic dolls

Phoenix is still here! Did you missed her?
I received some gorgeous clothes from @kalcia.workshop and I thought I should take a picture.
I made her some bags from leather to go with the outfit. The antlers are also made by me but they are not for her but my incoming soony.
List of items;
Model; minifee mirwen tan

Shirt,skirt,corset,socks, dragonfly necklace; Kalcia
-Antlers, boots, bags, other accessories; me
-Face up; me
-Alpaca wig; me
-Eyes; mehiart


Sooo. Iv been doing a thing!
I bought a Hujoo Freya head and put it on a Catrine Demew Monster Hugh body! And I would say it came out awesome! I’m very happy with the results!
I carved the neck with a knife. Since if i didnt the neck would look way to long and out of proportion to the body. I found there’s a small pre-made bar in the neck that I used for my elastic cord.
I then got a decent sized washer and used that to kept my elastic cord on and boom. Heads on.
I did also use some hot glue on the neck joint to help the head stay in position and allow it better movement.
After that I went ahead and did a face up and made her a wig. I’m super happy with her and thought I’d share my hybrid!

If you decide to make your own monster high hybrid like this. Totally tag me or something. I would love to see! :3

【FACE UP】▪ Iplehouse-Claude by Aunus
[Iplehouse Claude]


_MG_0163 by Karina Kolyagina


Painted par Akara

I used to question why face-up artists charged for face-up removals. Besides the material costs, I thought it was a little weird. Today I just spent an hour and a half removing the face-ups on three dolls, and I now question this no more. I’m tasting Winsor & Newton in my mouth and I still wasn’t able to get the most stubborn parts of the face-ups off. To you face-up artists, I just want to say: I’m sorry for ever doubting you. Please continue charging for removals.



Fairyland Minifee Luka TS sleep head par Nomyens cosmetic dolls


Bright - soon again. par Bianca