face muncher

Michael Quotes

In honor of Mikey turning twenty I decided to round up some of my favorite quotes from the manchild that I idolize. This is gonna get weird. Enjoy.

-“Stay in school, and don’t do drugs… Unless you like them.”

-“You can drink coffee, but no one wants to drink coffee with a little bit of shit in it.”

-“My biggest fear is a conversation with ya mum.”

-“I don’t think you’re living life to it’s full potential if you’re not peeing in the shower.”

-“If my name was Michael and your name was Michael and they shipped us our ship name would be Michael.”

-“We’re a band we’re not gonna do the fucking whip and nae nae”

-“Oh you can bleep it? SHIT FACE FUCKING BUTT MUNCHER”

-“Today on Michael’s glam tutorials, I’m gonna show you how to get the perfect smokey eye.”

-“That’s what you get bro, when you try to t-bag someone that’s what happens.”

-“It’s the first award we actually ever won, so it’s always gonna be special to my heart, and to my testicles.”

-“It was a bad day to wear a white T-Shirt because I’m sweatin like balls.”

-“Well this is my number you bitch.”

-“I didn’t even know ‘precariously’ was a word.”

-“Aqua Man is an embarrassment.”

-“He was just whispering ‘Touch my ball sack’.”

-“I am always up for any boobs.”

-“I’m sorry, Calum, I couldn’t hear you over the size of your ego.”

-“I’m pretty intense when it comes to hide and seek.”

-“A straight-A student, mm oH MY GOD I FORGOT THE WORDS.”

-“it’s my turn to take Over the snapchat today…. AW I GOTTA POST PICTURES OF ME PUKING RAINBOWS”

-“you know what my guilty pleasure is? mASTURBATING”

- “I love waving at random people, because for the rest of the day they’re trying to figure out who the hell you you were.”