face spam


Basically, I needed some photo time with myself today to remind myself I’m worth loving… I mean, look at those thighs. For over ten years of my life I hid them. I wouldn’t dare wear shorts because I cared too much about what people would say about my chubby thighs. Well looking at them now, they’re perfect to me. My thunder thighs jiggle when I walk and darn it, I find the chunkiness sexy. Really, you don’t have to agree. 

And yes, I have a double chin, but look at that smile. Maybe it’s a little awkward and sure my face is pink for no real reason, but I love being able to smile and mean it. I love being HAPPY. Look at those shoulders! UGGHH!!! They haven’t seen a tan in so long because just like my thighs, I thought my fat arms didn’t deserve to see the light of day either. But here they are, out in the open with no cares. Summer 2014 is the summer I stopped giving a fuck how other people saw my body and fell completely IN LOVE with it! Expect loads of face Spam. 



6 months ago today I decided that I wanted to get better because life is too beautiful to waste.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come. Some days are still extremely hard and I’ll be the first to admit that I might still catch myself engaging in unhealthy behaviors. But I’ve never tried harder on anything in my life. Everyday I learn more and become stronger.

Left is me from the beach today, much healthier than 6 months ago and trying to own, love, and accept my body. Right is the tattoo that I just got to celebrate. The lotus grows from the murky, muddy water into a beautiful flower, despite it’s circumstances. And the stem is the eating disorder recovery symbol which shows what I’ve overcome and will remind me to keep pushing.

I love you all for your constant support!


I use to think my reflection was a curse for not being what I was taught a beautiful woman should be. They were mistaken because they cannot confine the definition of a beautiful woman. We are all beautiful. ❤️💋