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Title: The Ways He Cares
A/N: idk these aren’t connected at all except by the fact that they’re different ways virgil shows he loves the others idk

It wasn’t often that Patton fell asleep in the commons room, even less often that he awoke to the smell of something sweet.  But as he laid there on his stomach trying to pinpoint this smell, he saw Virgil coming out of the kitchen with a mug in his hands.

…Patton’s favorite penguin mug…?

“Oh,” Virgil said, stumbling slightly when he saw Patton’s eyes. “You’re awake…”

Patton groaned as he sat up, stretching and yawning.  “Hey, kiddo…what’re you doing?”

Virgil averted his eyes, looking anywhere but at the moral side. “You were asleep out here and you seemed like you were kinda exhausted…I just – got you a cup of hot chocolate. Since, y’know, you like that a lot. Yeah.”

Patton felt his face break out in a grin, cooing escaping his throat as Virgil hurriedly put the mug down and made haste towards the staircase. “Seeyoulater, Dad!”

“Lo, what are you even looking at?” Virgil asked, making Logan jump.  

The logical side sighed and held up his phone, screen displaying notes and complicated math-y looking stuff.  Gross.

“You’ve been staring at your phone for, like, an hour…You should probably put it down for a while.”

“In a minute, I’ve almost got this,” Logan said, waving off Virgil’s concern.

“Logan, seriously, put the phone down.”

“I will in just a minute.”

Virgil grumbled mainly to himself, quickly reaching over to snatch the device from Logan’s hands.  “You gotta put it down, Lo!”

“Virgil, give it back!” Logan fussed, practically pouncing for his phone.  Virgil simply pushed him back down, keeping Logan at bay with his foot.  Logan huffed, eyes narrowed at the anxious side.

Virgil smirked and put the phone in his back pocket, getting up and grabbing a handful of movies.  He tossed the DVDs down on the coffee table.  “Choose.”

“OK, what about this,” Roman started, hand gestures already far too wild, “swash-buckling pirates on a quest for a mer-“


“What?  Not a good idea?”

“It’s been done, like, a million times.  Not to mention mermaids are killers, not exactly Ariel.”

“Fiiiiiiine,” Roman whined, rolling his eyes.  “What about a centaur-“

“There’s no way you’re facing off against a centaur, Princey. Why don’t you just stick to fighting with the dragon-witch?”

“That’s gotten so boring!” Roman sighed dramatically, flinging himself across Virgil’s lap, one hand dramatically over his forehead.  “I need a challenge!”

“Yeah, and then you’ll get hurt…” Virgil mumbled quietly.

“What was that?”

“Why are you laying on me, by the way?”

“Oh no, you’re worried about me!” Roman popped up instantly, finger pointed accusingly at Virgil.  “You’re wooooorried!  You caaaaaaare!” he teased in a sing-song voice, giggle slipping out.

“What, no, shut up!”  Virgil felt his face grow hot as he got to his feet, stomping out of the room and up the stairs to his room.  “Fine, fight pirate or whatever, see if I care!”

Roman determined when he came home that night and saw Virgil sitting in his chair that the anxious side did, in fact, care quite a lot. And his wounds would agree.

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Imagine Bitty goes pro too but not on the Falcs. He and Jack have to face each on the ice.

—mermann! Mr. Zimmermann! This will be the first time you’ll be facing off your husband on ice. Are you prepared?”

“The team and I have prepared for this match just as we do every other match. We will do our best and I’m sure the Falconers will do the same.”

Are you nervous?

“As nervous as I’ve been for any other match.”

“—and that’s all the time we have, ladies and gentlemen.” Coach cuts in. “Thank you for coming.”

Bitty gets up and Brady nudges, grinning like a fool when he looks over. Bitty cannot help the blush that rises up his cheeks. Most of the press questions have been about Jack and Bitty had tried his best to answer them neutrally as he can.

Truth is, he’s nervous as hell, but that’s to be expected. He’d been nervous going up against the Aces last time too even though Kent is a friend now. He figures it’s a normal response when facing off against Stanley Cup winners.

Bitty grins as he slips on his gear. He hasn’t seen Jack for a while between games. They hadn’t been lucky enough to be playing near each other. It’s something they’d prepared for and honestly, not that different than when he was at Samwell, but it’s still hard. They’re both exhausted all the time and even though they try to make the effort to Skype each other as much as possible, some days all they want to do is sleep. They try to be understanding, but they’re both human as well.

“Bitty! Your boy is here to see you!” Zucc calls out and the locker room erupts into kissy noises and chirps.

Oh Lord…

But Bitty can’t remain embarrassed when Jack’s watching him from the doorway. Bitty finishes and walks over to his husband, ignoring the cat calls.

Jack smiles at him.

He looks so good. He’s in uniform, helmet in hand and he’s here and he looks so damn good.

No. Bitty, focus.

Bitty holds out a fist.

Jack grins as he taps it.

Kreids groans from behind him. “Just kiss and get it over with already!”

“Why? Wanna watch, Kreids?” Bitty chirps back despite the blood rushing to his ears and rolls his eyes when the boys chorus a drawn-out oooooooooooooo. “Y’all are children. Jack, I’ll see you later, honey. You should get back.”

“Good luck, Bits.” Jack squeezes his shoulder before leaving.

“You too, sweetheart. See ya on the ice.”

i know the poster design is out and everything but i still want her to have a mazikeen half-face like i drew her originally.. 

her name is BOMBSHELL: junkertown queen, half-life babe, the atomic barbie herself. 

all four of her limbs are prosthetic that she has many different attachments for. most of them are guns or gun related. she relishes being a living, walking weapon and the picture of post apocalyptia beauty

spawn-in line:  “It’s Bombshell, baby!”


some of my favorite responses of Japanese Twitter users to the news of an American version of Your Name

(source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7)

and as a bonus, my personal favorite…. this fanart, which needs no translation

i need some new friends

hmu if you like…

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-law and order svu


-heathers (the musical and movie)

-house md


-buzzfeed unsolved

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-mr robot

-life is strange

-the walking dead game


Malachite vs Sugilite, wonder who won in the end?

So I had an not-so-old sketch and I just wanted to colour it… This is what happened. I couldn’t decide how dark I liked it, so I just posted it all. 3 hours spent well I’ll say! I still can’t believe I spent so long on it.

Also, now that I’m back I can take requests on what you would like me to draw! (Preferably Steven Universe).

EDIT: Oh! I forgot to mention that this was based of a load of ideas I seen for gems fighting one another, (it was a poll I think, but I can’t find it anymore) so even though we know Malachite would most likely win (given even Alexandrite needed help to beat her) it would be cool to see it!

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India is a beautiful, classy lady who needs all the nice things in life. -gives her nice things- Would totally marry if the smol ink demon wouldn't eat my face off as a result :'D ((Seriously though, I adore India and her chemistry with Bendy is adorable <3))