face headcanons can you catch them

Further Observations
  • There are more than 3000 floors to Kane Co Tower, if the number behind Kane when he walks into his office are to be believed. The current tallest building the WORLD is only a couple-hundred.  WE GET IT DUDE YOURS IS BIGGER.
  • Casual reminder Texas punches the inside of his car to make it do things instead of pressing buttons
  • also he appears to have two gas pedals so he can just slAM BOTH FEET ON THEM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE
  • We see exactly one (1) female Kane Co. executive (excluding Julie) and she appears to be a very curvy middle-aged black lady who I have immediately decided is Claire’s mom
  • OKAY BUT IT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH SENSE THAT’S HOW CLAIRE AND JULIE ENDED UP FRIENDS!  Kane wouldn’t let just anybody be his precious Julie-Bear’s friend!  Claire’s mom is part of Kane’s Board of Directors!  YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS HEADCANON FROM ME
  • Almost every time we catch a brief glimpse of Chuck’s eyes he’s making a face like >8C  like this boy is scared but also he is ready to Throw Down
  • Jacob has canonically created AIs that can feel loyalty, fear and kinship, and that can be moved by speeches/emotionally engaged.  
  • So honestly, we’re a go for any android headcanon anybody wants to throw around, lbr.
  • The face Mike makes when Chuck is like “I’d have to save you life and let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen” literally breaks my heart EVERY TIME he’s so sad that Chuck’s sad oh my god.
  • related: the face Chuck makes when Mike pins the crown pin on his chest makes me UNBELIEVABLY GODDAMN EMOTIONAL holy crap he’s so happy
  • Rayon could literally punch me in the face and I would be like HAHA WOW
  • The Duke is REALLY PISSED about Mike accidentally wrecking one half-built car-frame, but literally fires fully-built limos out of a cannon at people.  WHAT IS THE TRUTH
  • Listening to Chuck babbling while trying to drive in Blonde Thunder like AT LEAST LET HIM SWEAR HE OBVIOUSLY WANTS TO HE IS DYING
Aunt reader and uncle Qrow

K but aunt y/n and uncle qrow always bringing the best gifts qrow taught Ruby while y/n helped Yang control her anger like these are things I need. Couple reader and Qrow with their nieces.   Submitted by anonymous

Anon, I love you.


“Babe, you don’t have to bribe the girls to make them like you.” Qrow looked at you from his spot on your couch. He certainly looked at home, feet on the coffee table and arm slung across the back.

You finished putting your two nicely wrapped, well nice as you could, packages in your bag and frowned at him. “I’m not bribing them; I just want to make a good first impression.”

“Through bribery?” He gave you a cocky grin and you rolled your eyes, slinging the bag over your shoulder.

“Qrow, this is… we’ve been dating for almost four months and this is the first time I’m meeting your family. They’re not all blood related I know but I still want them to like me, y’know? I guess I think if I give your nieces a gift it’ll make me look better or… I don’t know.” You were rambling at this point, fiddling with the strap of your bag. You hadn’t wanted to let on how nervous you were, honestly you felt rather foolish. It was only his nieces and brother in law; it wasn’t like you were meeting his damn parents. You shuddered to think about how nervous you’d be if that were the case.

Qrow’s grin softened and he rose to his feet to take your head in his hands. You had no choice but to look him in the eyes. For once, he looked serious. “Listen, y/n, you have nothing to worry about. You’re perfect and they’re gonna see that. You can give them your gifts, I know they’ll eat that shit up, but they’ll love you more for just being yourself. Okay?”

You blinked “Wow Qrow, I had no idea you could be so good at pep talks.”

He kissed you before flopping back down on the couch, pulling a flask from his pocket “Yeah, well I think I’ve reached my ‘serious quota’ for the day. Tell me when you’re ready and we’ll head out.”

A mere few hours later, the two of you stood in front of the cozy looking home belonging to Qrow’s brother in law, Taiyang. You take a deep breath, giving Qrow’s hand a squeeze. You stroll up to the front door and knock. A moment later, a tall, blond man opened the door.

“Sup, Tai.” Qrow grinned lopsidedly.

“Qrow, always a pleasure.” Tai said in a way that suggested that wasn’t always true. When he looked down at you though, a genuine smile lit up his face. “You’re y/n, then? It’s nice to meet you. I’m glad this dusty old crow finally found someone who can stand him.”

“Come on, Tai, I’m the same age you are.” Qrow pouted.

“Hey, I’m not the one with grey streaks in his hair.” Tai smirked before turning back into the house and gesturing for you two to follow.

