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Gift art for Dalton and Emi!

Well it’s fan art but any art is gift art. I’m not familiar with this style so it took me about 2-3 hours to do. God I wish I had a tablet. :D

Hope you guys like it! I know I told you guys I was doing this a while ago about, but college; you know how that is.

I don’t think the copy on my account sent to you two, and I sure hope not because that just makes this worse.

Ok comment: if you showed that zoom in of pap’s face completely out of context to somebody, then this is what his expression represents. So god dang beautiful. Majestic even.

Mod Shade here! Haha! This is pretty good :> He totally would forget about the curling iron since he doesn’t have hair. Silly pap.

Page 23

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!  FONTCEST and suggested violence 

Wow heavy stuff, lol I know so many of you are gonna like US! Paps face in the last panel. But guys…I’m gonna say this, your gonna freak for the next page I’ll try and get it up early because I know I’m a day late with this on I’m sorry I meant to work on it over the week but college got in the way and before I knew it it was Saturday…..this is harder than I expected 0.o but anything is worth you guys I’ll work harderer lol anyway hope it’s to your liking ^^

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Could I get 18 with US! Pap and UF! Pap? >_<

“Call me that one more time, and see what happens.” (Underswap Papyrus, Underfell Papyrus)
No more please!


How could Sans leave him with this lazy, aloof skeleton? Papyrus glared at him from across the couch, teeth clenched in anger.

“Come on, bone daddy,” Paps lit a cigarette, placing it between his teeth. “Don’t be a sour puss.”

“Don’t call me that.” Papyrus snarled, his eyes burning. 

Paps smirked, taking a long drag of his cigarette. “Chill out, bone daddy. I’m just bonein’ with ya, nyeh.” 

Papyrus clenched his fists.”Call me that one more time, and see what happens.”

A shit-eating grin appeared on Paps face. “Bone. Daddy.

“ARGH!” Papyrus shouted, lunging at the other skeleton. He grabbed at the collor of hoodie, placing his other hand on Pap’s hip bone. 

Pap’s cool demenor vanished. A crooked, nervous smille graced his lips. “C-Can you put your hand somewhere else?”

Papyrus raised an eyebrow, realization hitting him slowly. Papyrus sneered, lightly pressing his fingers into Pap’s hip bone. “Ticklish, hm?”

“Fuhuck you.” Paps whispered, trying to jerk away from his grasp. 

Papyrus started wiggling his fingers across his exposed hip bone. “Maybe you shouldn’t expose your ticklish spots like this. You sag your jeans quite frequently.” 

Paps giggled, biting his cigarette harder between his teeth. “You’re evehehehil.”

“Of course I am, you moron.” Papyrus smiled mischeviously, drilling his thumbs into the bone. 

Paps bent forward, laughing loudly. “STOHOHOHOP!” 

Papyrus chuckled, softly dragging his fingers down his hips. Paps fell to his knees, holding his stomach and laughing. 

“NOHOHOHO MOHOHORE!” Tears were forming his the corners of his eyes.

Papyrus laughed, letting him go. The cigarette had fallen onto the floor. Papyrus smashed it with his boot. 

“Careful when you light that next time, never know what’s gonna slither your way.” Papyrus smirked, walking into the next room.


 The duration of several months is too wide of a timespan, perhaps, for Sheeta to make note of how enhanced her intuition seems to have become - but it’s there - a clarity that leaves her calm even when she picks up on the sound of subtle footfalls in the grass behind her. 

“I knew you were coming…” She says, back still turned, staring out towards the clouds collecting above the mountains in the distance. “I could smell the salt in the sky.” It’d rained all that morning, but she hadn’t minded. There was something cleansing about standing beneath the fall, and for the first time in a long while, at least she knew that something would come from it this time ( despite all the other times she’d done the same, looking for answers to the seemingly unquestionable)—- -a familiar face, a friend.

So when Sheeta finally turns, any lingering, critical thought subsides; replaced is a smile that reaches her eyes and, a little foreign to that feeling, temporarily leaves her still where she stands. But, she has missed him so much, and now, here is is, just as she remembered.

He’s actually here.

“Welcome home, Haku…!”

Day 46

Still don’t understand hiddleswift hate, or why people think any span of time that’s longer than five days without them being together means they’ve broken up/on the rocks. I mean, he’s filming a movie (which mind you can take 8 months to +3 years) but still will fly over to see her on a semi-regular basis. He is so dedicated to making it work he changes timezones, goes over the international date line, on a +13 hour flight, faces the paps to see his girlfriend (and mind you he has to do it again to go back plus a mentally and physically intensive job). I would be impressed if he saw her just once a month because just typing that sounds grating. 

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(malasada4lyfe) Hau knocked at the side of the boat before stepping onto it. "Tsunami? Are you there? Sorry i'm late, had to fetch something for sis" when no answer was given he sat down next to a pile of clothes and decided to wait (hope this is ok)

[ @malasada4lyfe ]

He had directed Po initially to head inside the cabin to see if there was anything that could be found in the organized mess that Tsunami called his home. It’s just a shame, that this choice ended up being a downfall later when it took the tiny man nearly ten minutes to get out to where he heard Hau. 

“Hey this might not exactly be a good time.” Arceus, even sitting on top of Po it still took a lot of effort for Tsunami to look up at the teenager.