face on face

After the crushing, grey of the last few weeks with all the shit that’s been going on, this is has been the most heady, freaking-near-hallucinogenic breath of pure oxygen life could have given me. I look like a total third wheel because I’m shorter, but look at us!!  Three friends matching in velvet and red lip. <3  
I have never felt so valued and so content than after a whole invite-only evening with your hugs, confessions & conversation.  I love you, I love you, I love you @taylorswift <3 A decade was so worth the wait.

For the cynics who always laughed when I called Taylor a long-distance friend to me… Well, shame on you now. I got an invited to Taylor’s house for my Friday The 13th, what did you do?  


And thus the Deku Bowl Begins

Omgg I havent posted an @goodly-otaku inspired comic in forever! this was one of my early faves and I finally got a chance to finish it up! ah another late post rip. (im also cheating using this as an inktober rip) ;A;


lmao my first contribution to the tododeku tag

i hope this hasn’t already been done >.< and im sorry if the artstyle differs from drawing to drawing bc i dont have a very consistent artstyle to begin with

Zvezda means “star” in Russian 🌟


Someone on Twitter alerted me to this old tweet of mine from this time 3 years ago, when 1989 Sessions happened and I was so gutted because I felt like I was invisible and lonely everywhere; at university, even on my then-very-quiet blog. It felt like I was a tiny voice in a void and I’d never find my way to Taylor….

…………Little did I know Taylor Swift would find me?!?!?!?!