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Cream Pie~大好きな彼と、素肌のままで最後まで ❤ 二ノ宮蛍 (Cream Pie 〜Daisuki na kare to, suhada no mama de saigo made ❤ Ninomiya Kei)

Mitsubomi has announced another volume for their questionably-entitled* drama CD series, Cream Pie! ( • v • )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

A few months ago, you and your new husband, 二ノ宮蛍 (Ninomiya Kei), successfully entered your names into the family register—making you two a newlywed couple.

You both had been working at separate, chain salons as beauticians, but due to various circumstances, you are now working in an office.

The marriage ceremony will be held next month, but between the two of you, the topic of focusing on creating a new family and moving to a new home has already been brought up…. 

CV: 土門熱 (Satou Takuya)

Release Date: February 10th, 2017.

*Technically, it’s not questionably-entitled—it is accurate, but… ( •//v//• ;; )


Painting Flowers // All Time Low

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15 Favorite Characters in 2015


“Joe, this is bullshit! All you own is time on a network! What entitles you to have an opinion about anything that we do here? What makes you think that you can question our commitment for one dollar an hour? Maybe being in bed with a billionaire…I’m sorry, with a billionaire’s daughter, makes you think that you can jerk us around for your own amusement, but this is real to us. So it’s 4 dollars, Joe. It’s 4 dollars.”

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>han solo:</b> i can't feel my chest when im with you<p/><b>han solo:</b> and i hate it<p/><b>han solo:</b> and i hate it<p/><b>han solo:</b> i can't feel my chest when im with you<p/><b>han solo:</b> bc there is a moTHER FUCKING LIGHTSABER IN IT, BEN<p/></p><p/></p>
Crush Imagine #28

I’ll be over in 30, is that okay? I glanced at my phone. It was a text from y/c. A smile formed on my face, just seeing his name made me swoon. I frowned and typed out a reply

  Not feeling too good, sorry b :(

In a few seconds I got a response. Aw, feel better, I’ll see you in school on Monday.  A smile formed on my face as I locked my phone and groaned in pain. Ever since y/c and I had become a thing, which turned into a relationship, we’d hung out every Friday, on the exception of the fridays when I had my period, for which I would use the ‘not feeling too good’ excuse. I figured, what’s the point in spending time with y/c if I’m going to be in pain the whole time. Every Friday we either stayed in, or went out and did something fun. So far we’d gone to the movies, mini golfing, cliff jumping, gone to the aquarium, and gone to the county carnival. Other than those days, we stayed home and watching movies, played just dance, you get the idea. I laid across the couch in the basement and turned on the TV, taking  a sip of my hot chocolate. I opened up Netflix, and decided to finally start watching Lost. I sighed loudly and clicked on my phone to stare at the lock screen. My head was buried in the crook of y/c’s neck and he was laughing when he took the selfie. It was my favorite picture of us, I always felt at home when I looked at it. I groaned in pain as the cramps worsened. I’d taken Advil and was waiting for it to kick in soon. I kept a heating pad over my stomach and tried to watch Lost, but if I turned, it would fall off. Right as I figured out a solution, my mom shouted down the stairs. “Y/N! You have a visitor” just as she finished her sentence, I heard someone come running down the stairs. Since the couch wasn’t facing the stairs, I couldn’t see who it was. So I just sat there, waiting for whoever it was to show themselves. I felt something sink into the couch next to me, and then someone cover my eyes. 

“Guess who” a husky voice said. I could recognize y/c’s touch and voice anywhere. Y/C kissed my ear softly a few times and stopped once I finally said his name. “That would be right” I was allowed to see again, and y/c jumped over the couch, landing next to me. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked. I’d told him he was sick, I highly doubt he would want to get sick also. “Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but you always, always cancel on me around this time of the month. At first I though like maybe you were up to something, but then my mom made me realize, that you’re sitting in Satan’s waterfall, right now.” y/c cringed. 

“Well, she’s not wrong” I laughed and laid down, putting my head in y/c’s lap. “Okay, well, I got you something, maybe it’ll help, I don’t know, I’m a doctor via WebMD” I giggled and sat up. The weight from earlier happened to be a basket. Inside it were all comfort items. Popcorn, chocolate, chick flicks, and last but not least, one of his sweatshirts. I smiled and put on the sweatshirt immediately. It was my favorite, and it smelt just like him at all times. He went to the DVD player and put on 27 dresses, one of my all time favorites, that y/c was yet to watch. Once he came back to the couch, we spread out a nearby blanket over us, and I snuggled into y/c. Y/C kissed the side of my head and played the movie. Halfway through the movie I grabbed a hershey kiss and unwrapped it. Right as I was about to pop it into my mouth, y/c ate it out of my hand. 