Qrow grumbled and ran a hand through his hair.

“I quite like the grey streaks.” You say, bumping your shoulder into his.

He smiles at you, and the two of you walk into the house.

“Girls!” Tai yells “Your uncle Qrow’s here with y/n!”

Immediately, you hear two sets of feet pounding through the second floor followed by two streaks of yellow and red shooting toward you.

“It’s you! Hi hi hi!” The red blur, ruby, said. She stood on her toes, looking up at you with a big toothy grin. If you were remembering correctly, Qrow said Ruby was ten and her sister Yang was about twelve.

Speaking of Yang, she had a bit of a better understanding of personal space than her sister, but she was obviously just as excited as her sister.

“So you’re y/n, it’s nice to meet you!”

You laughed, a bit caught off guard. “Yeah, it’s nice to meet you girls, too. Qrow has told me a lot about both of you.”

Ruby was bouncing on her heels like she could barely contain all the energy in her tiny body. “So are you gonna be our aunt one day or what?”

“Well I-“

“Ooo are we gonna have cousins!”

You’ve never seen Qrow move so fast as he put a hand on Ruby’s head and started messing her hair “All right, that’s enough outa you.” He coughed “Y/n, you had gifts?”

“Gifts!” The girls yelled at the same time.

“Ah! Yes, yes, one second.” You undid the clasp on your bag and pulled out the wrapped packages. “They’re just some things I picked out I though you girls would like, haha.”

The girls greedily snatched the packages, only saying a quick thank you after a gentle reprimand from their father.

“Wow!” Ruby held up the package of grimm figurines you’d gotten her.

“Oh man, I love Dahlia!” For Yang, you’d also gotten her an action figure, except hers was of one of her favorite hunters according to Qrow. This one was supposed to be poseable.

Tai laughed “Alright girls, since you like your gifts so much, I think y/n deserves a proper thank you.”

“Thank you, aunt y/n!” The girls said in chorus.

You blushed just a little “It’s no problem, really.”

You caught Qrow smiling at you from the corner of your eye. You started to smile back when suddenly Ruby pounced on him.

“Uncle Qrow, you know what we should do? We should show aunt y/n how good I’ve gotten with my scythe!”

Qrow chuckled “Sounds good to me, what do you think, aunt y/n?”

You laughed with him “I’d love to.”

Minutes later, you stood outside as Tai was fetching a set of training scythes.

“I still can’t believe you’re teaching a ten year old how to use a scythe.” You mumbled to Qrow.

“Well, the girls gotta learn someday, and it’s just a training scythe. She’ll get a real one when she starts at signal. Besides, didn’t you learn how to use your weapon at about her age?”

“Well now that’s entirely different.”

“Oh, suuure it is.” You smirked at each other.

“Where do you even get training scythes?” You asked


You were about to say something else when Tai came back with the scythes. “Alright, you know the usual lecture, be careful, don’t hurt yourselves, if I find any bruises on Ruby Qrow’s a dead man, you know the drill. And you better be careful, I have to go inside and take care of something.”

As Tai went inside, uncle and niece each took a scythe, really they were just scythe shaped pieces of wood, and prepared to spar. Ruby really was pretty good with that thing; you could see Qrow’s influence. Qrow was careful not to swing to hard, meanwhile Ruby looked like she was just fine leaving Qrow with a few bruises. She wasn’t malicious, just really enthusiastic. As you watched, you noticed Yang standing off to the side by the house, fiddling with her action figure and looking frustrated. You walk over to check on her.

“Hey Yang, what’s up?”

“The box said you were supposed to be able to move Dahlia’s arms but they won’t budge.” She muttured.

“Well maybe they’re just stuck after being in the box so long.”

Her frown deepened “But the last action figure I got did this to!” She tried forcing the arm to bend more.

“Yang it’s okay, you shouldn’t force it, it might-“

Snap. Dahlia’s plastic arm snapped off at the elbow joint. Yang just stared at it, you thought you saw tears in the corner of her eye.


“Ugh! Why do I break everything!” She threw the doll down and stormed off around the corner of the house.

“Yang!” You look after where she went before looking down at the doll. You pick it up. When she had thrown it down, the side of the head had formed a small crack.

“Y/n?” You look over to where Qrow was watching you, concerned. Ruby just looked confused.

“Keep practicing, I’ll talk to her.” You say

Qrow only nods, you swear you can see the ghost of a smile. You run to where you saw Yang go, doll in hand.


