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I'm crying so hard because Niall is so beautiful and I have a huge crush on him and I'm never gonna meet him because I'm from fucking Argentina and is so far and ugh. Oh my god, suddenly I am everything I hate: a het stant

Ok but…. me af hsjsjskslsls I have the biggest crush on Niall rip 

how to get into skincare

I’ve already done a post about how to get into makeup, and one about how to get into SFX, so I figured I might as well make one for skincare. I have extremely sensitive, extremely acne-prone skin, so when it comes to skincare products, I’ve literally tried everything. It’s gotten to the point where I’m the “resident expert” that all of my family and friends come to when they need help figuring out which products to use.

I think a lot of people don’t take proper care of their skin because they have the misconception that it’s time-consuming and/or expensive. Honestly, I spend less than two minutes on skincare on most days, and I only use affordable products that are available at drug stores. No matter who you are, you can afford to take good care of your skin.

product names you’re likely to see, and what they mean:

  • cleanser is just soap that’s gentle enough for the delicate skin on your face. It comes in liquid, cream, and even powder formulas, but all you need to know is that if the label says “cleanser,” then it’s just face wash. If you’re only going to use one skincare product, this is the one you should invest in.
  • Note: You should NEVER use bar soap on your face! The skin on your face is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body, and most bar soaps will damage it. There are some cleansers that come in bar form, but as a general rule you should never use a product on your face that wasn’t made specifically to be used on faces. 
  • moisturizer is probably the second most commonly-used product, after cleanser. This is exactly what it sounds like – it’s basically lotion that is specially made to be used on your face. No matter what your skin type is, you should be moisturizing daily. (Proper moisturization actually helps cut down on oily skin in most cases.) 
  • toner (sometimes also called astringent) is a product that is usually applied after cleanser, but before moisturizer. It’s called “toner” because it tones your skin, as well as cleansing any dirt or grime that your cleanser missed. Not everyone needs to use toner, but if you have oily or acne-prone skin, I’d recommend it.
  • a face mask is any product that is made to be used occasionally to give your skin a little extra love. A lot of them are made to address certain issues, like acne, dryness, or dullness. Usually, you apply it and let it sit on your face for a few minutes before you wash it off. I personally try to use a mask on my face once or twice a week whenever I have the time, but they’re more of a treat than a necessity. (And you probably shouldn’t use them every day.) 
  • exfoliators or exfoliating scrubs are products designed to buff away dead skin cells. Usually, they have some kind of gritty texture to them (like sugar grains) that scrubs off the dead skin. Like face masks, they’re more of a treat than a necessity, but unlike with face masks, too much exfoliating can actually hurt your skin. You should never exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week, and never, ever exfoliate two days in a row.
  • pore strips are kind of like waxing strips for your face, but instead of removing hair, they remove blackheads and other junk clogging your pores. I would not recommend pore strips to someone who is new to skincare, and like with exfoliators, using them too often can really damage your skin. If you’re going to use them, you should never use them more than once every three days. 

There are other product names that you might see floating around online (like “essence” or “facial oil”), but these are the basic products that you need to know about. Honestly, if you have a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (plus maybe a face mask or two for occasional pampering), then you don’t really need any other products, because those three will get the job done. 

how to build your own skincare routine:

  1. The first step is to understand your skin type. The three most common types are: dry, oily, and combination (in between dry and oily). Shop for products that are designed and labelled for your skin type. (If you have a lot of acne, look for products labelled “acne care” or something along those lines. If you have a lot of skin allergies, or if your skin doesn’t react well to harsh chemicals, look for products made for sensitive skin.)
  2. Go to the nearest Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, ect. with $20, and find the skincare aisle. Keeping your skin type in mind, look for a good cleanser and a good moisturizer. (If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you might want to pick up a toner as well.) If you can, look for generic brands (I know Walmart carries one called Equate) that make products with the same ingredients as name-brand products, but significantly cheaper. (If you’re looking for cruelty-free products, check out the brands Burt’s Bees and Yes To.)
  3. If you want to make things easier, you can buy all of the products you need in a pack. (Like this, or this.) These usually contain a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. 
  4. Every morning when you first wake up, wash your face with the cleanser and pat it dry with a clean towel. Then apply the toner, if you bought one – you do not wash this off. Then (after waiting a few seconds for the toner to take effect), apply your moisturizer. That’s literally all there is to it. If you’re a morning shower person, you can save time by washing your face in the shower, then applying toner and moisturizer after you get out.
  5. Every night before you go to bed, do the same thing. (Of course, if you wear makeup, you’ll have to remove it, either with makeup remover or with warm water, before you wash your face.) 
  6. Right before bed is a good time to use face masks/exfoliators/pore strips, if you want. I always wash my face first, then skip over my toner and go straight into applying the mask/exfoliator/strip, and let it sit for as long as the directions on the packaging indicate. After I wash it off, I use my moisturizer like always.
  7. Congratulations! You now have a skincare routine!

