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So during the last charity livestream, they were looking at fanart and someone drew a buff Tyler and Mark flexing but scrawny Ethan in the corner D: And Ethan looked just a wee bit mopey in the stream like “hey…. I got muscle too….”



Face Off on SyFy Season 5

I absolutely love this show. This is a definite bucket list item. As in, I want to learn to do this.

Laura - Expressionism portrait

Laura - Impressionism ballet dancer (swan lake)

Miranda - Cubism portrait

Miranda and Tate - Mother Goose character: Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Tate - Industrial ballet dancers (swan lake)

Absolutely LOOOOOVE this show and these artists! and by “these artists” I mean like, close to ALL of them on the show!

“Engagement Kiss” - Digital Oil Painting

Tentoo finally worked up the nerve to pull that little velvet box out of his pocket (he’d been carrying it around for weeks) and ask Rose the question that he’d once asked before, a universe ago.

“How long are you gonna stay with me?”

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

“I Lost My Best Friend” // Twenty One Pilots

“I really do regret kicking Josh out of the band.” Tyler started, you were currently interviewing Twenty One Pilots, and when Josh left to go the washroom Tyler began this. “He always told me ‘Tyler, this band is my life’ and I never expected him to be legitimate about it” He looked down, face holding an expression of faux sadness.

              “Tyler, are you telling people I’m out of the band still?” Josh yelled from the other room, making his way back to the interview area.

              “Sometimes, I feel like I can still hear his voice. Like he hasn’t accepted the fact that he’s gone.” Tyler looked up, placing a hand over his heart. “I wonder to myself, maybe it’s because he’s always in my heart. Maybe that’s why it feels like he’s just sitting beside me sometimes.” You had to applaud Tyler on his acting skills, he kept a straight, if not sad face this whole time. Even when Josh flopped on the couch beside him and burst out in laughter.

              “Stop telling people I’m dead.” Josh laughed, eyes crinkling at the corners.  “Everyone, I am perfectly-“Josh’s sentence was cut off by Tyler placing a hand over his mouth.

              “Gone. Floating about the middle ground between life and death. Not quite passed over just yet. Josh, please pass. I know it will be hard for you and the rest of us who love you. But pass into the light.” Tyler faked a sob. “I’ll miss you J, I loved you like my very own brother, now go. Be free. Heaven probably has infinite Red Bull and drums, and maybe even aliens for you to gawk at.” Tyler made his voice break, “I’m sorry I need a moment” he whimpered, leaving the room. Probably to let out the laugh he was holding back. While you on the other hand had been laughing the entire time.

              “How long was he going on about me being dead?” Josh asked, laughing along with you.

              “About since you left to go to the washroom.” You giggled, telling your cameraman to stop recording. To finish this interview you guys would need at least a little composure.

              “No, keep recording.” Josh laughed, breathing deeply to calm himself down. “Men and women from the Skeleton Clique, I have terrible news to share with you all.” He stopped to place his head in his hands, hiding the smile that he was failing to keep off his face. “Tyler…Tyler died today.” Josh whispered, biting his lip. “It was a horrible accident, a banana truck crashed and he drowned in them.” By the end of his sentence Josh was back to hysterics, head flopped backwards with laughter. “Tyler!” Josh screamed through his laughs. “How do you keep such a serious face with this stuff?” Your guys’ laughter was cut off by Tyler stomping down the hallway.

              “It isn’t hard when your best friend is dead and haunting you.” Tyler screamed, “Josh just go to the light and let me mourn. Stop following me asking me to play shows and do stuff with you. I need to learn to live without my best friend.” Tyler screamed, lasting about 2 seconds after before laughing along with the rest of you.

              “Do you guys do this every interview?” You laughed, having the time of your life.

              “No, not really. We usually have more fun like this with interviewers we like.” Tyler’s statement caused your cheeks to burn. “Now for the big question. Will Josh pass on to the light himself? Or must we perform an exorcism?” Tyler smiled deviously, struggling to hold back a laugh.

(Just a goofy little thing I thought up. Considering how much Tyler “kicks Josh out of the band”)

Make A Wish - Jamie Benn Part One

You could hear him giggling the whole drive. The smile never leaving his lips as his scanned the roads. No-one could ever guess the pain that he had been through. No-one could have found the agony that he had grown up feeling. Nor the chance that he may not make it past the age of sixteen. It killed you to look at him every day…

“Are we there yet, (Y/N)?” Your little brother exclaimed as he wriggled in his seat. For a second, your eyes left the road ahead to catch a glimpse of his face. Pure, innocent joy.