She’s sitting on the ground, knees hugged to her chest. She looks up as you approach. “Y/n,” She sniffs “I’m sorry. I just get mad sometimes and then I break stuff accidentally and, and I broke the gift you got me.”

“Hey, hey it’s okay, you didn’t mean to, it’s alright.”

“But you were so nice to get me that, and my stupid temper-“

“So you get mad easy, it’s okay, there are plenty of ways to deal with anger. There’s a popular method of counting down from ten to calm yourself.”

“Counting down?”

“Yeah, and if that doesn’t work, I know plenty of other methods. You know, I used to have anger problem when I was younger.”

She blinked “Really?”

You nodded “Oh yeah, I used to get mad at the drop of a hat. But I learned how to calm myself, and I can help you too. Okay?”

Yang rubbed her eyes and smiled at you “Okay.”

You smiled back “Great. And as for the figure, I can buy you another.”

“But I don’t want you to spend-“

“Or we can bandage this one up and make them look like they have awesome battle scars.”

Yang smiles wider “Yeah!” She takes your hand and the two of walk back to the front of the house. Qrow and Ruby were sitting with Tai on the lawn with glasses of water, two more set aside for you and Yang. Ruby waves to you as you approach, and as you catch Qrow’s eyes, you see a satisfied smile on his face.

(oops this got kinda long)

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Super excited to see that BNHA is getting so much of the A/B/O! Idk why that is-any thoughts? Anyway, on to my request. Can I get an Alpha All Might and a female Omega s/o where he's torn about courting her because he's so broken and she goes out of her Omega comfort zone to ask him instead?

Me too Anon! And as for why bnha is getting so much omegaverse attention… I honestly have no clue. I believe that every AU can catch onto a popular fandom! 

And for your request, I didn’t know if you wanted headcanons or a scenario, so I kind of did a mixture of the two? You’ll see, lol. Anyway, thanks for the request! Also, first teacher request!

All Might

  • Toshinori’s insecurities were not unbeknownst to you. 
  • He tried to put on an brave face! He’s All Might after all! The top Alpha! The one no one messes with! And yet, when it comes to courting an Omega.. He just can’t bring himself to do it. He doesn’t want to put them through anything stressful like his job or his disabilities as a hero. He had to be strong, in and out of hero form! Yet.. He can’t help but want to crumble and let you take care of him. 
  • When he met you, your scent almost took him right out of his hero form. He just wanted to hold you and protect you and claim you and- Make you his but… he knew he wasn’t the Alpha you deserved. 
  • Every time he’d see you, he’d straight up do ANYTHING to avoid you. Swiftly turning on his heel with a “Good day, Miss (Y/N)!” before walking away. 
  • You knew the things that Toshinori was going through. As a teacher at UA, you knew about the accident with One for All. You knew about his inability to remain in hero form. 
  • You knew he was avoiding you. 
  • With a deep breath, one day in the break room, you see him standing with Aizawa and Snipe. Upon your entrance to the room, as usual, All Might tried to excuse himself, bidding his employees a good day before he went to the door, you stood in front of it. “Miss (Y/N), may I please ask you to step out of the way?“ 
  • Not today. "No." 
  • Your refusal gave Snipe a good idea, leading him to drag Aizawa and himself out of the room to give you privacy. When you bring up the topic of him avoiding you, he gets flustered and refuses your accusations, before freezing at the pout on your face. 
  • Using your Omega influence? Even though you were dominating the conversation? Damn. It was working on him good. 
  • "Toshinori, do you want to go out for a meal sometime?" 
  • He might just pass out because?? Holy shit, did the Omega of his dreams just ask him out for him? The dark red blush that slowly creeped on your cheeks suggested that this was a little out of your comfort zone for you too. What has he been doing? Acting like a coward? 
  • No, he was convinced now. To never let you feel uncomfortable around him again. He pulled you into a hug, breathing in your scent for the first time with confidence, truly enjoying you right here. 
  •  "Of course, (Y/N). Thank you." 

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I get so happy whenever the ask box is open for this blog! Aaaa! ♥ Can I please request some headcanons about Bakugo and Izuku (each separately) catching their s/o wearing their hero outfits? ( ´꒳ `

How cute, sure. - Mod Honey

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Stares longer then necessary, shifting his eyes up and down s/o’s form; secretly approving their outfit
  • S/o catches him staring and he puts on his best angry face and says “What the fuck are you looking at?”
  • Regardless of s/o’s personality they’ll ask him “What do you think?” and he fighting the urge between to tell them the truth of what he thinks and vs being his rude self
  • Ends up stuttering “It’s good.” And walks away quickly, his brow sweating

Midoriya Izuku

  • Immediately tells them how good they look, gushing and giving compliments about the design
  • Says things like “It suits you!” and “You look like a hero already [s/o’s name]-chan!”
  • His face is flushed throughout each compliment he dishes out, but when his s/o’s blushes and laughs he chokes on his own spit
  • He ends up drawing his s/o in his notebook and putting a footnote on the bottom that says “How am I dating them???”

