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  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, sitting on a giant pile of cash, safe in the knowledge that his show is sold out for a year, a person who has always been able to access theatre shows: Stop The Bootlegs I Don't Like Them
  • Poor People: [stare into the camera like they're in the office]


A muggleborn Slytherin that graduates and goes on an international crime spree that leads to hundreds of aurors chasing them world wide, only knowing they were somewhere long after they’re gone.

Their crime? 
Stealing vast quantities of money from rich muggles using magic, humiliation of high profile muggles that then have to be obliviated later, and magically furnishing homes, food, and clothing to numerous muggles. They are impossible to be located in the same manner as the muggles robbed and embarrassed publicly, due to their number and spread.

They turn themselves in after many years, a grin on their face.
No one can track down their wand to see the spells they used, or to break it after so many cases of disregarding the rules. 
When interrogated on where it is, they just grin and say it went to someone who could use their magic more.
Wizarding Britain is now worried who that may be, and even the best Point Me spell and Accio has done nothing.

Somewhere, a little child is curled up with their mother in a homeless shelter and is trying not to cry because they accidentally burned a hole in their only blanket. 
Their mother tells them about a person she met when she was younger, and that it’s alright. She gives them a wand made of Pear and tells them it will serve them well.


A trolley full of your loved ones is heading down the tracks and will hit another loved one. If you redirect it, it will hit three strangers, but all of your loved ones will be fine. However, there is another person on the other side of the tracks facing the same problem. If you both choose to redirect the trolleys, they will crash in the middle, killing almost everyone. 

The least amount of people will die if you do nothing and allow a loved one to die, the best-case scenario for you will occur if you pull your lever and the other person does not pull theirs, and the worst-case scenario will occur if you both pull your levers.

What do you do???


But I want a woman.

Poison (Carl Grimes x Reader)

Summary: The reader and Carl get separated from the group and need to find a way to get back.

Warnigns: Angst, mild language

Song: Poison by Luhx.

A/N: I have no clue how this will format. If it goes weird, I’ll ty to fix it as fast as I can.

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“Carl?” (Y/n) said quietly. She swallowed hard. Her throat stung. She needed water, “Carl what do we do?”

“I don’t know. We stick together. That’s all I know. I’m sticking by you.”

“We’ve been separated from the group for hours! The sun is setting. There’s nowhere for us to go. Carl, I’m trying to stay hopeful but I really can’t. I’m sorry.” (Y/n) said stopping in her tracks to face Carl. She was tearing up. Carl looked at (Y/n) with a glimpse of emotion she couldn’t place. It was like he was in pain but in love at the same time.

I know you’ve loved before
Don’t pretend I’m first
I’ve been on either side of letting someone down and
I don’t know which one’s worse

(Y/n) used all her energy to keep from leaning on Carl as they trudged toward the setting sun trying to find the group. They’d been walking for hours looking for any sign that someone had been there. Neither of them spoke. They just walked and walked and walked. This was going to be the end wasn’t it?

Carl spun his pistol on one finger to give his mind something else to concentrate on besides the hunger gnawing at his stomach and the thoughts of impending doom. He wouldn’t admit it but he was probably less hopeful that they would find the group than (Y/n) was. He was terrified.

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