face down photos


Original Drawing by the fabulous @youmnamito <3 

We be at the photo booth today having fun with the filters XD 

Filters in PhotoshopElement8 by @metalphoenixx <3

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Benedict Cumberbatch, HB pencil in my ‘sketchbook of lopping off the top of Ben’s head’. i’ve been having such a hard time drawing anything lately, and several projects pending, posting this can only be motivational i hope! <3 

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On October 30, 1989, Deputy Daniel Laws, who was in charge of guarding serial killer Richard Ramirez’s cell, was called over by Ramirez. Once he came over, Richard began showing him pictures of his victims. The first photo that Ramirez showed him was of Maxine Zazzara, nude and lying face down. The second photo was of Zazzara as well, but this time she was lying on the bed facing away from the camera. When prosecutors questioned Laws on why Ramirez showed him the pictures, the deputy brought up something that Richard had told him after showing him the photos: 

He said, ‘people come up here and call me a punk and I show them the photographs and tell them there is blood behind the Night Stalker, and they go away all pale’.“