This post goes into detail of all the products and tricks I use in my own personal routine, if you’re curious. 

I hope this post was helpful! If you have any questions about specific products, or about treating specific skin conditions, feel free to message me and I’ll try to help in any way I can. 

masterlist (there’s more beauty/skincare tips on there, if you’re interested)


Painting Flowers // All Time Low

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Hi guys! I feel like it’s been ages since I posted something but I finally had some time again. This is very smutty like always so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with filthy stuff. It’s not been proofread so please forgive any mistakes!xxxx

Harry felt like he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, like he had no control over his body.
He craved her.
He hadn’t had her in so goddamn long. Maybe it was a week, maybe two or maybe a month, he didn’t know. The only thing he knew was that it was way too long since he had her underneath him.
It was his fault though. He was so incredibly busy with working on his music and jumping from one thing to the other that at the end of the day there was no time for Y/N.
She understood that though, better than anyone else. She knew from the beginning that sometimes his work would get in their way, and she wasn’t mad about that. She supported him as good as possible.
The only thing she was a bit sad about was the fact that she couldn’t support him in that way right now. She knew he was exhausted when he came home and she understood that he wasn’t up for sex then but she also saw the frustration in his eyes and how painfully hard he was in the morning.
She noticed his whole body being tense, his shoulders never relaxing and his neck always looking like he couldn’t properly move it. She just wanted to help him.
But she also know he wouldn’t let her. He always denied that he needed something.
“No, love. M'just tired.”
It was true he was tired, but he also needed a release.
And because she knew he wouldn’t do anything about it anytime soon she took matters into her own hand.
She knew the effect she had on him, especially when she wore his clothes or a pair of lace panties or…
His shirt with lace panties.
He had a day off and she had a feeling he would want to spend it sleeping and working some more but she wouldn’t let him.
So when she knew he woke up from his nap she made her way upstairs in his white Rolling Stones shirt and a pair of white lace panties that left nothing to the imagination.
She walked into the bedroom and felt his eyes on her half naked body immediately. She made her way to the drawer right across the bed and bent down, acting like she looked for something at the bottom. She knew his eyes were looking at the place she wanted them to look, almost feeling the heat on her skin.
She turned around after a few moments, catching Harry’s eyes roaming her whole body with hit bottom lip between his teeth. “Have you seen my-”
“Come here.” he interrupted her.
“What?” she asked with fake surprise.
“Come here. Please.” he almost begged.
She made her way to the bed, crawling on top of it until she reached him.
“What’s going on?” she asked him.
He took hold of one of her legs and made her straddle his hips, sighing when her skin came in contact with his.
His hands moved from her thighs over those goddamn panties, up to her waist underneath his shirt.
“Should ask you that.” he replied with a cocked eyebrow.
“You come up her looking like… God, baby.”
She smirked at his flustered state, his cheeks slowly turning pinker and his eyes getting wider.
“You like it?” she questioned teasingly.
“You know what you do to me when you wear my clothes. And lace panties. But both together… fuck.”
She giggled softly and leaned closer to him.
“Did that on purpose, you know. You haven’t touched me in so long. Thought that this would finally make you do it.” she whispered into his ear.
He groaned and closed his eyes briefly before opening them again and letting his hands wander from her sides to her back, pressing her tightly against him.
“You think so? I don’t know about that, pet. You teased me quite a lot with this little outfit. Think I need to punish you a bit for that.”
She whimpered and released a quiet ‘god, yes.’ Maybe it wasn’t him who was that needy after all. Maybe it was all her.
He removed his shirt from her body in a split second, pressing her naked chest to his immediately after.
His lips began to press wet kisses against her neck, making her sigh out at how good it felt. He reached her chest on his path, his lips wrapping around one nipple and sucking on it until it was hard and repeating it on the other one. She was moaning and squirming already even though he hasn’t done anything yet.
“Turn around.” he told her, helping her until she was lying between his legs with her back to his chest.
He let his hands grab her tits for a moment, squeezing them slightly and pinching her pink nipples gently before he let his hands stroke over her whole upper body, his lips constantly pressing kisses to her neck.
His fingertips reached the line of her panties after a bit, teasingly stroking her skin right above the lace and making her body shudder with the tickling touch.
“Love those panties. So pretty.” he whispered into her ear.
Her eyes were closed so that she could enjoy his touch as much as possible. She wanted him to rip that unnecessary piece of clothing from her body already and touch her. But Harry had other plans.
His hand cupped her over her panties, a low moan rumbling through his chest when he felt her wetness through the almost none existent fabric. Y/N sighed out when she finally felt his touch against her aching center, her hips lifting off the mattress immediately but Harry held her down and wrapped one arm tightly around her waist so she had no ability to move.
His fingers stroked over her whole sex before they landed on that one spot that would make her eyes roll back and her lips part with breathless moans.
He began to rub her clit gently over the lace, her thighs tensing immediately. Sounds of pleasure left her lips when he sped up his movements and applied more pressure, her over sensitive nerves even more responsive to his touch than usually.
“You like it?” he asked her even though he knew the answer.
“God, yes.” she moaned out.
“I’m not even touching you fully, and you already loose your mind?” he teased her.
It was true. He wasn’t actually touching her completely, but still she was absolutely fucked out.
“Yes.” the word was dragged out, her voice getting high pitched at the end.
Harry made sure to touch just the right place, made sure he pressed and rubbed it with just the right pace.
