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Keeping her face carefully neutral Caroline shakes her head in denial, “You don’t even know me.”

“Now that’s not strictly true, is it? I know you hate gin. You’re fantastic at darts, and a bit of a sore winner. I know you like to sleep on your stomach and that you monopolize the covers. You’re smart, and calculating. Methodical. I can’t wait to pick your brain, about the plans Elijah laid out. You’re an excellent dancer. And I’ve never seen anything lovelier than your face when you’re coming around my cock.”| Catch me If you Can by @lalainajanes


Bump - chapter six.

“I won’t care,” Beth says still with that same smile stretched across her face and a shake of her head. “I’ll still like it. I already like everything about it.”

Daryl smirked a little; not able to help himself.

He’s pretty sure he’s never met anyone like her before.

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Keiz, to me, Kagome has hit Inuyasha's balls at least once, unconsciously :D


Inuyasha, knees shaking, face pale, hands fisted tightly as he tries very hard not to clutch himself after Kagome inadvertently knees him right in the crotch.

Kagome wondering why he looks constipated.

Miroku, the witness, trying not to laugh.

Sango eyeing Miroku suspiciously.

Shippou looking confused.


 Mark’s heart raced as the hand came closer. He tried getting away, but it seemed like the hand was coming right for him. His eyes shut tight as the feeling of fingers surrounded him. The hand didn’t even hesitate as it closed its grip, trapping Mark within. Abruptly, he was brought out of the drawer and into the light.

 “Well, what do we have here.” A voice boomed above, shaking his core. The tiny looked up to be met by a large pair of blue eyes. Jack looked down at him with a smile, but it wasn’t any smile Mark had ever seen on the human’s face before.

 Mark was shaking badly, Jack seemed to notice because next thing he knew the grip around him tightened. The breath was knocked out of him and suddenly he could barely breath.

 “Never really thought about having a pet before,” Jack mused to himself. Mark’s heart nearly stopped and not from the pressure around his midsection.

 “Could be interesting,” Sudden images of himself in a cage flashed in Mark’s mind. He struggled against the grip as best as he could, but the hand didn’t so much as flinch.

 “Then again…” Mark stopped dead in his struggles. Jack’s voice sounded almost bored now.

 “I could care less,” and suddenly Mark was falling.

 Mark gasped as his body jolted. He sat up, putting a hand to his chest. He took in gulps of air, the feeling of losing it still clear in his mind, even if it hadn’t been real.

 He ran a hand through his hair, staring down at the makeshift bed. It was made up of tissues and bits of old cloth Mark had collected and put into one big pile. Honestly, it was pretty comfortable.

 Mark fell back, recalling his dream. He knew he was going to have nightmares after the whole drawer incident. His body shook as it recalled the feeling of the harsh grip.

 Being caught was a scary thought in of itself, but Mark could never decide on what was worse. Dying by a human or becoming one of their pets.

 It kind of scared him to recall how relieved he felt while plummeting to his death.

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Divorced dad Krupp idea, what if George's future wife is Krupp's daughter? Can you imagine Mr. Krupps reaction to his little girl saying "George and I are getting married!" Or since George is confirmed to have kids in the future "George and I are having a baby!"?

MY DUDE that’s such a cool thought?? I love the thought of him having a daughter for one thing…CAN YOU IMAGINE….

He would be SO angry. just so PISSED. I imagine red-in-the-face, shaking anger. Hoo boy. I love it. I LOVE IT. And she’s just like “But Dad–!”

“Do not ‘BUT DAD’ ME!!” 


This is Harvey. He is a shar-pei lab mix and loves everyone. He loves wrestling with Huckleberry our cat and shaking his face and getting slobber all over the walls.

  • Kunikida, in the agency: Oi Dazai, wanna tell Atsushi to come along?
  • Dazai, really loudly: I AM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR ATSUSHI-KUN!!

I met my idol tonight. She was in a rush bc she’s a busy woman, but I told her how much she means to me and so many people. Then I told her how wonderful it is that she’s back on Criminal Minds and she smiled so big and said how happy she is to be back.