“Almost there, Matty.” You whispered. You could hear his movements in the car as you came closer and closer to the Dr. Pepper Arena.  The streets were lined with the Dallas Stars banners. You could hear the giggles growing louder as soon as his eyes fell upon the area.

“We’re here!” He shouted, trying to fight his way out of the car. You leaped out first, moving to his door before you guided him out of the car. His hand slithered into yours as you began to move toward the arena. Ahead, a man stood outside with a smile on his face.

“Good afternoon! You must be Matthew and (Y/N)?” He muttered. Your head nodded, while your arms caught your six year older brother as he clung to your body. “My name is Thomas. If you’d like to come with me, we’ll get him all kitted up.” The man exclaimed.

We followed close behind, Matty’s eyes scanning everything in sight. You could his face light up even more at the sound of the players on the ice. The smell of the locker room hit you like a tidal wave, your brother’s face scrunching up as a quiet laugh left his lips. You watched his eyes staring in awe as you carefully placed him on the floor, his little feet running to the stall with his name on.

“(Y/N), it has my name on it!” He shouted, jumping up and down. The stall was full with full kit, a pair of skates and green Dallas Stars jersey.  You could only stare in joy. This was everything he could ever wish for. “I’m next to Jamie Benn!” Matty giggled. You wandered to your brother, helping him change from his Tyler Seguin jersey and jeans into his Hockey Kit and the jersey with his name, Matthew and his age, 6 on the back.

“Look who it is!” Thomas gasped as he pointed to the tunnel door. Two figures stood with wide grins on their face. Matty lunged forward into my door, hiding his caged face in my shoulder as he giggled.

“Matty, who’s that?” You whispered. The pair walked closer toward you, kneeling down beside you with their helmets in their laps.

“Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn.” He mumbled as he slowly tilted his head, just enough so that he could see the pair beside you. You followed his eyes, a pair of brown pupils keeping you staring. You felt your little brother struggling to his feet, holding onto your shoulder as you reluctantly tore your eyes from his chocolate pupils. 

“Is (Y/N) coming with me?” Matty mumbled. You watched as Tyler and Jamie froze, looking at you with smiling faces as if they liked the idea.

“We can get her kit it you’d like that?” Tyler suggested. You watched Matty’s head shaking before his little feet brought him running back to you.

“Her kit is in the car! She has training later!” Matty exclaimed. You could see the look of confusion on Tyler and Jamie’s faces, but once again, you could feel his eyes lingering on you. “(Y/N) is a goalie!” He giggled.          
Your eyes followed your little brother as he ran back to the pair of padded, tall, dark and handsome men. 

“Matthew would like to know if you could go and get your kit?” Tyler announced. Your brow raised, looking at the three boys in front of you. You could feel the tension as your eyes passed over him, making sure to not linger on him. 

“Are you going to give me some help?” You whispered. Matty ran forward, leaping into your body where your arms could catch him. His feet were luckily only covered in socks at this point. The pair of you wandered back to the car with wide smiles. 

“I think they liked you!” Matty quietly said into your ear. Your hands carefully lowering him to the ground before the jeep opened. Inside the boot of the jeep, a large kit bag sat patiently. 

“Are you going to carry my stick?” You asked. His hand reached up to grab the goalie stick, which was almost twice the size of his little frame. 
With the kit bag in your arms, you made your way back to the arena. 

“Let me carry that.” A soft voice muttered as you turned the corner to the locker room. Jamie Benn’s hands carefully reached for the bag on your shoulder,  the weight disappearing as he took it from you. Matty ran forward, almost getting stuck on the door with the goalie stick in his hand.

“Thank you.” You muttered. The smile on his lips seemed to grow, stretching from ear to ear. You could just make out the scar above his lip. His chocolate eyes staring at you for the whole time. Quickly, your eyes snapped away from his face and your feet began dragging you into the changing rooms. You found your little brother stood on the bench, the goalie stick in hand as he tried to do a face-off with Tyler Seguin.

Jamie’s P.O.V

How could a girl so perfect play such a rough sport? I know that she is a goalie, but still… How?

I watched her little brother and Tyler playing like there was no tomorrow. Seggy put the kid’s skates on while (Y/N) slowly padded her body up with her goalie kit. I tried so hard to not stare, but the way she smile at her brother’s giggles and smiles just made my heart melt. 
“Chubbs! She has the wrong Benn jersey!"  Seggy shouted as she revealed a Jordie Benn jersey from her kit bag. A smirk grew on my lips as I watched her struggle with the massive jersey. I took a few steps, my fingers wrapping around the hem of the jersey before I began to help. My hands pulling my bottom down while her eyes stared up at me in shock. I could feel Seggy’s eyes on me, equally in shock. 

