face on the land



Being a child and the Avengers are put in charge of you because you have wings. You, Sam and Tony race each other around the compound.
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“Keep up, old man!” You yelled to Tony Stark, passing him for the second time. Following close behind you was Sam Wilson, making a graceful turn around the corner of the building - gliding through the air.

You barely heard Tony’s grumbled reply as you swooped down and made your landing, taking a few hurried steps as your feet hit the ground. Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff greeted you, rushing up to show you your new high score.

“Seven seconds faster than last time, kid.” Clint cheered, shoving the stopwatch in your face.

“Bloody hell, you’re fast.” Sam whined, landing by your side. “Nothing like the real thing, I suppose.”

You grinned and ruffled your feathers. “Damn right.”

The fields before the land spirit’s hills and cliffs have been plowed and seeded with something that grows quick in this season’s weather. I know crops are rotated year round, so it may be they have planted the fertilizer for this autumn’s fields.

The creek undercutting the hills has not been soft with its touch, and not only is the cliff face substantially different, but a good chunk of arable land has been removed by the bursts of floods as well. Even though this process has been going on for a considerable length of time, it feels to me like the beginning of an end.

This feeling is underlined when I try to catch a glimpse of the dirt face where I would feel the land spirit strongest. Every time I am able to see it clearly, and the traffic conditions allow me the grace of a second long stare, something turns my head to face forward as if I am peeking through a veil that I have not grace to lift.

I accept the correction and make no recalcitrant attempts to see again as I head to work, even though the next day I know I’m going to try to see what I am allowed to see again.

I feel like I have finally been allowed to have a thing, and it has been handed to me a few scant days before it expires. I don’t know what the fields will ripen into, physically or otherwise. I am thankful for what I have been allowed to share, and will see what the new day brings.

* Out of character asks have been piling up while I’ve been taking a break here so I’m just going to answer them all on this post to keep the blog from being cluttered. Hope that’s alright with the people that sent them.

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> trips over the literal hundreds of Chara things I have drawn thus far, stumbles over the paragraphs of analysis I’ve done for reference, tripping down the stairs and landing face-first

* I have no idea what would ever make you suggest that.

* Some people were probably thinking that I was their player, but no, Chara’s player is not based on me at all. I don’t have nearly enough patience to do all the neutral runs that they did. 

* They’re more of an amalgam of doing every run/not deleting 962/3 just so I could cover as many bases as possible when answering asks. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of them existing…

* Someone, somewhere, has done all the runs, found all the secrets, named Chara after theirself before changing it to Chara, and done everything else Chara mentioned.

* But I wouldn’t know who. 


Remember Brock Turner? Here is another one!

One of the bullies, 19-year-old John R.K. Howard, pled guilty last week to a felony count of injury to a child. That’s a lesser charge than he originally faced, forcible sexual penetration by a foreign object, which could’ve landed Howard in prison for life. 

Now though, Howard will avoid any prison or jail time at all, and could even have his conviction dismissed if he completes his two- to three-year probation without committing any new crimes or violations.

At least, they didn’t call him “a kid”, just “a student”, but it would be better if they called him a beast or an animal because no human being is able to harm a disabled child!

“Deputy Attorney General Casey Hemmer said it was neither a sex crime nor a hate crime” - then what was it? White boys having a little fun?

That’s real disgrace… Be careful, hide your children…. 

Because this rapist is on the loose now…

Lance flirting horribly with Allura in front of Matt at one point and he’s just like “dude your flirting sucks” “oh like YOU can do better?” “yeah actually. Hey Shiro come over here” “…. why?” “Just come over here” “you have that look on your face that use to land me in trouble with someone back at the Garrison…” “It’s fine just come over here” so Shiro reluctantly walks on over and Matt just lays it on him. Lance is sitting there all attentive sucking up these great flirting tips and lines while also super confused that a super nerdy guy like Matt can flirt SO WELL. Pidge is sitting there knowing all too well about what a heartthrob Matt was among the science department and watching Matt blow Lance’s mind. Allura is using this demonstration to learn about Earth courtships and is slightly concerned for Shiro, who at this point has had to sit down and has his red face hidden in his arms on the table and keeps going “s-stop”. And that’s what Hunk, Keith, and Coran find when they walk in a few minutes later, in shock over the fact SHIRO is currently a blabbing puddle.

Coran ends up helping take Shiro away to lie down which makes the situation even more embarrassing for him and knowing no one will let him live it down


Painted par Akara