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Would you do a ticklish Phichit x Chris oooor Seung?????

PHICHRIIIS<333 I take it you mean headcanons even tho I would love to write a fic for them sometime humhummm. I once already wrote a couple of headcanons for them a while ago, so I’ll copy them here and add some new stuff as well ^^ Love this pairinggg!~

[old hcs]

♡ Like he did with Yuuri, Chris once tried to tease Phichit by grabbing his butt, BUuuut Phichit’s butt is ticklish, help.

♡ Chris likes to tease Phichit with surprise tickles whenever he catches the cutie taking a selfie.

Goal is reached when the picture snaps and Phichit has this surprised laugh on his face. Phichit can never safely take a selfie with Chris around because he will always sneak up on him.

♡ The surprise-tickle thing turns into a game when Phichit tries to avenge the many failed selfies but fails because Chris is a sneaky brat he can hardly compete with.

♡ Then one time with Yuuri and Victor around, and Phichit is teased again by this tickle-bully, Victor is rly casual like oh but Chris has a very ticklish back, Scribbling all ten fingers down his back can make him laugh really hard, and Phichit will have to pin him down, sit on his butt and tickle him until he shrieks.

♡ Yuuri however is like oh but then you haven’t tried Phichit’s tummy yet. VICTOR AND YUURI ARE NOT HELPING AT ALL.

♡ These dorks are the type to run after each other in circles until one of them catches the other.

♡ Phichit would be the type to wake up Chris with tickles, with his phone camera aimed at him and record an embarrassing Instagram video :3

♡ Chris is the teasy flirty type to blow Phichit’s ear, squeeze his butt and all, but nothing can be done normally cuz this guy’s too ticklish for his own good.

♡ AND HIS LAUGh, Phichit has the brightest feelgood- laugh ever, everyone’s a fan of Phichit’s laughter. And Phichit loves to laugh, he isn’t the embarrassed type, he just loves to laugh.

♡ Phichit as a ler against Chris has got a lot to learn. It’s not like tickling Yuuri who goes absolutely weak against the tickles, but tickling Chris takes more effort and strategy>:))) But Yuuri and Victor will help him out and teach him the tricks huehuehue~

[new hcs]

♡ When out eating/drinking with friends like in the image, they’ll often sit next to each other and Chris will tease Phichit under the table with teasy knee tickles and hook his fingers behind his legs and scribble them all over, making his poor bf go nuts /)///(\

♡ By tickling Phichit’s lower stomach and the backs of his thighs in a certain way Chris can get Phichit to snort and while Phichit isn’t embarrassed of his own laughter he DOES get embarrassed when he snorts and he’ll get all cute and whiney.

♡ Whenever Chris comes home and says “I’m hoooome” in a certain way Phichit knows to fucking RUN because tickle monster Chris is here and Phichit is NOT ready.

♡ Phichit is on continuous missions to tickle Chris, 80% of the time resulting in his own ruination but 20% of success.

♡ GREAT success scenario: attack Chris while he’s bathing, oh the good stuff. He’ll be very bare and have slippery soapy skin and Phichit will utterly wreck him.

♡ Chris has such a sweet and charming laugh and often squeaks and moans in a really wrong and typical way as if Phichit is doing other things to him than just theee innocent tickles;))) 

♡ Phichit has a collection of Chris-getting-tickled-photographs and has a special album for it on his phone. 

♡ Phichit also has a collection of Chris-getting-tickled voice recordings, and they are not a secret to Chris who’s totally fine with it.  

♡ Showers together often turn out in dorky tickle fights until Phichit ends up pinned against the shower wall and his laughs and pleas echoing through the bathroom. 

♡ While they can be very wild, peaceful tickles happen a lot in bed, especially when Phichit lies curled up with his face buried into Chris’ chest and Chris lightly tickles his back and draws figures and writes words for him to guess.

♡ Both aren’t embarrassed at all to talk about tickling or say the word and are very expressive about it:D 

Finnick Odair and Forced Prostitution

The topic of forced Prostitution is a theme found within the last novel of The Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay, through Finnick, when he exposes this dark secret for a propo. I will be analyzing the section below from Chapter 12 of Mockingjay. Hope you like it!