He knew she was about to loose her mind, explode right in his lap. He knew the pent up frustration would make her come even faster than usually.
“Harry.” she whined when her body began to squirm and her legs began to trash around.
“What, darling?”
“Touch me. P-Please, I- Oh.”
“But I am touching you, baby.”
“N-No, want you to touch me without these panties, please.”
“Nuh-uh.” Harry made.
“Told you I had to punish you.”
She almost cried out but held herself back from protesting and getting into even more trouble.
“I’ll let you come though.” he whispered.
He sped up his movements and pressed against her clit harder, making her slip over the edge and loose any control. She was moaning louder than ever, Harry was almost worried she was in pain. She was squirming and trashing around in his lap, her whole body shaking against him. The moans kept on leaving her body, echoing through the room.
Harry was moaning himself too, he always enjoyed it when she came. He cupped her between her legs again when she finished completely, loving the way she rubbed herself against his hand to ride out the last bit of her pleasure.
“Harry.” she whimpered after a bit.
“Shh, love.”
He moved away from her body, letting her lay down with her back against the pillows. He shuffled on the bed until he was between her legs, his hands separating them so he was able to situate himself in the middle. She looked at him with glossy eyes, looking so goddamn fucked out that Harry almost lost it right there.
He lied down between her legs, his hands on her thighs, hooking them over his shoulders. Y/N whimpered at the image in front of her, his face between her thighs always made her feel some type of way.
She hoped, hoped so fucking much that he would rip that stupid piece of lace from her body but he didn’t. He spread her legs as wide as he could, his fingertips stroking softly over the fabric that made him loose his mind.
He leaned down and kissed along the path above lace, wandering down and letting his nose run over her, breathing her in. He rubbed the tip of it over her clit, feeling how soaked she was. Her scent swarmed his senses, getting so intense that he couldn’t help his tongue licking her over her panties. It felt strange against his tongue to not have her skin against it but he didn’t stop, to eager and desperate to lick her to her next orgasm.
Her hands shot down to his head, her fingers getting lost in the mess that was his hair. The way she pulled at his hair created a sting that almost turned into pain but he didn’t mind, he liked it rough.
She was pulling him closer, making his face bury into her even more but he loved it by the sound he made.
His tongue licked over her with broad strokes, the tip of it circling her clit over and over again. It felt different, the fabric created a different sensation but it was a good different.
It didn’t take her long to break apart again, shaky moans and choked gasps left her while her whole body tensed and arched off the bed. He licked her through it, moaning against her to create that bit of vibration against her that always made her loose it.
When she came down he came up for air, his lips swollen from how they rubbed against the rough fabric of her lace panties. He connected his lips to hers in a hungry kiss, pressing her into the pillows. A whine left Y/N’s mouth when his teeth sunk into her bottom lip, the sting a bit too much for her to handle right now.
He pulled back after a few moments and took his boxer shorts off, throwing them behind him. Next was finally her panties, a relieved sigh left her when they were finally off her body.
Harry’s eyes roamed her naked body like a starving man, the hunger clear in his look.
“Turn around, love. Please.” he almost begged her.
She did what he said, turning on her stomach so her backside was on full display for him. He spread her legs apart immediately, groaning quietly when he saw her dripping wet pussy.
She turned her head to look back at him, begging him with his eyes to do just anything. Somehow he understood what she wanted and positioned himself between her thighs, lined the tip of his rock hard cock up with her entrance and thrusted in immediately.
A relieved moan left both of them when they felt each other again. God, how they missed this.
Harry made sure he was as deep inside of her as possible, his hips pressed against her ass, before he began to move. He let his dick stroke her walls almost carefully before he began to sped up his movements.
“Harder. Please, I need it harder.” Y/N whined from beneath him and his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head.
He fucked her harder than, his hips snapping against her ass and creating a filthy sound that added to the wetness of her pussy and her moans.
“God, yes. Fuck me, Harry.”
He groaned and let himself fall down on her back, his arms no longer able to support his body. Y/N let out a surprised squeal when his cock reached even deeper than and she had no way to move anymore. Harry rolled his hips against her ass, the movement making his dick massage her walls roughly.
He was moving so fast and hard, his cock never leaving her walls, only hitting that one spot over and over again. She was screaming and sobbing underneath him, the sensitivity of her pussy and his harsh thrusts almost to much for her to handle and she felt the control slip through her fingers.
He was fucking her so good, as good as he always did. And she felt so goddamn amazing, as amazing as she always did.
They both didn’t last long and soon they both were coming with loud shouts and moans and shaking bodies that felt like they would never come down from their mind-blowing orgasm. Harry let the ride out their highs, his hips not stopping their movements until it was over..
He pulled out of her and fell beside her to the mattress, both breathing harshly and occasional whimpers leaving their lips. Harry turned his head to look at her and smirked when he saw how fucked out she looked and knew that he did that to her.
He mustered up the strength to move his body so he could stroke her cheek and see her fully.
“You good, my love?”
“Yes. God, yes.” she sighed with her eyes still closed.
Harry chuckled at her and pressed a soft kiss against her cheek.
“Missed you like that, you know?”
That’s when she opened her eyes and looked at him.
“Missed you too.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t have any time for you lately. Should have taken days off and spent them with you and not neglecting you like this.” he whispered sadly.
“Hey, s'okay. Think you made up for it quite well.” she grinned.
A slow smile spread over his face and he nodded.
“Thank you for being patient with me.”

