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anonymous asked:

If Riddler had Twitter, what would he tweet about? What about some of the other rogues?

I have great difficulty imagining The Riddler being able to limit his tweets to 140 characters, especially considering he wouldn’t forego proper grammar and syntax in order to make it fit.

That said, if he DID use Twitter, he would be one of those dreadful folks with a tweet that ends with 1/50 or something insane. Flooding his feed with his latest tirade.

As for other rogues, who can say? Jonathan can barely work his phone, Harvey’s gone through like, seven of them, and the Joker just keeps posting TERRIBLE knock-knock jokes.

The only interesting one is from Selina, because she snaps Robbery Selfies, and it’s always cool to see what she’s stolen this time.

Jervis just follows everyone, but never posts anything. It’s odd.

Pamela is an Instagram fan.
Harley is mad about Pinterest.