I’ve been sufficient, if not dazzling. Everyone loves the bread story. But it’s my message to President Snow that gets the wheels spinning in Plutarch’s brain. He hastily calls Finnick and Haymitch over and they have a brief
but intense conversation that I can see Haymitch isn’t happy with. Plutarch seems to win—Finnick’s pale but nodding his head by the end of it.

As Finnick moves to take my seat before the camera, Haymitch tells him, “You don’t have to do this.” ”Yes, I do. If it will help her.” Finnick balls up his rope in his hand. “I’m ready.” I don’t know what to expect. A love story aboutAnnie? An account of the abuses in District 4? But Finnick Odair takes a completely different tack.
“President Snow used to…sell me…my body, that is,” Finnick begins in a flat, removed tone. “I wasn’t the only one. If a victor is considered desirable, the president gives them as a reward or allows people to buy them for an exorbitant amount of money. If you refuse, he kills someone you love. So you do it.” That explains it, then. Finnick’s parade of lovers in the Capitol. They were never real lovers. Just people like our old Head Peacekeeper, Cray, who bought desperate girls to devour and discard because he could. I want to interrupt the taping and beg Finnick’s forgiveness for every false thought I’ve ever had about him. But we have a job to do, and I sense Finnick’s role will be far more effective than mine.”I wasn’t the only one, but I was the most popular,” he says. “And perhaps the most defenseless, because the people I loved were so defenseless.


OMG such a sad scene. I am positive that I am not emotionally and physically prepared to see what Sam Claflin is going to do with it (curls up in a ball and starts crying). But I gotta finish this for you! 

So, Plutarch seems to be the one who has come up with the idea of Finnick exposing this secret. So it is highly possible the prostitution of the Victors was common knowledge amongst the higher members in the Capitol in addition to those who could afford it (but for the sake of my headcanon and making this post easier in writing it let’s say it is common knowledge). 

Based off of the body language Katniss explains, we understand Finnick is uneasy to share this secret at first and that this side job President Snow has forced him into has taken its toll on him (but he heroically does it to save his love!). Also, we know it is possible the other Victor’s know about the Prostitution since Haymitch objects against Finnick sharing it for the propo. So for me and my headcanon, it can be safe to assume Annie, Mags, Beetee, Johanna, etc. knew about the Victor Prostitution but of course had to keep it under wraps. Going off of this “common Victor Knowledge” branch, throughout the Hunger Games Trilogy we can see Victors have a sort of basic understanding of how the Capitol Works (specifically President Snow) and the whole know the enemy. Well almost everyone in Panem is probably thinking this. But with the Victors they know and understand they are basically puppets for the Capitol, because everyone in Panem is watching them. They’re celebrities stuck in the system of promoting a cause (the Games) and a Government they all hate.

Now back to Finnick and his prostitution. In Mockingjay, Beetee even states, “If you knew what Finnick’s been through the last few years, you’d know how remarkable it is he’s still with us at all” (Mockingjay, Ch. 5).  What the hell is this supposed to mean? I personally believe Beetee is referring to his forced prostitution, and that the rape Finnick endured probably took a huge hit on him psychologically and physically after years and years of following Snow’s orders. So if this is the case, it definitely fuels to my headcanon that Victor Prostitution was common knowledge amongst all the Victors. 

Since Finnick was forced to sleep with Capitol Citizens it created this image of the “District 4 Playboy” which we evidently see through Katniss and her introduction for Finnick in Catching Fire, Ch. 15. This personality President Snow creates for Finnick is something he cannot put down and has to always live up to all the time in public (definitely in the Capitol and on television, but possibly in his own District). A Hunger Games blog I follow (which you should too), buttercupisbrainless, posted great responses to an Anon and their questions about the perception Finnick had within Panem/Katniss which you can find here and here (I found them on my dash and was completely mind-blown by the comparison they made lol). So his relationship with Annie was probably a well kept secret from the general population (except President Snow and his creepy ways most likely found out about it such as Katniss’ and Gale’s Kiss in Catching Fire. This leads to my headcanon of Finnick and Snow having a deal to keep Annie safe and out of the Capitol). In Mockingjay, Katniss states at the CrestaOdair Wedding:

“Who can look past the radiant faces of two people for whom this day was once a virtual impossibility?” (Mockingjay, Ch 16). 

