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‘Cuddling on a Rainy Day’ Playlist

“Atlas Hands” - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
“Northern Wind” - City and Colour
“Stubborn Love” - The Lumineers
“Cherry Wine” - Hozier
“Holocene” - Bon Iver
“No One To Let You Down” - The Head and The Heart
“Always Gold” - Radical Face
“Blood” - The Middle East
“Banana Pancakes” - Jack Johnson
“Thank You” - Led Zeppelin
“Higher Love” - James Vincent McMorrow
“No Shade In the Shadow of the Cross” - Sufjan Stevens
“Snaggletooth” - Vance Joy
“Maps” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Sand” - Keaton Henson
“Like Real People Do” - Hozier
“Love Love Love” - Of Monsters and Men
“First Day Of My Life” - Bright Eyes
“No Me, No You, No More” - The Staves
“Everything” - Michael Buble


Fal’s luminous face orbs for that meme that’s going around. I’ve always liked that his eyes are so long and narrow compared to most Midlanders.  Gives him a sort of wise, world-weary vibe.

…I always forget that he has all those facial scars.  I think I checked all of them during character creation just to see what it looked like and then didn’t realize it until after I started the game. I was able to come up with suitably dramatic stories for the one on his eye and the one on his cheek, but I never figured out where that nicked nose bridge came from.  The best I can come up with is that he might have gotten his face too close to a guitar while he was tuning it and got sliced by a string that snapped hahahaaa I am good at OCs.

The eye meme started with @alexia-reybrant to give credit where credit is due for such a lovely idea. The rest of you should do it too! I want to make creepy awkward eye contact with your characters. *heavy mouth breathing*

…I’m still amused by the fact that I’m a brown-eyed white woman playing a blue-eyed black man.


Suga (BTS) x You

You find him most attractive when he’s offstage away from the lights and screams. In his threadbare oversized white shirt with his hair sticking in every direction and face made luminous by the eerie glow from his laptop. He leans forward, fingers drumming on his mouse to a beat you can’t hear, frown furrowing his brows, teeth worrying his lower lip. His headphones hug his ears. Sometimes he notices you looking at him and he smiles. Tugs one headphone down and wriggles his brows at you.

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Private Squad V02(L) - Elly - WIP

version: adorable face (by Luminous)

adorable faceにてリメイク中・・・




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