Okay, I’m really sick and tired of white people dismissing Moana because “Disney already has a Polynesian princess”. 

1. Lilo is not in the line up.

2. Even if she was, and?? You guys aren’t complaining about how there’s three French princess, two Germans, and two Scandinavian.

3. More importantly, isn’t nine white princesses enough? Or is it only enough when it’s concerning women of color?

Kit sighed and let his head fall back with a thump. “Why do you care what I do?”
“I’m a Shadowhunter. We help people.”
“Now you’re lying,” said Kit, with conviction.                                           Ty smiled. It was a genuine, light-up-your-face-type smile, and it made Kit remember the first time he’d met Ty. Ty hadn’t been sitting on him then, but he had been holding a dagger to Kit’s throat. Kit had looked at him and forgotten the knife and thought, Beautiful. Beautiful like all the Shadowhunters were beautiful, like moonlight shearing off the edges of broken glass: lovely and deadly.
—  Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare
Wasn’t It You And Me Against The World Pt2

Word Count: 1,643

A/N: Heres the second part of Wasn’t It You and Me Against The World! Hope you enjoy it! Much Love Guys!      

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Jughead sat on Archies bed with his head in his hands while Archie and Betty were attempting to comfort him while he cried. They sat there like that for an hour, Jughead frantically texting and calling Y/N, trying to get any response out of her and Archie and Betty sitting on the sidelines, rushing over anytime the tears began to fall any harder than they were. Finally, Archie took Jugheads phone and put it on the desk, and Jughead collapsed backwards, shielding his red and splotchy face from his two worried friends.

    “I’m actually kind of relieved Veronica told her.” Betty mumbled, and Archie nodded his head.

    “I feel like an ass for keeping it from her.” Archie admitted, and Betty hummed in agreement.

    “We are the worst friends ever.” Betty said, and again Archie nodded in agreement. Jughead slowly sat up, looking between his friends and sighing.

    “You guys are fine, I made you hide it. I’m the worst boyfriend and worst friend.” He sulked, and the other two remained quiet. “I’m glad Veronica told her. Veronica was the only decent one out of us, and I’m happy we have at least one.”

