face of an angel

I haven’t uploaded here for such a long time, but I really want to get into Tumblr again! 
Here is my drawing of the beautiful Amy Winehouse. We miss you angel. 

You can buy a print of her by clicking: here 


Quick Write: Walls [Zen]

Do I even need to say what this is about? If you haven’t read the third ending to the April Fools DLC, I don’t recommending reading this. If you have read the third ending to the April Fools DLC, I recommend reading this even less.


“Hey, Jagiya.” Zen leans forward, his hand plastering against the thin barrier between you. There’s a smile on his face that barely reaches his eyes, a hopeless aura surrounding the white haired angel as he waits for a response that he can’t hear. “I know all you feel for me, even if I can’t hear how you’d say it to me.” Zen’s voice breaks slightly, he tries to cover it with a cough, but you can tell he’s on the verge of tears. “I can’t believe it took me this long to really figure it out.” His fingers glide down the inside of the screen of your phone, which shakes from the intensity of your feelings towards the character who speaks like he knows so much of you. Your thumb brushes over his palm and a faint true smile grows on Zen’s lips. Almost as if he can feel the warmth of your body through the wall of dimensions separating you. “I hope you’re not making a sad face. I’m smiling.” The dullness of his red eyes pierce into your heart as it quivers inside your chest. You would give anything for more time with him, but this is how it had to be. “Jagiya.” You blink your eyes, clearing the budding emotions from spilling from them and focus back on your screen. The sad smile still present on Zen’s face as he leans forward again, his phone held to his ear as his forehead presses against the wall between you. “I’ll always be here for you, always ready to love you and feel your love.” His murmur holds some hope as your emotions crumble inside you. “Let’s be forever.” Zen’s final words are spoken to you in a plea before the image of him fades back to the menu screen. It’s a hard truth to accept his limitations, but with a shaky breath and a pained smile you can admit to yourself one thing. He loves you

cleverpeanutpirate  asked:

Congratulations on hitting 300!!! Well I have a request: What pet names would the boys AND the gals of ffxv call their bae?🌸 Thank you, you're awesome❤

I had a little bit of help from my dudes in the discord chat for this one, so shout out to them!

Noctis: Babe, Princess if he’s feeling ironic

Prompto: Beautiful, Angel Face, Sweetiepie Facecake, Babycakes, Honey Bunches of Oats, Cutecumber, Light of my Life, Sunshine, Chocochick lets be real, Prompto would go nuts on the sappy nicknames

Gladio: Baby, Mama

Ignis: Love, Darling, Kitten

Luna: Beloved, Starshine, Pookie

Cindy: Darlin’, Sweet Pea

Aranea: Shithead it’s endearing I swear

anonymous asked:

The halos look heavy. And horns. How do these entities even sleep with such towers of Babel?

LOL well, the truth is… they either sleep on their back, or flat on their face

Some demons will sleep in their glamour(human form). Angel halos are very heavy indeed, but you will never hear an angel complain about their halos. It would be like insulting their own mother. Demons who owns a house, and furniture, can buy special made beds.

One Sided But True

I remember the first time I saw you
Oh those spects, those eyes.
All the compliments rocked my mind
I see you smile in my dreams
Feels like a good night kiss
Helplessly my mind drowns into a lucid bliss

Your memories, your angelic face
Is what gets me going whilst I embrace my fiasco phase
It’s so hard
Imagining a life without you,
Wakes me up every morning
Gearing me up to end this stubborn self scorning.

I see your photo, put on a smile
Your memories
Responsible for my most ecstatic self discoveries
They emblaze the morale of my soul
Whilst I battle the boundaries set by my mind
Disguised as the toughest ghouls.

I remember the first time we met
I couldn’t speak
I heard you whisper “Oh what a freak”
You walked away
From that very moment my heart ached to say
I know … Yes I know you won’t love for I am a loser but because of you, crave to be on a winning spree.

I remember, when you finally got to know
I loved you
Bragged about you all the time
You freaked out, you abused
All the people at the scene, amused
I cowardly ran away,
I cried until there were marks on my face because of the tears that had dried.
Year later you did apologise
Little did you know the fault was always mine.
For I was the one who underestimated your value which was indeed divine.

I remember when I asked if you loved football
You said yes.
Damn, I sold my bat to get a ball.
I fell down I broke my toes.
But I fell in love with the game
It was like our thing afterall
It helped me heal
Everything related to you strengthend my will, held me together like a brawny seel.

I remember that night when I wanted to apologise
But your friends misunderstood
Sucker for sympathy is what they accused
I didn’t get out of my room the whole night
Tears escaped me, from the fury raging inside
“Am I so inadequate” was the only thought in my mind, stuck in rewind.

Hiding my emotions just like a buffon knight
As I had my true self, to find.
All these events left me numb
My love for you didn’t succumb
Every day it bloomed
For the battle ahead, I groomed.
Fearless of the fact that losing you might leave me doomed.

Unlike the majority, who act to suffer
I chose to recover.
I know definitely I know you’re way out of my league
But to deserve you, Love
Is indeed my intrigue
For I am a magician drawing up a prestige
Trying hard to storm through this tormenting seige.

I apologise for what I did
Loving me is not an idea
You’ve to battle with.
The problem is mine alone
You’re my purpose my quest
Indeed the root of it all
My passions my goals.

I am scared
Not of seeing you with someone else
But of not getting a chance
To make you feel special
To be able to express
That express of my heartbeats
The feelings
The changes
Due to you love
My failures terrified,
remarked you as the east winds.
You’re my quest
The only song my heart sings.

Don’t fall for the lines above
For they maybe words
Fall for the changes you observe
Only if you choose to fall anyway.
Else remember me as a poet
With a heart of gold
Who chose words to trade his soul

While I am occupied
Unwillingly waiting to cross paths
With an equivalent abode
Not scared to end up forlorn
Diverting my mind to other passions
Adventures yet behold.
Whenever I am up against the toughest uncertainties
I’ll be a gladiator
You my sword.

Keep smiling