If the war hadn’t happened, it’s highly likely Finnick would’ve never been able to escape his role as the “District 4 Playboy” and could have never married the love of his life even for the short amount of time they had together. President Snow would have never allowed for the two of them to get married, because he knew it would decrease the appeal the fabulous Finnick Odair had amongst the Capitol Citizens, which meant Snow losing loads of money. That selfish bastard lol. 

Recap if you got lost throughout my rambling lol: forced Victor Prostitution was common knowledge amongst Capitol Elites/Clients and the Victors (So Annie and Mags probably knew). Finnick was forced to keep up the “District 4 Playboy” face which forbid him from pursuing relationships with others, but he stayed with Annie anyways (suck it Snow). 

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Hello, can I get some general relationship and nsfw (not sure if you do nsfw or not) headcanons for Lucifer and Azazel

Oh yes please. I’ll do just sfw now, because I have some bigger nsfw headcanons planned later so I don’t want to use them all up.


► Most of the first dates is just him watching you while you are not looking and if you catch him he will deny everything with giant blush on his face. 

► He is pretty awkward when it comes to people crying in front of him and if it’s you, person that he truly loves, it’s even worse, because he really wants to help but he is scared he might make it worse. But a good old hug is always a good solution.

► I believe Azazel is haunted by all the demon lives he could not protect and has vivid nightmares so when he wakes at night in sweat and breathing hard the first thing he checks is you lying next to him. It sets him at ease. 


► Simply loves reading together, which practically means you sitting on his lap in silence and reading book that he holds in his hands. Sometimes he kisses your hair or nuzzles his nose into your neck to let you know he is happy that you are there.

► Unlike Azazel he doesn’t like to step into your business, meaning if you have argument with someone in front of him, he trusts you to hold your ground and he will only step in if it’s really needed and when he feels that he needs to protect you.

► Cuddle master. He knows how to get cuddles anytime, he just makes you melt into his arms and completely blind you with his small smile or undeniable arguments here and there. 

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Hi! I love your imagines so much! I was wondering if you haven't done one similar already, could you do something with RFA members finding out MC is overweight and is really self conscious about their appearance (either in chat prior to the party or after meeting/dating)? I would really love to see your take on this

im glad you like them!! ^^

~headcanon requests currently closed~


  • he can not comprehend why MC sees themselves as anything but BEAUTIFUL
  • they are his literal angel from heaven???
  • how do they even??
  • if he catches MC checking themselves out in the mirror with an unhappy look he’ll run over and wrap his arms around them, rubbing his face against theirs
  • they usually giggle
  • “Yoosung, do you need something?”
  • “i just needed you to smile”
  • Yoosung kisses them on the cheek
  • “you should always smile when you’re standing in front of a mirror”


  • MC was drawn to Zen because of how flirty he was
  • i mean people usually dont treat them like that in real life…
  • it was just nice to feel like someone was interested in them
  • but it was probably just cause Seven told everyone they were cute…right?
  • they thought if Zen really knew what they looked like, he wouldnt be so flirty
  • when MC had to go to Zen’s house for the first time they felt like they were gonna vomit
  • ok listen living with a bomb might not be as bad as it sounds
  • they expected Zen to lose interest in them after meeting them irl
  • but thats not what happened at all
  • Zen still flirted, still continued to open up to them
  • why is lovely Zen still pursuing them?
  • they were sitting on the roof together, stargazing
  • “Zen do you…like me?”
  • he smiles at MC
  • “of course i like you!”
  • “but i’m so…”
  • MC’s voice trailed off
  • Zen scoots closer to MC
  • “you so what? kind? gentle? beautiful?”
  • “i dont feel beautiful…”
  • Zen puts an arm around MC’s shoulders
  • “well, as someone who makes a career partially out of being beautiful, i can say with full confidence that you are definitely beautiful”
  • he winks, pulling MC closer


  • “MC, did you have lunch today?”
  • Jaehee logged into the messenger and was chatting with MC
  • “not today, i’m on a diet”
  • “you should eat even when you’re on a diet! skipping meals isnt healthy”
  • “i guess…”
  • “are you at a healthy weight for your age and height?”
  • “i’m a bit overwieght…”
  • “I personally feel that being healthy is more attractive than just looking skinny”
  • “you really think that?”
  • “of course, and you’re important to this organization which means you’re important to me”
  • “thanks, Jaehee”
  • “i’ll come back to the messenger around dinner time to make sure you get something to eat then, too”
  • “okay! i’ll look forward to it”
  • “if you want, i could come cook for you. it might not taste very good, but it would be a healthy meal”
  • Jaehee was totally NOT just looking for an excuse to go see MC????