    “You aren’t the worst ever. I mean there is a lot worse people out there who have done a lot more…” Betty trailed off, not knowing where to take that sentence without making him feel bad. “This is just as much my fault as it is yours, Jughead. Don’t put all the blame on yourself.” Jughead shook his head.

    “No, this is all my fault. I came onto you even though I knew I had a girlfriend-“

    “You had a lot to drink, you were very much intoxicated.” Betty argued.

    “That doesn’t matter. Drunk or not drunk I should have realized that what we did was wrong. I have-had an amazing and beautiful girlfriend who loved me more than I could ever dream about someone loving me, and I messed it up. She practically hates me now, what am I supposed to do? I don’t think I’ll ever find someone who loved me as much as she did. I ruin everything, my happiness, her happiness, our relationship-“

    “Woah, Jughead. Slow down there. You don’t know for sure if your relationship with her is over. Just give it some time.” Archie said, walking over to the raven-haired boy sitting on his bed, and pat his back. Just then, Jugheads phone vibrated, signaling he got a text message. Jughead practically jumped off the bed and rushed over to the phone, looking down at the screen to see who it was from. He ran his hand through his hair and turned to face his friends.

From Princess <3 – We need to talk, face to face. I’ve made my decision.

    “Oh thank god!” Jughead exclaimed, typing a text and turning to find his beanie and the small box he had been keeping for months.


     Y/N sat on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, leaning her head on Veronicas shoulder with Veronicas head resting on hers. They had eaten all the ice cream and watched two movies already. Veronica had fallen asleep and Y/N was getting there, but then she remembered she was expecting a text from Jughead so they could talk. As quickly and nicely as she could, she made it so Veronica was laying on the couch and she crept upstairs, picking her phone back up from the desk chair. She opened her messages and saw a text from Jughead that was sent two hours before.

From Juggie <3 :) – I’ll be at Pops, meet me when you can so we can talk.

To Juggie <3 :) – I’m sorry, I just got your text, I was watching a movie with Veronica. I’ll be there in 15.

    Y/N pulled a random sweatshirt off the ground and a pair of leggings from her drawer. She quickly got dressed and made her way to the bathroom, brushing her hair and teeth, and (put on minimal makeup/decided she wasn’t going to bother with makeup). She ran back to her room, put on some socks and then some (low-heeled booties/sneakers) and made her way out the door. The walk to Pops was a cold one, even though it was spring and the middle of the afternoon, she brought her arms to her chest, huddling up to keep warm.

    She walked into the brightly lit diner and looked around, spotting Jughead playing with his hands. He didn’t even have his laptop with him today, what had he been doing the past two hours? She slowly made her way over to the booth, and Jughead looked up, smiling softly. Y/N felt herself crumble inside, how could he be smiling at her, he hurt her. She felt as tears started stinging her eyes, threatening to spill, before she had a chance to think about her next action she turned and stormed out of Pops. She stopped in the parking lot and turned, facing the building and Jughead who had followed her out.

    “Y/N…” he said softly, but she refused to look at his face. “Please-“

    “Please what? What do you want from me Jughead, I’m hurting. You hurt me!” she yelled, and he felt as his heart dropped.

    “I know, I’m an ass, I am the worst boyfriend to ever exist, and I wouldn’t blame you if you hated me for the rest of your life, because I would. I do. I hate myself because I hurt you, I pushed away the one thing in my life that made everything else worth it. And I know you’re tired of hearing it, and I know it doesn’t do anything, but I’m sorry Y/N. I am so incredibly sorry, I would do anything to take it all back. Anything at all.” He said, his head falling and tears spilling. Y/N looked at the ground as well, she wanted nothing more than to run up to him and stop his crying, to make him feel better and to make him smile, but her feet wouldn’t move. “I love you, Y/N. I love you so much.” He whispered.

    “I love you too, Jughead. I still do, and frankly I don’t think I’ll ever not love you.” She whispered as well. She looked up, and saw Jughead staring at her. He gave a tight smile, and she tried to return it. “I have to tell you my decision.” She said, and he nodded, expecting the worst. He braced himself for it, this is when she was going to say goodbye.

