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Double Agent Vader fic: Decryption Codes

This one is technically the prequel to the previous two: Leia’s first meeting with Vader…and her first meeting with Ekkreth.

Leia is 16 in this fic, and sometimes it shows. (Teenage Rebel princess, fighting the man with encrypted information and embarrassing doodles of the Emperor.)

Decryption Codes

Leia Organa, newly appointed Imperial Senator for Alderaan, had been quite thoroughly briefed before her arrival on Coruscant.

There’d been the private meeting with the Queen (which was really just a chat over breakfast – it was hard to maintain formality when the Queen was also your mother). There’d been the official briefing with the Queen’s Council, and the extensive reading she’d been given on the history of her position, her role and responsibilities as a representative of Alderaan, and a good deal of background material on the history of the Imperial Senate and its various members. There’d been the official welcome packet from Coruscant (which she found much less useful, but which she read through anyway).

And there had been the other briefing. This one was conducted secretly, in a room swept three times for bugs, and no records of the meeting were ever made. She left it with codes, names, and numbers committed to memory, and the knowledge that she held a world’s fate in her hands.

None of those briefings had prepared her for meeting Darth Vader.

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