face off

Face Off Masterpost

Season 1

Welcome To The Jungle l Naked Ambition l Out of This World l Bad To The Bone l Switched And Hitched l The Dancing Dead l Family Plot l Twisted Tales

Season 2

Return To Oz l Water World l Rock Your Body l Night Terrors l Dangeous Beauty l Triple Threat l Alien Interpreters l Burtonesque l Dinoplasty l The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge

Season 3

A Force To Be Reckoned With l Pirate Treasure l Year of the Dragon l Alice In Zombieland l Supermobile l Dishonorable Proportions l Monster Twist l Who’s The New Who? l Junkyard Cyborg l Scene Of The Crime l Immortal Enemies l Live Finale

Season 4

Make It Reign l Heroic Proportions l When Hell Freezes Over l Eye Candy l Two Heads Are Better Than One l Bugging Out l Howl At The Moon l It’s Better In The Dark l Mummy Mayhem l Alien Apocalypse l Living The Dream

Season 5

Going For Gold l Future Frankenstein l Gettin’ Goosed l Subterranean Terror l Mother Earth Goddess l Trick Or Treat l Living Art l Cosmic Circus l Mortal Sins l The Laughing Dead l Dark Magic l Flights of Fantasy l Swan Song l Top 20 Countdown - Judges’ Favorites

Season 6

Sexy Beasts l Cosmic Conspiracy l Dragon’s Breath l Guitar Gods l In The Shadows l Cryptic Creatures l Open Sesame l Ego Trip Abroad l Mad Science l What A Dahl l Freaks Of Nature l Industrial Revolution l Bloodsuckers l Cry Wolf l Heavenly Bodies

Season 7

Life And Death l American Gangster l Ancient Aliens l Twisted Trees l Animal Attraction l Wizard Of Wonderland l Judge Match l Killer Instinct l Serpent Soldiers l Scared Silly l Teacher’s Pets l Off With Their Heads l Beautiful Disaster l Creature Carnage l One Knight Only

Season 8

Return of the Champions l Monkey Business l Let the Games Begin l Royal Flush l Sounding Off l Troll Bridge l Queen Bees l Dressed To Kill l Miss Intergalactic l Super Selfies l Imaginary Friends l Deadly Dolls l Full Steam Ahead l The Dream Team

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Will be updating whenever an episode airs.


The Moment - Star Wars fan art by jeremy chong

“Wanted to try something more in nature, therefore i set this piece in a deep jungle of Dagobah planet, where Luke found Yoda, A final training of Luke to become a jedi and prepare to defeat Darth Vader, the Darth Vader is an illusion that summon by Yoda, and they are standing on top of Millennium Falcon =D”

More selected entries for the ILM Star Wars competition on my tumblr [here]