   “Jughead I feel absolutely broken by what you did. It hurts me, physically and mentally that you cheated on me.” She started, and another tear fell down his face. Anyone could tell she was internally struggling with what to do. “With that being said, I don’t-I can’t imagine a life where I wasn’t with you. It’s impossible, and I don’t know why because trust me, when I found out what you did this morning I tried. I tried so hard to imagine what my life would be like but I couldn’t. Forsythe Pendleton, I love you so much, and I’m going to give you one more chance. Only one more because this is the first serious thing you’ve done to me. You’ve hardly done anything minor to me, you’ve been great, and I think you deserve one more chance.” She concluded.

    “Thank you.” Jughead said, relief washing through him. He wasn’t going to lose her, he was the happiest he had been in months. Y/N walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him into her. He happily embraced her as well, the two of them hanging onto each other for dear life. After a few minutes, Jughead decided exactly what he was going to do. “Y/N?” he mumbled in the crook of her neck.

    “Jughead.” She said, and he pulled away slightly, just so he could look her in the eyes. Both of their faces were blotchy and red, eyes swollen and tinted red from crying.

    “I know, that we just made it so we were officially still together and all, and this might be way too rushed and soon, but I can think of no other way to make this up to you but by doing this. What I’m about to give you, I’ve had way before Betty, and I feel there is no other time but the present to do this. I am in love with you Y/N  Y/L/N, I’ve been in love with you from our first date. You’re my princess…” he reached for the silver crown charmed necklace he gave to her months before for her birthday, brushing it ever so slightly. “And I’m your prince.” He said, nodding his head a bit, referring to his beanie.

    “You’re such a dork.” Y/N giggled, beaming at him. Jughead playfully rolled his eyes and kissed her on the forehead, pulling back again to finish the rest of his speech.

    “Y/N will you make me the happiest sixteen-year-old to ever live and…” he kneeled and pulled out a small box with a beautifully simple ring in it. “Take on the world with me? ” he asked, and she stood speechless.

    “I-Uh…Jughead. Of course!” she exclaimed, taking his hand and pulling him to his feet. He smiled brightly and pulled her into a kiss, grabbing her left hand and slipping the ring on. “Jughead, where’d you get this?” she asked.

    “My mom, she had old nice rings from earlier on in her life and I asked to have one.” He admitted, and Y/N smiled down at the band.

    “Its beautiful.” She gushed, and he chuckled. He wasn’t going to mess this up, there was no way he was going to let her slip from him again.     “You and me Juggie.” she whispered, capturing his lips with hers again.

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*Dragon Breath Opal*

With Fire Opal, Crystal Opal, Eisenkiesel and Ametrine being done, why not fuse all of the components together? Dragon Breath Opal is the fusion between the Pearl, Amethyst, Carnelian and Citrine.

D.B.O. has two faces to represent the two types of fusions she is made of. The top face being all of the Opals and bottom face being various Quartz gems. Both mouths speak in unison.

Since Dragon is a very made up of three Quartz siblings, the relationship that they have holds them together fairly well. She has a better time staying together in comparison to Alexandrite. The only true gem that makes her fall apart is Pearl but D.B.O. usually fuses on her own will.

I also have made a chart to show all of the fusions that make up D.B.O. We have not finished all of the three gem fusions that are involved, but they’ll be revealed soon!


15 Favorite Characters in 2015


“Joe, this is bullshit! All you own is time on a network! What entitles you to have an opinion about anything that we do here? What makes you think that you can question our commitment for one dollar an hour? Maybe being in bed with a billionaire…I’m sorry, with a billionaire’s daughter, makes you think that you can jerk us around for your own amusement, but this is real to us. So it’s 4 dollars, Joe. It’s 4 dollars.”

motheatenscarf replied to your photoset “¦naturally with Rhiâ&#128;&#153;s class story finished I had to give the tol Sith…”

whoa! no joke that is the BEST looking/most striking face i’ve seen on a zabrak to date. most of the patterns always look too busy to me but those patterns contour really nice on that face preset, good combo/choice, she REALLY pretty!

THIS REPLY IS SO LATE I’M SO SORRY, I was going through Zia’s tag and came across it

her creation was entirely an accident because I was bitter about something and needed to channel it, but somehow I incidentally ended up with a ridiculously attractive zabrak and I love her great face so much, plus I love when people love her too haha.

