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A lot of conservationists try to maintain an ecosystem that would exist without human intervention, but climate change is affecting every ecosystem globally. How can conservationists respond to climate change while still maintaining a "natural" ecosystem?

Rather than trying to preserve protected areas such as national parks as little pictures of a past to which we cannot return, conservation science and practice are examining how we can conserve ecosystem function, such as fire, and individual species across landscapes under potential future scenarios. Integration of historical and projected climate change trends and ecosystem changes and future vulnerabilities into resource management can allow us to manage ecosystems and species under climate change. Fire management re-targeted to areas of higher risk of catastrophic fire under climate change, conservation of potential climate change refugia for endangered species, invasive species control targeted to areas more vulnerable under climate change, and other measures can help conserve ecosystems and species.

When I was, young and fantasized about becoming a wildlife filmmaker, I imagined I would be living in some remote wilderness meticulously documenting the wildlife that lived there. But it soon became clear that my idea of wilderness was in grave need of revision. In my travels around the world it became clear that our influence extends to every corner of this globe, and there are few natural ecosystems, if any, that are not in some way managed by humans. While working on our most recent film in Yosemite National Park, I asked a few forest ecologists this same question, how do you manage the forests of the Sierra’s in the face of a rapidly changing climate? They told me that they are now looking at climate models to help craft conservation strategies based on what they think the future climate may be. Part of that strategy is to identify refugia, places where special environmental circumstances may enable some species to survive as the climate grows warmer. During past climatic events it is believed that these refugia allowed some communities of species to survive, while others in the surrounding area, passed into extinction. But this is just a piece of that conservation puzzle, and curbing carbon emissions must be a part of that solution, because every species has a tipping point from which recover is impossible. An interesting read that has made me think a lot about our role in conservation (not specifically climate change) is Jon Mooallem’s book: “Wild Ones: A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdly Reassuring Story About Looking at People Looking at Animals in America” a fascinating and thought provoking read.

It really boggles me that people call vegans crazy and radical because of how enthusiastic we get.

Like, we have the answer in our hands to so many problems that humanity faces;
We can fix climate change, world hunger, population health, systematic animal cruelty, a large proportion of corruption in both the west and the east, antibiotic resistance, etc.

And we can’t do it purely because the rest of the population doesn’t *want* to.
It’s kind of like trying to coax a dog away from a cliff top when there are treats on the edge, there is no true way to communicate the message because nobody wants to hear it, no matter how desperately dangerous the situation is for everyone involved.

Like if you destroy this planet, you’re taking us with you, we’re most definitely not the ones forcing our choices on you, we’re just trying not to bear the brunt of yours.

My message box is open for anyone wanting to transition and needing help doing so, or if anyone just wants to know about what good they can do by switching, just give me a shout! ✌️🌱


April 22nd 1970: First Earth Day

On this day in 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated, marking what many consider the beginning of the modern environmental movement. The environmental movement capitalised on increased activist fervour which gripped the United States during the Vietnam War. Attention had increasingly been turned to the problems plaguing the natural landscape, especially after Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring in 1962. The idea for Earth Day came from Senator Gaylord Nelson (D - WI) after an oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA. Nelson teamed with activist Denis Hayes, who led the national promotion of the day. Earth Day proved a popular idea, garnering support from Republicans and Democrats and people from all walks of life; it also encouraged the Nixon administration to create the Environmental Protection Agency and led Congress to pass several environmental measures. In 1990, Earth Day was again commemorated, and this time on an international scale, reaching 141 countries and involving 200 million people. The celebration only grew from there, and continues as an annual event around the world. However, Earth Day now faces a formidable challenge from climate change deniers and powerful lobbying groups.

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I have a world in my novel that being investigated for terraformation. It's a large moon (slightly smaller than Earth) orbiting a gas giant. It's tidal-locked to its planet. Would the planet-facing hemisphere have a different climate than the non-planet-facing hemisphere? I currently have it written that the outward-facing side is more temperate, while the other is much warmer. But that just struck me as a fun idea and I don't actually want to use it if it's weird or implausible. Thanks!

Note: the following is for the moon to support life-as-we-know-it (carbon-based, some type of DNA or analogue, etc). Silicon-based life or other exotic life could live in very different environs..

A habitable moon orbiting a gas giant (which we will call the primary) would require both the gas giant primary and the habitable moon to have certain characteristics.

