face doujinshi


I collected this doujinshi from my proxy today. And it’s great! It’s 100% fluff. And I love the art style. I hope she draws more otayuri. Look at how she draws blushing Otabek!! <3

The story is basically Yurio going over to Kazakhstan to visit Otabek. Yurio discovers Otabek is into horror movies and they have this cute banter. And the whole time Yurio is just like omg omg I’m so nervous I can’t look at his (Otabek) face.

[Rated K] Growing Together (FACE Family)

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Title: Growing Together (FACE Family)

Rating: K

Characters: England (Arthur Kirkland) + France (Francis Bonnefoy) + America (Alfred F. Jones) + Canada (Matthew Williams)

Creator: http://iraya.tumblr.com/

NOTE: This piece remains untitled, so I made up a quick title for it. Sorry if it’s kinda lame. OTL