"Shall we go on the ice now?” I quietly said. Her head nodded, snatched a decorated helmet from her bag. It was beautiful. The main art work was a compass like design with flowers and birds surrounding it. It was nothing that I had expected. Seggy leaped on first, pulling the coach to the side and explaining the situation while my hands clung to the little boy as he climbed onto my shoulders. With the nod of Seggy’s head, I took to the ice. I could feel his hands clinging to my helmet as I began to pick up speed. And there she was, stepping onto the Ice like nothing phased her. I watched Kari almost sprint to her, the guys all laughing at his attempts to pick up speed. 

“Do you like my sister?” Matty exclaimed from my shoulders. My body jerked as the realisation that I had been staring. I had been gawping. My hands gently caught the little boy, swinging him down from my shoulders to the ice surface. 
“How about we do some shooting on your sister?” I suggested. I watched his little face scrunch up at my avoidance of answering his question his arms crossing angrily over his chest. “Fine, I think your sister seems like a very nice girl.” I groaned. His face lit up, running into my leg as he clung to me with a grin. My hands carefully tore him from my leg as I began to slowly push him in the direction of her. I could see her hypnotic eyes smiling through the cat eye cage.    

I tapped the puck from the blade of my stick to the green tape around Matty’s blade. With a wobble in his step, he caught the stick before sliding it toward the goal. You could see the pride on her face. She knew how much this would mean to her brother. Carefully, her leg stretched out for a kick save but the puck tiptoed beneath her leg and over the line.                                              

“No! Matty, how did you do that?” She playfully shouted. (Y/N) began to move from her crease, her blocker and catcher flicking from her hands as she snatched her brother. He wriggle and kicked in her arms as he giggled hysterically. It was adorable. 

I was sad to see the session come to an end. Seggy, Matty, (Y/N) and myself all left the ice at the same time before we collapsed into one changing room. Matty was still bouncing around giddy. (Y/N) was sat with a wide grin on her unpainted lips. Her hair was scrapped back and damp and her face was red like beetroot… But still, she looked beautiful. 

“Jamie?” Matty mumbled. I watched his leap to his feet with only one skate still on before he attempted to run to me. My hands caught his frame just in time to stop him from collapsing. His fingers clung to me as I pulled him up. “Do you still like my sister?” He whispered. My head slowly nodded, trying my hardest to not make eye contact with her as she smiled. 

“Would you kiss her?” Matty plotted into my ear. I could hear Seggy laugh beside me as he managed to make out what Matty was planning. All the time, (Y/N) sat with an innocent smile on her lips.

I watched her frame pause at the door as Tyler ran outside chasing Matty. He loved Seggy, you could tell. “This has meant so much to him.. Thank you.” (Y/N) whispered. I could feel her eyes on me, scanning my body. My head slowly nodded, words rushing around my head as i tried my hardest to think of something to say. “I don’t think he’ll ever forget it.” She added.

“As long as he is happy, that it all i care about.” I muttered. I watched the smile on her chapped lips grow and almost impulsively, her arms slithered around me. I could feel her head resting on my chest, listening to my heart as it bounced like a rabbit.

“Thank you.” She whimpered. Her arms slowly released me, her body turning to leave. My hand carefully grabbed her wrist, pulling her back as my lips found her cheek. She turned pink. Bright pink. Her eyes refusing to meet mine as she stared at the ground.  

“If you ever need anything, you know where i am.” I assured her. And with one final hug, she slipped out of the door. Matty was jumping up and down after witnessing what he had been planning all day. Segs gave her a quick hug and off she went… Disappearing into Dallas without a trace.

Gif Source : One of my Favs christmaskanershuffle


(foul language and mentions of cigarettes and alcohol)

Christmas music played cheerfully from my portable radio. My best friend, Tyler, was putting lights on the tree standing in the corner. Every once in a while, I’d hear him swear as he tried to untangle another knot in the jumble of colorful lights. Each time he’d blush and apologize for his ‘profanity’ since today was a holiday. And each time I’d roll my eyes and laugh softly.

Our friends were coming over soon, including Tyler’s band mate, Josh, my best friend, Jenna, my other best friend, y/bff/n, Josh’s sisters, Tyler’s brothers, and some people from Tyler’s stage crew. I’ve been baking sugar cookies all day, making a stupid ham that’d taken me two tries to not burn, and lighting Yankee Candles that were Christmas themed to mask the smell of pizza and laundry detergent that constantly stank up mine and Tyler’s apartment. I wanted tonight to be perfect.