For analysis, lets assume the primary is a Jupiter-sized gas giant. We’d have to move it closer to it’s star than Jupiter is in our system, so there would be enough heat from the star to keep the planet habitable. The additional heat from the primary will help so we don’t have to move it as close to the star as we otherwise might.

This would make your primary a ‘hot Jupiter’ - a gas giant that orbits close to it’s star. We know of a lot of hot Jupiters in nearby systems.

Having an Earth-sized moon isn’t a stretch at all. The second largest moon in our Solar system is Titan, a moon of Saturn. It has a radius of 2575 km, about half the size of the Earth. It also has an atmosphere - one made of nitrogen, methane, and hydrogen. Ick, but this shows that a large moon with an atmosphere is possible.

The biggest danger to your habitable moon is the primary’s magnetosphere. This is the magnetic field generated by the primary. Although this magnetic field will help shield your moon from cosmic rays and radiation from its star, it also traps a lot of radiation particles and keeps them close to the primary - like Earth’s Van Allen Belts but much, much bigger and powerful. On moons close to the primary, that’s enough radiation to kill everything. Jupiter’s inner moons are orbiting inside a giant microwave oven.

To have a life-bearing moon, we need to do one of two things to it - preferably both to be on the safe side: move the moon outside of the radiation belts of the magnetosphere and/or give the moon it’s own magnetic field.

As your moon is about Earth-sized, it probably has a rotating iron core. It’ll have a magnetic field, but lets place it outside the primary’s radiation danger zone just to make sure.

For Jupiter, the safe distance is about 1.5 million km. So, lets put your moon at the orbit of Callisto at 1.8 million km. At this distance, what little radiation your moon gets from the primary’s belts is blocked by the moon’s magnetic field.

Good call on the moon being tidally-locked to its primary. Jupiter’s and Saturn’s largest, closest moons are tidally-locked to their primaries (including Callisto). What this situation will do is make your moon’s day-night cycle quite a bit more interesting than just sunlight and darkness.

As the above mages shows, your moon will have a varying amounts of illumination - a time where only the star is visible (true day), a time where both star and primary is visible (brighter day), a time where the primary only is visible (false day), and a dark time where neither primary nor star is visible (true night). The moon will have a day length equal to the time it takes to orbit it’s primary.

Putting your moon at the same, safe distance as Callisto, it will orbit it’s primary in about 16.5 Earth days, so the moon’s ‘day’ will be just under 400 hours. If your moon orbits in the same plane that the primary’s orbit is in (and it probably does, cause that’s how most orbits work), you’ll have a short eclipse of the star by the primary every day for a couple of hours. Indeed, it’ll happen at local noon.

The tidal-locking of your moon probably wont have much of an effect on the planet’s environment. The side pointing towards the star will get really hot, seeing 200 hours of daylight, but it’ll cool off at night. The heat from the star will have much more impact than the heat form the primary. 

A good atmosphere and oceans (like Earth’s) will do a lot to spread the heat across the planet more evenly. It’ll probably have more extreme days and nights than Earth, but probably not enough to make living there too difficult.

Of course, the view from your moon would be spectacular. The primary will hang in the same spot in the sky looking about nine times the diameter of Earth’s full moon. It’ll be dozens of times brighter than the full moon, as well.

tl;dr:  Your setup is quite plausible and believable, and you’ve got the basics pretty good.. There is nothing known that would make such a setup implausible.

Hey, if it’s good enough for the Rebels…

support muslim women. muslims, especially muslim women (due to the heavy stigmatization of the hijab and other veils), are faced with a particularly dangerous climate right now, and it is feminists’ responsibility to stand as allies. muslim women deserve just as much safety and respect as anyone else.

just remember: do not speak over muslim women. elevate their voices. support their words. their perspective will always be more relevant than someone who does not face the same discrimination.

oh my god

the new Bill Nye show is 

real bad


It’s like what you would do as a parody of a show.  We had to go look up who wrote the show after we watched like, a 3rd of the first show?  A Jimmy Fallon Show writer.  And seriously, it’s like the cringiest Jimmy Fallon skit level cringe.  It reeks of over production- some REAL out of touch people behind this show with too much money and nobody with enough power or instinct to tell them “this is a horrible idea”.  It’s the worst kind of THIS IS WHAT THE KIDS THINK IS COOL THESE DAYS RIGHT?   I mean maybe it’s a case of Bill himself trying to do something cooler or different but it doesn’t feel like it, it feels like he’s sort of trying to be his old self and do his old shtick but with a bunch of new forced jokes 

all being forcefully fake laughed at by a 


Yes, straight outta 1995, this show is filmed with a live studio audience that apparently has been instructed to sound as fake as possible.

