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Headcanons for America getting pegged? ;)

Alright so!

• Pull his hair
• Talk dirty
• Spank him
• Squeeze his thighs and belly
• He’ll insist on bad dragon strap ons
• Also jack him off with a flesh-light and hotdog him with the dick
• He’d want you to have a vibrator working at ya while ya peg him
• face fuck him with the strap on
• He’s a power bottom though so either be ready to cater or put him in his place


He’s almost done

Got in one last cosplay test before finishing Junkrat up to make sure everything corresponds and is all wearable together ok, just in case anything needs to be changed before it’s too late. (Everything so far is good!). Just needs a few more detail things and the peg leg then he will be DONE

The Hottest Tennis Coach

Word Count: 704

College Professors: 1 of 7

Starting today you were a tennis player. Well. Not exactly. You were starting to play tennis, but you didn’t really know how to play. In fact you didn’t even know how to hit the ball correctly but you decided to go practice at your college’s public tennis courts. You grabbed your gear and headed to the courts. Once you arrived you noticed that there was only two other people there. The tennis coach, AKA the hottest coach you have ever met! Aaannnd another boy from the tennis team. This hotty coach may or may not have been the entire reason you wanted to play tennis, but your plan was to keep that on the down low. You decided to keep your distance from these two seasoned players as to not embarrass yourself. You played one of the green walls as you practiced returning the ball over and over without hitting it over the wall. You were getting a rhythm when all of a sudden you hit the ball really hard and it came back straight at your face and it pegged you right in the forehead. You fell back onto the red payment while holding your head. You heard a pair of feet heading towards you and when you looked up you were met with a pair of sultry eyes that drew you in instantly. You knew that Coach park had just seen you completely fail at playing tennis and you weren’t even playing a real person. The pain in your head and the embarrassment began to make you tear up. “Hey it’s OK you don’t have to cry, come on I’ll take you to the nurses office and we can get some ice to put on your head, it’s OK.” Jimin said while pulling you into a hug as he began to pick you up. “No, it’s fine, really, I’m OK.” You said still sniffling. He pulled your chin so that you were facing him. He then moved your bangs out of the way to look at the injury on your forehead. “Yup, you hit yourself pretty hard!” He said while giggling. “Are you one of the new players, well, I mean, obviously, but…” He trailed off “Wait I know you, you’re (Y/N). I’ve been waiting to meet you!” He said excitedly. You looked at him confused slowly backing up from his grip. “Why exactly, I’m not anything special, especially when it comes to sports, well I mean, you saw.” You said while nodding toward the wall. “Well I’ve seen you around campus and I’ve just wanted to meet you, you can call me Jimin if you’d like.” Wait, what? Coach Park, uhh, Jimin, the hottest man you be able seen, has been wanting to meet you. The clumsy, trippy, un-athletic mess that you were. Well that was a turn of events. “So what do you say?” Jimin questioned. You didn’t quite hear him because of your mini freak out so you just blurted out “Sure.” He looked at you happily, “Ok let’s start then! Here’s your racket, and this is how you hit.” So you had just apparently agreed to personal tennis lessons from Jimin himself. Sweet! Jimin stepped closer to you and named his arms around you holding your hands over your racket and began demonstrating how to properly hit the ball. He rested his head on your shoulder while he spoke, and you couldn’t help but to get giddy. Then you realized something was poking you in the big. You turned around to question Jimin on what was in his pocket when you glanced down and then made eye contact again. “Sorry, I just got excited, but if you want, we can end practice early, and had to my office?” He said while smirking and biting his bottom lip, while he pulled you closer. “Well…um…I…uh…umm.” You stuttered avoiding his sultry eyes, until he pulled your face to meet his and planted a very passionate kiss right on your lips, causing you to gasp and drop your racket. You were completely side on your next words. “Then let’s go Mr. Park, or should I say Jimin, I mean, unless you’ve changed your mind.” You said pulling him playfully towards his office.

Hey Angel I made a thing.

Raph has finally had enough and tells Donnie exactly what he thinks about his  behaviour towards April.

I have never watched the Almighty Johnsons before but this seemed strangely fitting. Plus it was easy to get clips that matched…scarily easy if I can be completely honest. They also talk like really fast.


It’s the perfect day for some mayhem >:D

Makeup test success! Crazy Aussie is slowly coming together, and I couldn’t be more pleased with him so far. Still have a ton to do and things to tweak, but hey I’m on fire!

Endearing - Sam x Reader

A/N: I’m human trash and this was due two days ago but HERE YOU GO! This was for @one-shots-supernatural‘s birthday challenge! 

All under the cut cos its over 1000 words! 

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