face in cake

  • Keith: Hey Lance...
  • Lance: What do you want, Keith?
  • Keith: Close your eyes
  • Lance: *close eyes*
  • Keith: Open your eyes.
  • Lance: *slowly open his eyes* Keith what are you up-
  • Keith: *slam a cake into Lance face* HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY, LANCE!!! *quickly dash out the room*
  • Lance: *stood there for a moment* Keith, my birthday is tomorrow. *taste the cakes* And I want chocolate cake, not vanilla!!!

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sorry if i made you uncomfortable with the smut ask!! but what about something funnier like lance getting his face smashed in a cake? :')

that’s ok! if I ever get the guts to write smut then I would but I feel that would be decades from now lol. Also I feel like this went off track and was a bit short but here u go! Enjoy!

“No, Coran, Allura. Oh my gosh. Ok. So basically whenever we have Birthdays, which have been explained, we sing a little song. Like this.” You explained, trying to make the conversation seem mediocre to Lance so you could easily discuss the plan without being questioned. Or heard, of course.

“I’m smashing his face into this cake. But, there’s a backup cake we can eat.” You said, winking at them as they smiled and chuckled.

“Wait, Lance! What’s that?” You asked, pointing at one side of the cake that Lance couldn’t see. He stared at you, furrowing his brows before leaning over. Shock overtook him as you grabbed the sides of the plate, bringing the cake to Lance’s face.

“Ah!” He gasped, slapping at your hands and then launching as much cake as he could off of himself. Starting once again, a lovely bonding exercise that brought the others memories.

“That was fun.” You said, slumped in a chair beside Lance, his face still covered in frosting as he gazed at you.

“Thank you, by the way. That really made me happy.” He said, his mouth slowly pulling into a grin as did yours. You were both very content, the party was a wonderful surprise, to know that Lance loved it meant the world to you. As long as he was happy.

“Oh yeah! Thanks for the skin care routine by the way.”

“Oh shush.”

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We need to chat... r we gonna not discuss shawns face in that cake video... it's so like serious HE LOOKS LIKE A HOT ASS HUSKY WOLF OMFGIYDD is that what he's like when he sees pussy??? Bc then I'm not ok (Asking for a friend)

that look he gave was so intense. That’s why it was so hot. 100% I bet he’d look at you like once you started to strip in front of him or something. 


endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.

The Batkids on Tim's birthday

Dick: Wakes up at 3am to sneak into Tim’s apartment and wake him up by screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIMMY!!” at the top of his lungs and gets knocked out when Tim reflexively punches him in the face

Barbara: Bakes his favorite cake and calls up everyone in the batfam and orders them to wish Tim a happy birthday or she’ll kill them

Jason: Calls at some point to wish Tim a happy birthday and also to inform him that he hid a confetti bomb somewhere in Tim’s apartment but doesn’t remember where, so if it blows up at some point and it rains birthday confetti everywhere then just know that that was from Jason

Tim: Forgets until somebody has to remind him

Cass: Won’t stop hugging him the whole day and gets him really sweet gifts because she’s a literal angel

Steph: Is as excited as Dick and insists on taking Tim out to do fun birthday stuff all day, and when they go to dinner she tells the waitress that it’s Tim’s birthday so the staff all sing happy birthday to him because she knows how embarrassed he gets

Damian: “I got you a rock” “What, why?” “How dare you! I’ll have you know I picked this out specifically for you. God, you’re so ungrateful”


16/11/16 (November 16th, 2016)

  • Finished a lot of reading but still have a crap load left💩
  • Wrote 10 pages of notes and almost broke my wrist by the end of it
  • Stayed up really late with my friends to count down for my birthday and then stuffed my face with cake🍰  studygram

[Listening to: Starman by David Bowie]

James Potter splattering cake all over his parents, and continuing to then face plant in the cake on his first birthday. James Potter giggling uncontrollably when his cousins put him on a toy broom for the first time on his second birthday. James Potter accidentally enchanting his own glasses and watching, fascinated, as they zoom out the window on his fifth birthday. James Potter being all smug on his tenth birthday because he’s reached double digits. James Potter’s three new friends: Sirius, Remus, and Peter, throwing cream pies at his face across the Great Hall at eleven. James Potter hopelessly pining for a certain redhead instead of doing a birthday prank with the Marauders at age fourteen. James Potter getting the best gift possible from his fiery girlfriend at seventeen (Sirius proceeding to tease him endlessly about it the next morning). James Potter walking up to his pregnant wife and kissing her senseless on his nineteenth birthday. James Potter throwing baby Harry up and down as Lily watches, taking photographs at twenty. James Potter standing at the alter as Sirius’s best man, watching as his two best friends promise to love each other forever when he is twenty two. James Potter tearing up when Sirius and Remus announce that they’re adopting a beautiful baby girl on his twenty-fifth birthday. James Potter laughing hysterically when Harry gets him a pranking kit for his thirtieth birthday. James Potter hugging Harry, Ron, and Hermione when they graduate from Hogwarts on his thirty-seventh birthday. James Potter conducting “happy birthday”, as his family sings to him at age forty. James Potter smiling and crying and laughing when he discovers he’ll be a grandfather at forty-five. James Potter having a quiet birthday with Lily, the love of his life, at forty-nine. James Potter nervously asking Lily to go out on a date with him on his fifty-fifth birthday. James Potter surrounded by the people he loves as they wish him a happy fifty-seventh birthday.

James Potter growing up to be an old man. James Potter living.


why can’t girls just be nice to one another? like fr???? I see so many girls bringing other girls down. honey you are NOT a “cake face,” a “hoe,” a “bitch,” or a “skank” for wearing the clothes you like or the makeup that makes you feel beautiful! post selfies! tell other girls you like their lipstick! start loving yourself and others! and I’m not just talking about white cis girls. ALL WOMEN NEED TO START RESPECTING EACHOTHER. I can not tell you how many times I’ve been called a bitch or a slut just for wearing clothes I think are cute! honestly I am tired of all the women on women hatred. every time I see a girl I try to compliment her! a simple, “I love your hair!” or, “cute shirt!” goes a LONG way! let’s stop hating eachother and ourselves please. ladies you are ALL beautiful! WOC, trans women, everyone!