  • looks really do not concern Jumin when it comes to MC
  • even if he did, they’re gorgeous so?
  • like, really anyone could see that
  • MC was the only person who truly understood Jumin
  • they gave him a chance even though he had trouble expressing his feelings
  • how do you not fall head over heels in love with someone like MC?
  • he knows MC doesn’t like how they look…
  • but he cant help that every night he has to tell them how beautiful they are to him
  • he really cant help it, he just has to!
  • they’re so amazing and!! he loves them so much hE CANT JUST IGNORE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE THERE WITH HIM HE HAS TO BE GUSHY HE CANT HELP IT
  • even though MC doesnt always feel beautiful when they look in a mirror
  • they feel beautiful when they’re with Jumin


  • he wasnt lying when he said MC was cute
  • he really thinks they’re super cute, even though they feel insecure
  • Seven actually gasses MC up like crazy
  • “hot damn i think i’m gonna pass out you look incredible today”
  • “shawty you looking fiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeee”
  • “oh shit is that a new shirt? my baby lookin goooood today”
  • “MC how do you make everything look so good? i swear even Zen’s looks pale in comparison”
  • MC usually just rolls their eyes at all his remarks and mutters “thanks, dork”
  • but honestly, it’s so nice to have such an encouraging boyfriend
  • no one has ever been so positive…
  • and it means even more coming from Seven, considering all the things he’s gone through
  • he still makes MC’s happiness his number one priority 


headcanon that agatha takes up camelot’s knights in training program and efficiently wins every challenge she’s been given (tedros can be seen at every battle with the biggest grin on his handsome face and loudly cheering her on with shouts like “c'MON YOU CAN BEAT THEM IN FIVE SECONDS YOU GOT THIS LOVE” and sophie’s right next to him, giving her own commentary like “look at that dude’s pants i can bet you 20 bucks that agatha can beat him in 10 seconds while still looking better than him” while both of them occasionally say “that’s my agatha”)

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ayyyy a new imagines blog :') may i have some fluffy tsukki headcanons please? good luck with the blog!!

Ayyyyy! A fellow Tsukishima lover :D I hate to say the most common phrase, but he’s my salt husband <3 He’s just… *sigh* He’s perfect for me tbh. – Admin Satori <3

Tsukishima Kei: My favorite asshole <3

  • You KNOW this megane SOB is not gonna cuddle without an INTENSE teasing session at how needy and whiney you are. All in good fun though. You don’t take it too seriously since you know that’s just how he deflects any attaching emotion. Just be in tune with your feelings already Tsukki~
  • Although, you know when he wants to cuddle when he comes in from practice and his shoulders are just a little lower than when he left, and when you see the silent plea for comfort in his golden eyes
  • That’s when you drag the tol bean pole into your shared room and just have a affection fest in your bed.
  • He’s not really looking for kisses or talking during cuddle time the silent type when he’s feeling too vulnerable. Although the kisses are always welcomed! But if he’s not in a talking mood, and doesn’t want you to be either, he’ll just place his palm over your mouth if you start getting too carried away. In the most loving of manners of course
  • He’ll never EVER admit it but his favorite position to cuddle is when your head is placed directly over his heart. So that you can hear what his salty mouth won’t let him say out loud. In this position at least, you can hear when his heart beat picks up whenever you talk or when you play with his long fingers or when you press your face into his chest.
  • The only way you figured this was his favorite position was because it was the most common one used and even when you’re both asleep, you somehow end up on his chest in a similar position.
  • Of course, when he’s in the mood to talk while cuddling, it’s usually teasing and shallow taunts.
  • “Oh, chibi-chan, your fingers are so much shorter than mine. How sad, you almost look deformed.” Yeah but you melt when those same “deformed” fingers run through your short hair you POS
  • “S-shut up, Kei. Shhhhh. Go to sleep. You’re cuter when you sleep and when you’re not talking.”
  • Commence his blush at you calling him cute and a following ”Tch.” To show that he didn’t have a good enough comeback to you calling him cute.
  • He is precious when he falls asleep though. All his scowl and frown lines and his RBF disappears and all that’s left is a vulnerable, pure, innocent face of a boy who’s just too scared of his own feelings to let them to be known to you without a few teasing taunts some of which are actually hurtful. But that’s a whole new headcanon/scenario thing.
  • Sometimes he’ll catch you watching him sleep, and his embarrassed, speechless face is priceless! You help calling him cute again and again.
  • This of course stays in his head for the rest of the following day. And he just counts down the hours, minutes, seconds until he can get you back in bed with him for some more cuddling to let you know that he didn’t mean a single sarcastic word to you that he might have said that day.

