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*People* “Well, Kim Kardashian and her family were a silly distraction and stuff like THAT let someone like Trump take over America.”

*Me thinking about it for a moment*

“No, I don’t think Kim Kardashian and her family and their (let’s face it, hugely scripted) antics had anything to do with it. It’s a fucking reality show. Who cares? It’s entertainment. Regular TV stuff.”


“I think, perhaps, the problem is that 45+ million Americans (mostly white) eagerly voted for an obvious racist and fascist. And now most of you can’t admit it. So blame the chick in an interracial marriage with two mixed race children and with a transgender dad for the downfall of America. Not the voters themselves or anything.”


{ Twenty-Four }

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01. Dead Hearts - Stars / / 02. King - Lauren Aquilina / / 03. Eet - Regina Spektor / / 04. Youth - Daughter / / 05. Truce - Twenty One Pilots  / / 06. What If - SafetySuit / / 07. I Have Made Mistakes - The Oh Hellos / / 08. Rubiks Cube - Athlete / / 09. You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol / / 10. Flares - The Script / / 11. Nothing’s Bigger Than Love - My Favorite Highway

  “Though he expresses his hatred of being a sextuplet and wishes that he was an only child, he feels that he still has the responsibility to take care of them”

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I have a prompt for you if you can: a class vote for Romeo and Juliet and Riley is voted Juliet and obviously Maya congratulates her but then Maya is voted Romeo and she didn't listen saying she only listens because it's Riley but is of course shocked for people voting her as Romeo while everyone in the class is celebrating and going that the play will be very emotional with the class ''married couple''.

I’m not sure I really understand what you mean by “voting” and about Maya listening, but I hope this is generally what you were looking for!

“Riles, why do you even want to be in Romeo and Juliet again?” Maya asks. “You already did it in seventh grade.” And that was tortuous enough, she thinks, seeing you play lovey-dovey with Huckleberry.

“Because I’m older now and I’ll do it better!” Riley says. “And anyway, it was fun and I miss it. But it has been two years, so I need your help to practice or I’ll never get the part! Pleeeease?”

“Do we have to do it in the school, though?” Maya glances around the hallway. It’s relatively empty since the school day has ended, but there are still a few people idling around and walking between classrooms.

“Yes! Auditions are tonight and I’m not leaving the school until I do mine. Can you please just run lines with me?”

Maya sighs. “Fine, fine! Just give me the script.”

“Yay, thank you!” Riley bounces on the balls of her feet and kisses Maya’s cheek before handing her a copy of the script. Maya’s face burns as Riley flips through the pages for her and then steps back. “Okay, start at ‘she speaks.’”

“Um….” Maya scans the page. “The balcony scene? Why uh…why don’t we do a different one? Everyone else will be doing this one, anyway.”

“Exactly,” Riley says. “If everyone does this scene and I do it better, then they’ll cast me! I can’t change it now anyway; this is the one I have memorized.”

“Okay.” Maya takes a deep breath and starts the scene. “She speaks: O, speak again, bright angel, for thou art as glorious to this—“

“Mayaaa, I can’t take you seriously if you’re gonna read it all monotone like that!”

“How am I supposed to read it right if I can’t even tell what the hell he’s saying? It’s so stupid. Why can’t he just say ‘hey, I’m from the family your family hates but I like you’?”

“It’s Shakespeare, peaches,” Riley says. “Just…read the words like you’re in love with me. Just pretend.”

“Alright, okay,” Maya says. Don’t even have to pretend. She starts again, this time paying attention to the words and reading them carefully as if saying everything she’s been holding back from Riley for over a year. It must work, because Riley doesn’t stop her this time. By the time they finish the scene, a crowd has gathered around them.

“Come on, Maya, the audition results are posted!” Riley bounds through the halls to the theatre classroom, towing Maya along by the hand. The cast list hangs on the wall by the door, a crowd of excited students gathered around it. “Can you look for me? I’m nervous,” Riley says.

