face pap

Paps: “So Zayn, have you bought the new One Direction album yet?” Zayn: “Wot? *scoff* No, I haven— *trips* *thousands of the special edition Louis MITAM album covers fall out of his coat* Fook, these aren’t mine i swear! *sweating* i-i’m just holding them for a friend, i- *slips on a pile of albums* fu ck no, it’s not even a good alb- *more albums fall out as he falls to his knees, desperately trying to pick them up* WELL FOOK. hang on a sec, just listen—LISTEN To wot I’m sayin.”


a Papyrus expression photoset for all your Papyrus needs (?)

nothing of this is mine, this photoset was made from the awesome webcomic Insomnia, by the hand of the incredibly talented @wilyart

seriously tho, go read it


look all im saying is that if briana was actually knocked up we would be being /bombarded/ with photos. think about how attention-seeking this family is and tell me they wouldnt be posting a thousand different pics from every angle imaginable with her face in every. single. one. to make sure there was no chance of denying it. if there was something to show they’d be flaunting it, that eggo aint preggo mate

Gift art for Dalton and Emi!

Well it’s fan art but any art is gift art. I’m not familiar with this style so it took me about 2-3 hours to do. God I wish I had a tablet. :D

Hope you guys like it! I know I told you guys I was doing this a while ago about, but college; you know how that is.