Tsukishima is my ultimate fav. There’s no better character, but I do have some that reach super close to his pedestal I have placed him on in my head… So to see his character evolving with every episode and chapter in Haikyuu just makes me so over the moon (heh… get it?) and makes me love him even more T~T

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Can I have a headcanon or something about the fact that Jace and Alec use "The Decent into Hell is Easy" to remind each other they can't be broken because that was a little thing but it fucked me up. Especially after last week's episode.

“the descent into hell is easy” could mean so many different things to jace and alec. I think they have their own interpretation of it though, I don’t think they take it as the definition that the clave take it to mean.

the phrase is essentially saying that the path to death is already carved for shadowhunters, it’s easy. it may be easy for a shadowhunter to die (which we know it is, shadowhunters often die at a young age) but it doesn’t mean that you should ever give up fighting. but it also has the sentiment of ‘when you get knocked down, it’s easy to stay down whereas standing back up and facing the world is the hard part’. It means that the way down is easy, the way to ruin, the way to self destruction. but not letting yourself break and bend to what others expect you to be and instead standing up for yourself, what you believe in and the people you love takes true strength.

that’s why alec and jace use this to remind themselves they can’t be broken. to not give up. that no matter what happens, they have to keep fighting. and alec and jace are fighters through and through. whatever gets thrown their way, they stand up and face it head on whether its for themselves or for their family. all the nightmares jace had, all the times alec was told he’s not good enough, the times they got hurt on missions, the moments they both struggled with their identity and finding their place in the world, they never gave up. when it felt like the whole world was on their shoulders, it was catching each other’s eye, arms thrown over shoulders, whispers of the phrase they know so well. “the descent into hell is easy” translating to “we can do this, we can stay strong, we’ll fight to the death, this won’t break us, we won’t let them break us. we won’t bend to who they want us to be. we’ll face this together, always”

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eren and levi in a "i hate your guts but we have to raise an inanimate object as a child for health and i really need to pass" au

IM CRYING like please imagine Levi and Eren arguing over who gets to take the baby home. 

“There’s no way I’m letting you take Isabel home,” Levi deadpans. 

“Isabel?! When did we decide to name her Isabel?! Her name is Carla, you midget cretin!” 

“We are not naming her after your dead mother!”

“Don’t you dare insult my mother, fuckface!”

And then enter awkward sleepovers, because neither of them can agree who gets to watch her. And Eren falling asleep with Carla/Isabel in his arms, and Levi catching himself stroking Eren’s hair because damn that kid just looks so cute, but wait I still have a grudge against the one time he put a booger on my face back in second grade.


Next gen headcannon: So Albus gets sorted into Slytherin right-

(by his own choice, but that’s another headcanon) but he forgets to write home about it and James is so shocked he can’t say it. Harry and Ginny don’t hear anything negative, so they assume he’s a Gryffindor. 

when the boys come home for Christmas they discover that their parents think Al is a gryffindor, which they find hilarious, so they decide to keep the joke going. They make it to Summer break, until when Ginny is doing the wash and she finds a slytherin tie. 

 James tries to cover it up by saying it’s his girlfriends, and Harry totally buys that, but Ginny catches the look on Al’s face and starts hitting both of the with the tie and yelling at them for not telling her and Harry(she’s not really that mad, she’s actually quite impressed) Harry is in shock for a minute, then bursts out laughing and doesn’t stop until Al says, “so now that you know, when can Scorpius Malfoy sleepover?”

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Can we talk about dancer!Draco for a second? Little, pixie faced Draco in a beginner's ballet class learning basic positions. Draco practicing every night when he starts going to Hogwarts and training in the summers. Draco transitioning from classical ballet to lyrical and then to ballroom. Draco finding the RoR and using it as a personal studio. Harry catching him one night, asking him what he's doing. Draco explaining and offering to teach Harry. Harry's a surprisingly good partner.


Can you IMAGINE the Malfoys at Draco’s dance recital??? What a perfect mixture of hilarity and adorable family bonding like Lucius being like the PROUDEST DAD but trying to play it cool even tho he’s tearing up and Narcissa like “Lucius are you crying” and Lucius is like “NO DON’T BE RIDICULOUS” wow I love the Malfoys. 

Also low key tho I have to dispute that last point I’m sure Harry would be TERRIBLE he was awful at the Yule Ball and I’m sure he is STILL awful like that boy is ¾ elbows and knees it would be a disaster and Draco would pretend to be salty but would be… so endeared……