face muscle

so uh … there’s a lot going on in this picture

  • first off, this totally looks like a motivational poster
  • secondly, why does roboticus have a mustache??
  • and ummm sportacus,, i don’t think it’s humanly possible to turn your head at that angle 
  • milford??? are you okay??
  • that is definitely not stephanie’s real hand
  • ??? what’s? even happening here??

im?? just?? so confused???


You better watch out for her

She’ll eat you up and she’ll spit out the furs
She’ll talk about you to all of the girls
But you wait for her~

‘Cause she’s sweeter than a honeycomb
And that’s why you stay at home
And she’s slower than Valium
And that’s why you stay at home~

💗 💛 💚 💙 💜

  • me: you should watch the new thor trailer
  • my second boss, jenny (not all that interested): really?
  • me: yeah it's really funny, and the movie looks amazing
  • jenny: this is going to show off how much i don't know, but is he the guy who plays the receptionist in the new ghostbusters?
  • me: yeah!!!
  • jenny, much more excited now: oh i'm definitely watching it then

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Mavi Kül Tablası
Music:Soley - Pretty Face