Crush Imagine #28

I’ll be over in 30, is that okay? I glanced at my phone. It was a text from y/c. A smile formed on my face, just seeing his name made me swoon. I frowned and typed out a reply

  Not feeling too good, sorry b :(

In a few seconds I got a response. Aw, feel better, I’ll see you in school on Monday.  A smile formed on my face as I locked my phone and groaned in pain. Ever since y/c and I had become a thing, which turned into a relationship, we’d hung out every Friday, on the exception of the fridays when I had my period, for which I would use the ‘not feeling too good’ excuse. I figured, what’s the point in spending time with y/c if I’m going to be in pain the whole time. Every Friday we either stayed in, or went out and did something fun. So far we’d gone to the movies, mini golfing, cliff jumping, gone to the aquarium, and gone to the county carnival. Other than those days, we stayed home and watching movies, played just dance, you get the idea. I laid across the couch in the basement and turned on the TV, taking  a sip of my hot chocolate. I opened up Netflix, and decided to finally start watching Lost. I sighed loudly and clicked on my phone to stare at the lock screen. My head was buried in the crook of y/c’s neck and he was laughing when he took the selfie. It was my favorite picture of us, I always felt at home when I looked at it. I groaned in pain as the cramps worsened. I’d taken Advil and was waiting for it to kick in soon. I kept a heating pad over my stomach and tried to watch Lost, but if I turned, it would fall off. Right as I figured out a solution, my mom shouted down the stairs. “Y/N! You have a visitor” just as she finished her sentence, I heard someone come running down the stairs. Since the couch wasn’t facing the stairs, I couldn’t see who it was. So I just sat there, waiting for whoever it was to show themselves. I felt something sink into the couch next to me, and then someone cover my eyes. 

“Guess who” a husky voice said. I could recognize y/c’s touch and voice anywhere. Y/C kissed my ear softly a few times and stopped once I finally said his name. “That would be right” I was allowed to see again, and y/c jumped over the couch, landing next to me. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked. I’d told him he was sick, I highly doubt he would want to get sick also. “Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but you always, always cancel on me around this time of the month. At first I though like maybe you were up to something, but then my mom made me realize, that you’re sitting in Satan’s waterfall, right now.” y/c cringed. 

“Well, she’s not wrong” I laughed and laid down, putting my head in y/c’s lap. “Okay, well, I got you something, maybe it’ll help, I don’t know, I’m a doctor via WebMD” I giggled and sat up. The weight from earlier happened to be a basket. Inside it were all comfort items. Popcorn, chocolate, chick flicks, and last but not least, one of his sweatshirts. I smiled and put on the sweatshirt immediately. It was my favorite, and it smelt just like him at all times. He went to the DVD player and put on 27 dresses, one of my all time favorites, that y/c was yet to watch. Once he came back to the couch, we spread out a nearby blanket over us, and I snuggled into y/c. Y/C kissed the side of my head and played the movie. Halfway through the movie I grabbed a hershey kiss and unwrapped it. Right as I was about to pop it into my mouth, y/c ate it out of my hand. 

“Hey!” I shouted, hitting him lightly. He laughed and kissed me. Every kiss with y/c was sensational, and would always leave me tingling. I smiled as we pulled away.  “You are the best, I mean it. This is all amazing,and perfect” I sighed. My forehead rested slightly against y/c’s neck. 

“I would dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench for the girl I love” he froze. 

“The girl you what?” I raised an eyebrow. His thigh tightened underneath me. 

“Nothing, I said for my girl” y/c tried to cover up. 

“No, you said you love me” I teased, poking his nose. He chuckled and shook his head slightly, as if I didn’t hear him. 

“Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I do love you. I love how you eat, how you sleep, how you walk, I love you. I’m insanely in love with you” y/c’s heart pounded. 

“I love you too”

Imagine Four saving you from your death after you enter Dauntless

Perhaps choosing dauntless was not the best idea - You muttered to yourself, as the wind rushed to your face that it made you close your eyes.

You were always the active type, and although there was a lot of things to do in Amity, your old faction, they were not quite the things that you longed. You always watched how the Dauntless members climbed vertiginously high buildings while the highest thing you had climbed was the tree that was next to your house, and you wanted to do that to, but you had other chores to do.

After letting your blood fall into the sizzling coals, you watched how your mother had a mixture of deaspair, sadness and pain in her expression.

You rushed with the Dauntless Transfers and here you were now, at the train, on your way to a new life.

After listening to one of the Dauntless leaders, Eric, about how we had to jump into a hole which “supposedly” was the entrance to Dauntless to prove that we were brave, an erudite transfer decided to be the first jumper, letting herself fall swiftly from the top of the building.