“Hey!” I shouted, hitting him lightly. He laughed and kissed me. Every kiss with y/c was sensational, and would always leave me tingling. I smiled as we pulled away.  “You are the best, I mean it. This is all amazing,and perfect” I sighed. My forehead rested slightly against y/c’s neck. 

“I would dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench for the girl I love” he froze. 

“The girl you what?” I raised an eyebrow. His thigh tightened underneath me. 

“Nothing, I said for my girl” y/c tried to cover up. 

“No, you said you love me” I teased, poking his nose. He chuckled and shook his head slightly, as if I didn’t hear him. 

“Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I do love you. I love how you eat, how you sleep, how you walk, I love you. I’m insanely in love with you” y/c’s heart pounded. 

“I love you too”


I made a paper dress-up doll! (^³^)~♪ I also made a couple other variations of her, in case you don’t like the original one…

I wish I could’ve made more with different faces/body types, but I don’t think I can spend any more time on that unfortunately. Now I just have to cut everything out by hand sometime..

One day I promise I will put my natural hair to good use and make this an actual cosplay

NJCon 2015 Saturday Photo Ops Story

So first thing is, I’m on crutches because of knee surgery I had last week. But I wasn’t gonna let that stop me from meeting my faves.

Misha: so his was first, and when we got to the photo room one of the assistants offered me a chair, and let me and my friend cut the line. I sat down right in front of where Misha was taking photos!! So surreal. After a few minutes of resting my leg the bodyguards said they’d let me go before everyone else and took my crutches, so Misha came over to me and extended his hand (which I took!!) and he helped me out of my chair and HELD MY HAND AND WALKED ME (i hobbled) TO THE SPOT FOR THE PHOTO!! He es sososo genuinely sweet and concerned and asked what happened, and when I told him he made a sad, concerned, wincing-type face. After Chris took out photo, Misha kept his arm around me and shouted to the bodyguards, “Where are those crutches?” He wouldn’t let me go until he made sure I was alright. He held my hand AGAIN as he hELPED ME ONTO THE CRUTCHES!! I thanked him and said, oh thank you!! And it was so great. He’s such a truly kind and caring man.

Mark: so my Mark story is similar In the sense that my friend and I got to cut the line and was given a chair near Mark until I was okay to stand again. They didn’t take my crutches this time so I made my way over to him and he was saying jokingly, “Run! Run, Forrest, Run!!” I was laughing so hard! When I got to him I apologized, I felt so bad for holding up the line and stuff lol, and he was oh my god so sweet. He said what happened probably was not my fault, and asked then proceeded to ask what happened. I told him it was surgery, and he said, “See? Not your fault! You’ve got nothing to be sorry for!” All the while smiling so warmly at me. God I’m still not over it! He was great. He acts all sarcastic and mean to be funny but he’s really such a nice guy.

Thanks to both of them for such an amazing day!! It was hard getting around but they made it so worth it and so much better :)


aaaand there you go. fairly quick, fairly half assed mew mews by me. hm. actually working with simpler shapes made it easier to draw different types of faces and eyes than when I was doing more detail? noses got reduced greatly but otherwise it’s better hm. OH WELL.

also I just gave up on lettuce having an animal attribute oops. and I didn’t feel like drawing another lolita collar (already drew two today) so I just put mint in a ballet shirt.

so @darthnoodles came to me with the beautiful idea that when Vette eventually gets wind of Quinn and the Warrior’s relationship, she’ll comm him pretending to be Warrior and tell him things like 

“This is your lord speaking and I need you to serve /under/ me” 

“I need you to captain your /ship/ towards me” 

“I can’t operate at peak efficiency without your /special/ touch”

And then Vette sends him the mail at like 3am and he gets up and heads to Warrior’s room and he’s just in his underwear and she’s super confused:

Quinn *grabs the nearby lamp to cover himself*: “My lord, ah, there seemed to have….been a major misunderstanding, I-”
Warrior: …
Quinn: You see, I, uh….
Warrior: ….
Quinn: May I be excuse-
Warrior: by the force yes
Quinn *leaving the lamp by the door*: I will just, uh….go now. Good night, my lord.
Vette keeps bringing it up until all three of them are dead since she never expected Quinn to actually /do/ it and it was 3 am and he was tired and just instinctively following orders without thinking too clearly

And I really had to freaking draw it