face makeup


Milani Rose Powder Blush:

I got this blush in 08 Tea Rose and can I just say, this packaging is sooooo beautimous! It makes me not want to use it since it looks so perfect!


Packaging - 10/10 (obviously)

Formula - 8/10 (tbh it’s not bad and it does look pretty nice but the packaging is the real star)

Wear Throughout Day - 7.5/10 (it wasn’t really there at the end of the days I tried it on but at the same time I was having kinda bad skin days in the cheek department sooo..)

Price - around $6-8 (I got it for around $4 on sale at Meijer one day)

Last note: still obsessed with the packaging

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Lorac Illuminating Highlighter - Starlight

I bought this slightly used from MUABS, so the powdery mess above is not completely my fault. Only a little bit my fault. Not sure why I pointed this out…but I feel like some people are inherently messy with their makeup products, and some people try to contain the mess. I fall in the latter category.

The Lorac Pro and Unzipped palettes were some of the first eyeshadow palettes I bought when I first got into makeup, so I remember loving Lorac. That being said, I’d never tried any of their face makeup, so when I saw some listed on MUABS, I decided it was worth a try. Out of the two blushes and the highlighter I got, this (the highlighter) is probably my favorite. It clearly has pigmentation, but yet it’s still so subtle and gorgeous!