After you built your courage, you decided it was your turn.
What you didn’t know was the fact that the net was slightly torn, and another fall would break it.
After a rather big Candor Transfer fell into the hole, you plumetted yourself down and, as you looked at the net, you realised that it was broken. You closed your eyes and prepared for the impact, only to land into something, or rather someone’s arms.

As you opened your eyes you saw the most beautiful brown eyes you had seen in your entire life.

-Tough fall huh?-He asked you, and you chuckled to yourself.

-Yeah, I thought I was going to die. No one warned me about the broken net-You said, as you furrowed your brows.

-Well, until now I must say I’ve never seen a braver transfer who didn’t shout after seeing the net broken.

As he said that, he put you down, and instantly you missed the arms of that man.

-What’s your name, Amity?-He asked, smirking.

-(Y/N)-You answered, smiling.

-Seventh Jumper (Y/N)!
Welcome to Dauntless (Y/N)-You nodded, while smiling.

As you started to go with the other transfers, he called you.

-Points for bravery Amity!

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Blue Scarf

Requested by: the lovely Ash @lolohshit-mybad ^^
Prompts: #18 “I can’t breathe” & #35 “You look like you’ve just had a run in with a werewolf.” “I have, thanks for noticing.” (Rossi x Reader)

A/N: Last Rossi story from the current list of requests! It is 2700 words long because, as always, I have no idea what self-control is. Enjoy! :)

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You needed to get out. You knew the bar had a little outdoor area at the back, although you weren’t sure if it was staff-only or not. When you started making your way out of the throng of people moving on the dance floor, your now unwelcome companion tried to reach for your hand.

‘I can’t breathe in here and I need the bathroom,’ you half-shouted in his ear. He nodded and headed back to his group of friends, high-fiving a few. ‘Men,’ you mumbled as you rolled your eyes and kept moving towards the back. He was probably telling them he had put his hands on places he most definitely hadn’t.

Your eyes were scanning the many faces in the bar but you couldn’t find your co-workers anywhere. You had come along with JJ and Morgan to celebrate Garcia’s birthday. You had greeted everyone the moment you arrived but had lost them once they dispersed either to get drinks or to go to the small dance floor in the middle. Garcia had found this one bar that closed its doors to the public and only allowed entrance to those who had booked a spot to celebrate their birthdays, and it wasn’t super full, but there were at least four or five different parties going on at the same time.

It was the middle of the week, which was no problem for the team since it had thankfully coincided with a day off after a long case. The downside to it all, though? It was compulsory to come in full costume. You had tried to convince Garcia to just let you come in an all-black outfit and with some kitty ears but she had said you wouldn’t be allowed in.

So, with only a day left to come up with an idea, you had decided to go as a vampire. The make-up part was easy: heavy on the eyes, some fake blood on your neck and dripping from your mouth, dark red lipstick and you were done. You had even managed to get some fake fangs that didn’t look like the cheap, Halloween ones.

The real problem was the dress. You had only one long, tight, black dress that would fit the theme you were going for but it had long sleeves, which had led to your needing to get out –apart from the fact that you did not want that guy’s hands on your body.

You made it to the door without too much trouble, still not finding any of the team members, and walked out to the desolated, tiny area. You breathed in the night air, welcoming the cool breeze, even though the sudden change in temperature made you shiver.

‘You look like you’ve just had a run in with a werewolf,’ Rossi’s deep voice surprised you. He had seen you practically running away from the guy and decided to check on you.

You turned around as the door closed behind him and caught him checking out your body, and the smile he gave you afterwards caused your stomach to make a flip.

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Cream Pie~大好きな彼と、素肌のままで最後まで ❤ 二ノ宮蛍 (Cream Pie 〜Daisuki na kare to, suhada no mama de saigo made ❤ Ninomiya Kei)

Mitsubomi has announced another volume for their questionably-entitled* drama CD series, Cream Pie! ( • v • )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

A few months ago, you and your new husband, 二ノ宮蛍 (Ninomiya Kei), successfully entered your names into the family register—making you two a newlywed couple.

You both had been working at separate, chain salons as beauticians, but due to various circumstances, you are now working in an office.

The marriage ceremony will be held next month, but between the two of you, the topic of focusing on creating a new family and moving to a new home has already been brought up…. 

CV: 土門熱 (Satou Takuya)

Release Date: February 10th, 2017.

*Technically, it’s not questionably-entitled—it is accurate, but… ( •//v//• ;; )

Customer Service || Al+You

“Of course we have that in stock,” said Al, with a little scoff. “What do you think we are–the book shoppe?” He made a face, but then started typing at the computer by the register. 

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