face jokes

Nia had a photoshoot she had to do for the family, but she’s waiting so she decided to play her games. Also I re did her room, and it was supposed to be a big reveal for Hana cause Hana’s the one who wanted her to change it up. But like, surprise I guess.

yeah you play your games my tiny baby. You do no wrong, lmao I totally get how parents could be like, not my kid. My kids a fucking angel bruh. 
touched by the universe. 


I can’t get over the idea of Henry and Bendy throwing puns at each other!

Comic inspired by @doodledrawsthings Hells Studio AU
and @whatisthisnonsense ‘s and @squigglydigglydoo ‘s amazing fanfic 
(and with @doodledrawsthings ‘s Henry design)

@everestcresent helped me out with 100% of the puns on this comic and their my bestie. Please go check out their blog!

And this comic, had a LOT of alternate possible routs (5+ written down)
So, below the cut is one of those alt routs (which has bonus panels)
(the rest will merely be in the tags)

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