Maya nods and shoulders her way through the crowd to look at the list. Sure enough, under Juliet’s name is Riley’s. Maya turns and gives her two thumbs up and a big smile. Riley grins and bounces through the crowd to see for herself.

“I knew you’d get it, Riles,” Maya says with a warm smile. Riley is still staring at the paper.

“…Maya, did you look at the rest of the cast list?”

“No, why would I do that?”

Riley moves aside and points at Romeo’s name. Clearly printed beneath it is “Maya Hart.”

“What?” Maya squints and steps closer. “No, that’s gotta be a mistake; I didn’t even audition.”

“Oh, it’s not a mistake,” Sarah says. “Mrs. Dillard is the director and she was talking about it in class. She said she saw you practicing with Riley and loved the chemistry. As if we don’t see enough of that in every other class you two have together.”

Maya blushes. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Sarah rolls her eyes and walks away. “Sure you don’t,” she says.

Riley, unfazed by the comment, engulfs Maya in a bear hug. “We get to act together! This is gonna be so much more fun than if Romeo were some random guy.”

“Riles, I don’t act!” Maya says, shrugging out of the hug. She has to find a way to get out of this; she can’t handle pretending to be Riley’s lover, especially in front of an audience. “I’m gonna talk to Mrs. Dillard and get this sorted out.”

“Oh….” Riley’s face falls. “Okay.”

Maya bites her lip. Can it really be that bad if it would make Riley happy? She sighs. “Or…maybe I won’t. You really want me to do this?”

Riley nods.

“Then I will.”

“Yay!” Riley kisses Maya’s cheek. “Thanks, peaches, I promise it’ll be fun!”

“Okay, but Riley….” Maya glances at the crowd still gathered around them and takes her hand to lead her somewhere more private. She drops Riley’s hand when they reach the little hallway window seat and takes a deep breath as Riley sits down.

“Riles,” she says, “before we do this…this thing that involves kissing, I need to tell you something.”

Riley frowns and tilts her head. “Okay. What is it?”

Maya wrings her hands out as she tries to find words that aren’t too blunt. She fails.

“I like you,” she says. “Like…I-have-feelings-for-you like you.”

Riley raises her eyebrows. “Really? I-I just thought Sarah was joking.“

Maya shakes her head. “No, she, uh…she was pretty spot-on.” She pauses. “I understand if you don’t want me playing Romeo anymore. Or if you want to spend some time away from me.”

Riley stands up. “You’re worried about the kiss?”

Maya shrugs. “Yeah, kinda.”

Riley rests her hands on Maya’s shoulders and leans in to kiss Maya softly, just for a moment, before pulling back and blushing. “Feel better about it now?”

Maya nods, her eyes wide. “Yeah,” she says. “Uh…wanna practice it some more?”

Riley laughs. “Bay window. Bay window right now.”

“Keep in happiness” (from I’m low on gas and you need a jacket) written out for me by Vic Fuentes at the San Diego date of the Misadventures tour.

This is my very first tattoo!!! Pierce the Veil, I’m low on gas, and these lyrics all mean a lot to me. When I first started listening to PTV I wasn’t in the best place mentally, but throughout these past few years as I’ve gotten more into the music scene, made friends that mean the world to me, and started to grow up, I’ve changed a lot for the better.

These lyrics serve as a reminder to myself to never stop fighting for the happiness and positivity I know is reachable if I never give up hope and just keep on carrying on. It’s far too easy to get lost in all the darkness and bullshit in the world, so this tattoo is a promise to my self that there is more out there and so much beauty and happiness in the world, even at the worst of times.

PTV have changed my perspective on life through their music, and helped me get through the worst time in my life, and through their shows, friends I’ve made through the band, and the band itself I have been able to experience some of the best moments of my life these past few years. I’m forever grateful for those four guys and how much them and their music means to me. ❤️

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naps with him together. nap bros 5 ever.

with his own exhaustion, the pyro remains unnoticed at his side, but zoro does lean a little closer, simply due to the given heat that made ace a comfortable pillow.