“These fucking lights!” Tyler swore, throwing the bundle down. I laugh and grab my pack of cigarettes- yes, a bad habit I have, but it helped to release stress- grabbing my jacket.

“Hey, I’m going out for a minute. You wanna come?” I ask. He nods.

“These lights are going to make me have a heart attack, I think that I need to come,” he says, laughing a bit. I chuckle and wait for him to grab his jacket, and then we walk outside. I pull out one stick, then another and offer it to Tyler. He accepts, and then we both light ours. I breathe in, then out, and look off into the distance, staring at the snow that’s coming down.

“You okay?” Tyler asks, his voice timid. I sigh, and shrug.

“I guess. Holiday’s just kinda… make me sad, I don’t know?” I say. I laugh sarcastically. “Fucked up, I know. It just reminds me that… I’m much lonelier than I think I am. All I really have is you, to be honest. Jenna and y/bff/n don’t talk to me as much anymore. It’s just really hard for me this year.” I take another drag of my cigarette. “Plus, with Xavier out of my life, and my parents… gone, y’know, it doesn’t feel as normal as usual. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and all but… it just feels emptier this year.” I wipe a tear that’s dripping down my face off. Tyler moves from where he’s standing, and comes over and cups my face gently in his cold hands.

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” he says softly, staring into my eyes with his soft brown ones. He rubs his calloused thumbs over my cheeks gently. “Look, I get it. This holiday is already bumming me out. I just want to sleep already. Maybe we’ll just cancel, spend it together?” my stomach flutters at the thought of me and Tyler spending Christmas alone together, but I gently shake my head.

“No, we’ve put too much into it,” I say. I give a small smile, and reach up and cup Tyler’s cheek with my right hand, and stare at my thumb as it does the same as he is. “Besides, maybe it’ll put us out of this Christmas funk, huh?” he nods. I sigh. “But… can we… can we stay out here for a little while longer? I don’t wanna look at anything red or green.” Tyler just nods sadly, and wraps me in a hug, our bulky coats getting in the way. I drop my cigarette on the ground, the need gone.

His arms are resting loosely around my waist, and I can feel his thumb rubbing my back through my coat. His steady breathing is warm and soft in my ear, and I shut my eyes, giving him a tight squeeze and sigh, content. We stay there for a while. My heart is racing, in a good way. We stay in the embrace until our noses and the tips of our ears are red and tingling. 


“The place looks great, Y/N,” Josh says, smiling. “And these cookies are great.”

“Thanks. You’re lucky there are some left, Tyler kept trying to eat them all,” I say, glaring jokingly at Tyler. He pouts, pretending to cry. I roll my eyes and smile. Everyone is sitting around the TV in the family room. I stand up, stretching, and look at everyone. “Anyone want anything to drink while I’m up?” 

“Beer,” Josh says, tipping his already empty beer bottle at me. I nod.

“Coke!” Jenna says. No one else says anything, so I go to the kitchen to grab the drinks. I grab the drinks, and then remember I wanted to grab my glass from the family room, so I set them down on the table and run back out, only to bump into Tyler in the entryway to the family room. He smiles down at me.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, miss,” he says sassily. I laugh and gently slap his chest. I go to walk away, but Josh suddenly shouts.

“No! Don’t move, either of you,” he says, pointing to us. We both put our hands up, freezing. I go back to my spot by Tyler. “You’re under the mistletoe!” my stomach drops and my cheeks heat up as I look up, and there is indeed a small bundle of mistletoe hanging from the archway. When did that get there.

“Look, um, uh… I don’t think we should, I mean we’re just friends, and uh, Tyler probably doesn’t want to… do you Tyler, see he doesn’t-” I ramble, my stomach dancing inside of me. But I’m cut off when two hands grab my face and a pair of lips are smashed to mine. I immediately react, reaching up and cupping Tyler’s face with my hands. I hear whooping and hollering as me and Tyler kiss. 

His lips are warm and soft. They’re the only thing I feel, taste, hear… they’re invading my senses. I feel at peace as we kiss, and when we pull away, he smiles as our friends yell and he rests his forehead on mine, laughing in joy. I laugh too, and we pull each other into a hug.

“Fucking finally!” Josh yells, groaning loudly. Everyone laughs, including me and Tyler. 

Best holiday ever.