face desu

Imagine that before the outbreak Daryl and Paul knew each other. Paul was the son of a man that had a bar on Georgia and he always saw the classic bad guys with leather gloves and motorbikes come around.

Paul never forgot the creepy guy named Merle that gets there almost everyday for a beer and would always end up fighting with someone. His dad never kicked him out because he always pays and he never breaks anything but a few already payed bottles when he fights.

One day, Merle gets there with a boy that looks a couple of years older than Paul. He learns some days later that he was Merle’s little brother and that it isn’t the first time he comes with Merle.

Time passes and Paul is 10 when he finally manages to have a word with Merle’s brother (almost 2 years after the first time he saw him). He doesn’t seem interested in talking to Paul until he says five words that change everything.

“I have a new bike” He tells him, just wanting to say something. But surprising when he sees a different spark in the Dixon’s eyes “It’s red and a little too big for me. Do you wanna see it?”

They go outside and Paul let’s the have a ride on his bike. While they are on it they start talking, the boy tells him his name is Daryl, that he is 14 and that he wants to have the best motorbike when he is a little more older. Paul tells him that he wants to keep the bar when his dad stops working and that, if Daryl wants, he could give him a job to earn money for his motorbike. They keep talking until it’s already dark and Paul’s dad is pushing Merle outside.

Daryl comes more often and Paul let’s him ride his bike, until one day Daryl stops visiting, then a whole month goes on without the Dixon’s brothers around, then years and Paul thinks he forgot about the four years older boy that used to visit his dad’s bar and ride his bike, but one day, six years after the outbreak, he finds him again, older or not, he would never forget that face.