face polishing


The War Boys call him “lucky,” to be favored by the Imperator.

The Sisters call him her “support/partner.”

Furiosa calls him “reliable.”

Max thinks the correct term they’re looking for is “furniture.”

But all things considered, he’s been used for worse before. He doesn’t mind being of use to Furiosa.

I said I wanted to draw a series of doodles of Furiosa using Max as various forms of furniture mostly to lean upon…and him making bemused grumpy faces.

The Throne is especially for bonehandledknife 

Lance and Matt BROTP (Latte)

Okay okay so we All know about the amazing langst potential with Matt around

But after that?

I just really want them to be best bros


Along the way they start talking. They discover that their sense of humor is almost the same and they have aLOt in common


*Keith walks into the room*

Matt: “is that a fucking Mullet. Who is that angsty teen over there”

Lance: “Thank u God for Pidge`s brother, Matt Holt, and my future husba-”

Pidge: “LANCE EW NO.”


*Green lion flying through the air*

Lance, muttering to himself:
“Oh shit whaddup-”

Matt, basically shouting into Shiro`s ear :


They talk about family, about how they both miss their moms. Lance tells Matt how he looks alot like his brother at home. Matt is just like “dude I can be your brother until u get back home” because that’s what Lance did to Pidge and Matt is forever grateful for that. He wants to return the favour.


What if one day they go on a diplomatic mission together and they managed to convince the aliens that voltron’s anthem was All Stars by Smashmouth??

They also manage to convince them that the sign of the alliance with Voltron is a finger gun dab?

Like dabbing but with finger guns

So like the Leader wanting to please Voltron commands their army to line up and yeah like there is a whole troop of millitants standing intimidatingly in front of the team. And then Suddenly the general shouts
“ATTENTION!” and all those scary buff ass soldiers dab in perfect syn c

The team LOSES their shit. Pidge is red faced, cackling , Hunk is wheezing so hard tears just keep streaming down his face, Keith is a little confused but chuckles, he is glad to see the team happy. Shiro is fighting hard to keep a straight face, his lips are turned up at the corners and his shoulders are shaking. Allura is just???? Coran is just shakes his head fondly because its That Thing Lance told him about and tries explaining it to the princess.


Lance introducing Matt to his “chill time”

It includes fabulous self care. Eg: face masks, nail polish, etc.
(“Katie touch my leg it’s so S m O O Th”)

Matt introduces Lance to his own “chill time” as well

Very fucking dramatic. It consists of launching themselves out of their lions, switching off their comms and screaming about how ‘life is a biTCH into the dark abyss of space where no one can hear them.


I bet they do little sleepovers where they gossip and do the whole self care routine

It will also usually include BLANKET FORTS.
And passwords and codenames.

Keith: “Cowboy McEmo”
He has to sing “Old McDonald had a farm” but instead it’s “Keith McEmo had a farm” or just brandish his knife threateningly

Pidge: “Gremlin” “WhatthehellisaPidge”
Has to say how cool Matt is in sonnets

Hunk: “Babe”, “Bro”, “Sweetheart,” basically any pet name in the world
Doesn’t need to do anything. But he insists and brings a snack or two anyways

Shiro: “Space dad,” “Naruto Scriptwriter”
Has to admit Matt is better at Mario Kart than he is (despite Matt being horrible at it)

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You're doing WHAT to the god?

Context: the players had just taken part in a ritual allowing them to see and interact with a god’s aspect. The players are: a teifling warlord (Ea), a halfling rogue (Octavia), and a dragonborn paladin (Rhogar), we had an elf ranger (Stasi) and a skeleton fighter (Bone Daddy) missing from the session. And then there’s me, the GM…

GM: so, as you bite into the bug, the fog around you lifts. You see an impossibly tall man who looks to be cut out of marble - both in colour and physique. His face is polished into a smooth curve from the eyes down; he has no nose or mouth.

Octavia: I want to take something from him

GM: uhhhh you can try if you like?

[Rest of Party]: oh no please no

Octavia: I’m looking for anywhere he’d hide valuables on him

GM: well, his hair occasionally glows green, probably more bugs like the ones you just consumed; you don’t see anywhere else he could hide something

Rhogar (ooc): wait is he naked?

GM: yeah, you’re not seeing anywhere he could hide something unless, y'know…

>players faff about and behave civilized for a bit, GM is lured into a false sense of security<

Octavia: wait before we go, I want to steal from him

GM: WHAT? How?

Octavia: I’m going to “check his back pocket”

GM: oh no, okay fine. Roll for it.

>Octavia rolls a 1<

GM: you stride up to Varitriel (the god) while he and everyone else stares at you; confident you’re concealed, you go to erhm, “check his pockets” and accidentally caress his undercarriage as you do. He reels back, eyes burning, about to strike you.

Octavia: it was… a trick! (bluff)

>Octavia rolls a 4

i could be COMPLETELY barking up the wrong tree and it is absolutely just a theory so don’t @ me but like

it is interesting that during the 1989 era, taylor always looked EXCEPTIONALLY polished (full face of makeup including bright red lipstick, wearing fancy outfits with heels almost everywhere she went, hair always straightened etc) which was cool bc she not only looked gorgeous, but it also fit really well with her vibe of the era which was fun, upbeat, super polished music/videos/tour etc

and then towards the end of the era/the few times we’ve seen her lately she’s been looking much more informal, still a beautiful angel as always but much more casually so (natural-looking makeup, curlier hair, relaxed clothes) - and this could very well be because she’s between eras and isn’t bothering with presenting herself a certain way at all - BUT if this is how she continues to present herself into her new era maybe it’ll be an indication of a more raw, less polished kind of music?? idk!!!! just a thought!!