And one of the worst aspects is the fact that it is all sort of done with the attitude of a PSA tumblr post, or “Umm, did u know” meme.  Like, it has this super ham fisted slant to everything- basically the EXACT OPPOSITE of Bill Nye’s old show and really the opposite of like, any other time I’ve seen him speak.  It’s hard to properly describe the childishness of some of the stuff we watched.  Like example- I’m fully on board ‘climate change is real and govt needs to actually do shit about it even though shit might be really fucked already’- I even joked at the very beginning of the show that “it’ll go all silent now and zoom way into his face, while he yells CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL into the camera for 30 minutes” and dude, I wish that had been what happened.  I wish they had just gone full angry old man with it, like Penn and Teller style or something. That, or actually be super objective and actually try and convince and TEACH people things.  They do not try to do this.  It’s meant for adults apparently but it’s the most childish take on trying to ‘teach’ that I’ve seen in idk how long.    

The least bad part that we saw was when we flipped forward to the segment with the Veritasium guy on it, when he and Bill sort of do the talk show segment.. but the thing is like, they’re not teaching you anything then, they’re just talking about filming the previous segment, which was Veritasium guy interviewing some super farmers markety looking people at a farmer’s market and asking them what they think of GMO’s while a bunch of horror music plays… like, you know, “OHHH THEY THINK FOOD IS SCARY XD OHHH IT’S SOooOOOooOo SCARY XDD”.  Like, literally the easiest joke to make……. and clearly they make the Veritasium guy also do this sarcasticy shit like, different from his actual show.  It soooo reeks of over-direction. Like some fucking autuer is behind this shit.

I recommend watching just to maybe experience the slow dread that my bf and I experienced.  WHY BILL, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

@ultracrii here’s your drabble.  I’m sorry this took long, but I have a harder time writing fluff.  Hope you enjoy.


Madi basked in the warm sun that beat down on her and Silver as he rowed one of the long boats out into the deep.  They’d left their things on the shore, and she’d asked him take her out in search of some lobsters.  He had rid himself of his shirt and wore only his pants and smile on his face.  The warm climate had been good to his skin over the last few weeks and had given him a nice golden tan.  

They were planning to sail for Nassau soon, and she knew that private times such as this would not last for much longer.  He had chosen to forgo a short trip with Flint to Ococo Island to rendezvous with Teach and Rackham and had stayed behind with her instead.  

“Is this far enough?” Silver asked, and she took a quick look around.  

“Yes.  I think so,” she replied.  “This spot is very near one of the beds where they normally dwell.  Hopefully enough of them have gathered so we can capture a few.”

She slowly stood up and stripped out of her skirt and blouse.

“What are you doing?” he asked.  

“Well I can’t exactly go down there…” she pointed to the water. “…fully dressed.  It will slow me down.”  

She stood before him in her camisole and panties, her dark skin gleaming against the white cotton.  Today she wore her hair down, and Silver thought she looked so soft and pretty in the light of the afternoon sun.  

He knew they were out here because she wanted to prepare something special for him to eat, but seeing her this way - beautiful, free, and uninhibited - took his mind entirely off of food.  And everything else.

“Come on,” she said, beckoning to him as she jumped from the boat and into the water.   She swam below the surface for a few seconds, then reappeared. He slipped out of his trousers and briefs and joined her.

“You’re naked,” she said, giggling.  

“I know,” he replied as he gathered her in his arms.  “Is that going to be a problem?”

“Not for me, but you’d better hope that none of the lobster decides to grab onto you…” she gently stroked him underwater.  “…when we are trying to grab a hold of them.”

He shivered at the thought of one of their sharp claws on his cock.  It was a frightening  thought.

Madi laughed at the expression on his face.  “You’d like the sight of that wouldn’t you?” he asked her.  “Minx.”

“I wouldn’t.  But it’s too late to get back into your briefs now.”

He kissed her then, wishing that instead of this war, all he had was more days and nights with her like this to look forward to.

“Come on, let’s go,” she said.  “I want to catch at least six.”

