face of lemon

little self care tips

- apply Vaseline to your eyes, lashes, brows, and lips before bed

- never brush curly hair while it’s dry

- on that note, applying products/oil to curly hair while dry is useless

- use a t shirt to dry hair to avoid frizz

- sleep without pants. trust me.

- avoid watery body lotions like Vaseline’s lotion. only dries you out

- avoid crystalline, jagged scrubs (sugar, coffee. St. Ives, etc.). Use round/gentle ones like oatmeal

- avoid coconut oil on face. if you apply it to your hair wash your face afterwards

- don’t put lemon on your face. it might seem like it’s helping but it weakens its protective layer in the long run. if you do use it, dilute it and avoid sun for a while.

- no toothpaste on pimples either it’s a myth

- why do u have a bra on at home. take that shit off and live a little.

- apply deodorant before getting dressed so it doesn’t rub off on your clothes defeating the purpose

- reapply sunscreen every 3-4 hours

- don’t text the fuckboy he don’t care about you

- wake up 30 minutes earlier to have a more relaxed morning and avoid rushing

- wash panties by themselves so you don’t get the gross dirt and germs from your other clothes mixed in. dry them in the sun to kill bacteria if possible.

- hand wash all hijabs they’ll last longer

- don’t use rose water with added fragrance. always check label

- eat at least one fruit or vegetable a day

- leave menial tasks for the end of the day. don’t drain yourself before getting to the important stuff

- before saying something mean or a nasty joke, take 5 seconds to think about it.

- apologizing first doesn’t make you weak

- being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak

- exfoliate after using foundation or powder

- clean phone screen with rubbing alcohol/sanitizer

might add more later or y'all can reblog with your own tips

Self care tip~ Face mask

Recipe for honey sugar lemon face mask~ (leave on 15 minutes)

Honey- 1tbs
•Antibacterial, antioxidants, moisturising, soothing
Lemon juice- 1tbs
•Antibacterial, Vitamin C, citric acid
Sugar- 1tbs
•Gentle yet exfoliating

This is a brightening and glowy face mask that is good for acne prone skin thanks to antibacterial properties! The sugar is optional but add it for an exfoliating factor ✨
(leave on 15 minutes)

Okay but since Jiang Wen’s ears twitch now I’m thinking about Baze’s ears twitching whenever he’s about to smile. Chirrut touching them absently the whole time during their quieter, less busy moments

Deliberately making him smile just to FEEL THEM WIGGLE and eventually Baze just can’t keep himself from laughing and covers his ears while Chirrut tickles his neck

anonymous asked:

let it be known that Fen'harel, the Trickster god, knowingly catches his coat tails on fire and likes frilyl cakes.

That he does.

The fearsome Bringer of Nightmares also: 

  • is ironically nicknamed “Chuckles”
  • makes “baby eating a lemon” faces when he drinks tea
  • has read Varric’s probably trashy crime novel Hard in Hightown
  • the first thing he does when learning a new card game is leave his opponent stripped of his clothing and creeping off with a bucket for modesty
  • plays verbal chess without a board for funsies
  • jokes dryly about the Inquisitor getting tied up during sex (in the Bull romance)
  • gets into sass matches about fashion choices with Dorian
  • is curious how horned Qunari manage to dress themselves
  • jokes about whether or not he has pissed magic
  • had his bedroll filled with lizards
  • gets flustered when asked about him having sex with spirits
Skin Care Don’ts 🙅
  • Please don’t put lemon (or any citrus fruit) juice on your face! 🍋Lemon juice increases photosensitivity and can lead to chemical burns. There are safer alternatives, such as regulated AHAs for exfoliation or vitamin c serums for brightening.
  • BAKING SODA IS BAD FOR THE SKIN. I’m sorry, but it’s a fact. Your skin is acidic at a pH level of about 4.5. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is very alkaline at a pH of 9. Throwing off your skin pH like that is not good for you. Toothpaste has the same problem; plus toothpaste has a bunch of skin irritants in it’s formula.
  • Don’t use nose pore strips. They’re a huge gimmick. Those black dots on your nose are sebaceous filaments, not blackheads. Look it up. They’re natural and can be minimized through proper cleansing and BHAs. Pore strips can make your pores LARGER and also cause broken capillaries. I’d personally like to tell Biore to fuck off with their shame-based marketing.
  • Avoid hot showers/baths. 🛀  I know, it feels great! Unfortunately, the hot water strips your skin of its natural oils, leaving your skin dry and unhealthy. Also, if you feel lightheaded after a hot shower/bath, that means you’re dropping your blood pressure with the heat. Again, not good for you.
  • If a product burns your skin, DON’T USE IT. The burning does not mean it’s “working”. You can have a tingling effect from exfoliating products, but they should never burn.
  • Don’t over-exfoliate. I want to cry when people say they use scrubs every day! You should exfoliate physically 1-3x a week, depending on your skin. You can chemically exfoliate more frequently, but you still need to be careful. Raw, red, and flaky skin is not cute. 😡
  • Don’t use a bunch of new products at once. Patch test; it’s always worth it. It sucks when you wake up in the morning with a bunch of zits and irritation and you don’t know which one of the 5 new products you tried was the culprit.
  • STOP TANNING! ☀️️ Sun exposure is THE worst thing for your skin. Sun exposure accelerates aging and puts you at risk for skin cancer. Avoid excessive sunlight and wear sunscreen every day. 
  • Be wary of essential oils. Sensitive skin can be easily irritated by these seemingly natural ingredients. Natural is not always full-proof.
  • Don’t be aggressive towards your acne! BHAs and tea tree oil are great PREVENTATIVE ingredients. Once you have active acne, time (and AHAs) are the only thing that will make it go away. You can’t scrub it off, sorry.
  • Don’t pay a premium on anti-aging skin care.💰 Anti-aging is all in prevention. Stay hydrated, limit stress, don’t drink (to excess) or smoke, and use sunscreen. No cream will undo years of damage, even if it costs hundreds of dollars.

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INTP Problems #1025

Once upon a lazy Sunday morning, an INTP woke up and saw a package with a slice of lemon printed on it.

“Lemon gummy candies!” she thought excitedly.

INTP picked up the package and frowned. It was a face mask sample from the Korean beauty store.

No words could describe her disappointment over the deceit and betrayal of discovering a lemon face mask in what looked like candy packaging.


I friggen love this scene lakdshf.