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Re-Create: Rihanna Makeup Look of Wild Thoughts Video

First you have to shape your face with contour and highlight.

Then you apply your eye-shadow in the color aqua, dark green, and light blue. 

At last you will complete your look with a red lipstick that suits your skin tone. In the video she used the Morphe liquid lipstick in Hot Shot.

MAYBELLINE - Brow Precise Micro Pencil (Soft Brown)
MARC JACOBS - Velvet Noir Mascara
ARDELL - 252
BH COSMETICS - Take Me To Brazil Palette
MAYBELLINE - Strobing Liquid (100)
URBAN DECAY - Midnight Cowboy
MARC JACOBS - Highliner Gel Crayon (Black)
MAYBELLINE - Dream Matte Mousse (Porcelain Ivory)
MAYBELLINE - Age Rewind (Fair)
MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Loose Powder (Fair)
NARS - Bronzer (Laguna)
MAC - Sheertone Blush (Peaches)
MAC - Extra Dimension Skinfinish (Double-Gleam)
MAC - Lip Pencil (Staunchly Stylish)
ABH - Lip Gloss (Metallic Rose)


Easy Sunday Brunch Makeup Look

When it comes to makeup on the weekends, it is great to try something a little different, like a sparkly eye or a gorgeous red lip, especially if it is something you can’t get away with at school or the office, but sometimes you may prefer just to keep it simple. This makeup look is great for the weekends, brunch, and hanging out with your girlfriends it is glowy, understated and natural looking but still enhances your best features. Only the smallest amount of product (product, not products) is required to keep it looking soft and simple.

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Alright. For all my boos that have skin that tends to breakout as badly as mine and are on a budget, here’s some tips and tricks I’ve learned:

1. Anything with 10% benzoyl peroxide is your new best friends. It dries out zits and makes them disappear. You can buy it over the counter and even a cheap off brand acne medicine with that will work. However, only use it once or twice a day and moisturize a lot cause it’ll leave your skin dry.
2. Clean and Clear deep action exfoliating scrub is your new best friend. It’ll make your skin feel amazing.
3. Don’t worry about using toner. It’s to balance the PH in your skin, but because of skin care advancements your face washes will do that already.
4. Rose hip oil helps reduce redness and acne scars. It also moisturizes your face without making your skin oily. You can order it for like $6 on Amazon.
5. Take the money you’re saving by not buying toner and use it for Biore nose strips for blackheads or get a nice clay face mask treatment. Get the kind in the bottle that’ll last you awhile instead of the one use kind. I recommend anything with charcoal, mint, or the Lush coffee facemask.
6. For makeup, I like Maybeline products. I feel like they aren’t super oily and don’t make my skin breakout. ELF has some super bomb highlighters too if you like to glow like me.
7. Anything from ELF is gonna work great, wear great, and not make the bank break. Seriously. That $5 foundation is my life. And they’ve got some good setting spray.
8. Exfoliate your lips. You can use any kind of lip scrub for that, but I like the ELF kind.
9. Chapstick (any brand. I like the Nivea kind a lot, personally) is your new best friend for you lips.
10. Eat yogurt. It’s good for you and has antioxidants to help fight the bacteria that can make skin breakout.

Now go. Prosper with clear skin my lovelies.



I’m quite a fan of wearing a smoky smudgy eye in the day as long as you pair it with neutral cheeks and lips. It’s a way to look casually sultry. AND it brings out any eye color.

There ARE ways to keep the look softer  (AND not spending too much time on it).

  1. Stick with cream-to-powder shadows. They are fast to blend, don’t fade, and have no fall-out to clean up off your cheeks. I used Dior in the pictorial, but also mixed in Colourpop. In the final full-face shot, I had on Maybelline Bad To The Bronze. Use whatever you like as long as it’s the type that dries and sets.
  2. If you have sensitive/watery/smeary eyes in general, use something like Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Pencil in your inner rims and leave the soft smudgy stuff to above the lashes.
  3. Don’t wing your liner or shadow upwards in a typical catty smoky shape. The point to this look is keeping a doe-eyed, rounded expression, so it’s softer and more approachable. Not too vavavoom for the day.
  4. Recreate the look using any cream shadow shade and smudgy black liner. Remember the black is just there to create that smoky shadow near your lashes. It’s not meant to be a visible line.
  5. Use your matte bronzer in your socket line as a transition color if you’re lazy. It’s only there to soften out any harsh lines and to contour your socket
  6. For blending cream color onto the lid, look for synthetic shadow brushes that are medium softness; not too stiff and flat, not too soft and floppy.

Products used:

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I may not be the prettiest, or thinnest, but hi. 💅🏻
Every time I post a selfie on here, I always end up deleting it a few minutes after because I feel like I don’t live up to the beauty standards that this corrupted world has thrown into magazines and put up on billboards. I’ve always thought that if I don’t get a like, or a reblog or something, that it means I’m not pretty. I find myself looking into my mirror everyday, and just staring at myself, makeup done, and still thinking I’m not enough for anyone. That I’m not beautiful like the size 2 models, or I don’t have a boyfriend because I’m fat. I’m tired of thinking that shit.

Fuck the beauty standards of 2017. I’m not deleting this! It’s time I think I learn to love myself a little bit. No more cowering back from the mirror, and no more deleting a selfie that gets no notes. 💗