“Lead the way,” he answered, and they both dove into the deep.

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Has the current political climate complicated the likelihood of seeing more rehabilitative justice programs, and if so, are there ways to productively advocate for them?

There’s no doubt that we are facing a regressive climate in Washington with respect to many issues, and criminal justice is no exception.  But activists, advocates, and concerned community members should not be discouraged.  While we are witnessing unprecedented assaults on some of our most vulnerable and marginalized, we are also witnessing unprecedented resistance.  For criminal justice reform in particular, there are tremendous opportunities to push forward meaningful policy changes at the state and local levels.  Our federal prison population is dwarfed by the population in state prisons and local jails.  For every one person locked up in a federal prison, there are 10 people in state prisons and local jails.  Local and state policies have been the primary drivers of mass incarceration, and thus rolling them back will be the key to ending that era.  Public officials across the country are looking to distance themselves from the current Administration and maintain, if not bolster, their progressive reputations.  Our job as criminal justice reformers is to encourage them to be leaders on ending mass incarceration and repairing the harm it has done – especially to poor people of color.  This is one area where local advocacy and reform can make all the difference.

elliegoulding: On Friday I attended the Haiti Takes Root benefit in New York. The incredible J/P Haitian Relief Organization (@jphro) has worked hard to rebuild Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake in 2010 and to reforest after decades of deforestation. Trees are the Haitian people’s livelihood, yet today only 2% (!) of Haiti’s land is forested compared to 60% in 1923. Haiti and other small island states are very vulnerable to extreme weather as they are already in a “hurricane corridor” which is being exacerbated by climate change. These once beautiful and thriving places face turmoil because climate change is not being taken seriously on a global level, and the threat only increases as we fail to take action! Respect to Sean Penn for your incredible work with the people of Haiti and @sothebys for hosting the event. P.s- I promise I was smiling most of the evening 🤗 🌍 #ProtectYourPlanet

Smash-cut to me, doing NOVEL-WOTRHY research for fanfic.


The Lunar Greenhouse Is a Moonshot

The idea of a ‘Lunar Greenhouse’ is by the literal definition of the word, a moonshot. 

Yesterday Agritecture’s founder, spoke on the same stage as Barack Obama. It should go without saying, we are incredibly proud of this moment. To us, Barack Obama isn’t just a once in a generation leader - he is a symbol.

And in today’s world of tweets, emojis, and emotional politics; symbols matter. After all, it was powerful subconscious symbolism that got us Donald Trump and the political mess we are in. Yet Obama’s chose not point his Seeds & Chips speech towards that debacle, instead he chose a different symbol to focus on. He chose the single most unifying threat facing humanity: Climate Change.

Obama alluded to how, regardless of your wealth, race, or nationality - climate change is a disaster movie in slow motion looming over you. But how do you beat an enemy as patient as climate change? This is the difficult question that Obama challenged us to consider.

Agritecture’s attempt to look for an answer, however, is to examine recent history. So we look to how the generation before us defeated their ‘climate change’ - with the space race.

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Wildflower: Part 1 of ?? (Matt Murdock/Daredevil x Reader)

A/N: Hey, I’m finally back, we have spring break this week! I’m only three episodes into the first season of Daredevil and I’m fucking hooked. I love it. So, I decided to write a oneshot (that may or may not serve as a prologue to a series depending on the feedback). Requests/Collabs are always open, so please feel free to submit, ask, or shoot me a message.

 This is based on 2 songs, because music is where I usually draw inspiration.  Jackie and Wilson, and From Eden; Both by Hozier

 Feedback is always welcome! Please enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing. A lot of swearing. Depictions/descriptions of slight violence, MattyxReader angst/fluff

Word Count: 1447

!!!EDIT, 13 JULY 2016!!!

        Wildflower (Matt Murdock/Daredevil x Reader)

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She was a whirlwind; a roman candle. With his heightened senses, Matt noted the softness of the wildflower, fruity perfume, and cigarettes that emanated from her. Her laugh sounded like the most melodious bird song imaginable. Y/N was certainly something. Something different, something refreshing. She juxtaposed herself in the most complex ways; gentle and rough, funny and serious– somewhat unassuming if you didn’t know her, yet someone that you’d be an absolute idiot to cross. To call her a mystery was to come to the realization that her name could very well be a synonym. She could be compared to a drug–his heroin–and Matthew Murdock was hooked. 

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