face self tanner

Tantouring For Summer?

How do you guys feel about Tantouring aka contouring or bronzing up your face with self tanner for a makeup free contour? I’m actually pro this trend because when it’s 100 degrees outside or I want to go swimming… it’s very unlikely that I would want to put on a full face of makeup with contour. 

With so many semi permanent makeup trends like eyelash extensions, eyebrow stains/tints, lip stains, and now tantouring.. you can go makeup-less in the heat, on vacation, to pool parties, etc and still feel a little more confident and put together. Throw on a little BB or CC cream for slight coverage still letting your tantour shine through for a really effortless summer look. 

Tantouring is very customizable because you can control the pigment based on how long you leave it on before washing it off. 1 hour will give a light contour while 2 to 3 will give you a deeper contour. Use a medium self tanner to dark/deep self tanner to further control the color you want. Be sure to exfoliate before hand just like you would when self tanning your body for an even, non patchy application.

To learn how to tantour with self tanner check out videos like this one and this one