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Have you ever tried to cast the perfect person for your character of color only to see the same couple of face claims over and over again? Well I have a solution for you!

Face Claim Diversity Presents: The Face Claims of Color Directory!

Face Claim Diversity is brand spanking new, fresh off the lot, state-of-the-art blog dedicated to providing resources just for face claims of color. For the past few months, I’ve been working on the directory and the themes and I’m ready to show-case it! 

The directory is easy to use, features tons of people of color (though it’s still very much a work-in-progress!), has plenty of options to narrow down your search, and has a guide in case you need help. I’ve tried to find lesser-known models, actors, and musicians to feature in the directory, though there still are some familiar faces. When you hover over the pictures, more information will show up.

As time goes on, I will add to the directory. But, since I am in school full-time and work, much of my time is taken up. To make things go faster for me, submit a face claim for me to add if you’d like! Also, if you’re interested, please consider rating the blog so I can make it the best it can be. You can also be a part of this project by sending me a message to apply to be a mod!

Please reblog this post if you’d like and to spread awareness! I’d appreciate it!

The directory can be found here!


They are literally wolfstar what || part 2

Remus is Matt Hitt and Sirius is Marcel Castenmiller. They’re both models so there’s a ton of pictures of them together IM HAPPY
Next Generation Dreamcast

James Sirius Potter (Gryffindor)

Albus Severus Potter (Slytherin)

Lily Luna Potter (Hufflepuff)

Rose Nymphadora Weasley (Ravenclaw)

Hugo Arthur Weasley (Gryffindor)

Fred Lee Weasley (Gryffindor)

Roxanne Kate Weasley (Gryffindor)

Molly Audrey Weasley (Hufflepuff)

Lucy Dorcas Weasley (Ravenclaw)

Victoire Gabrielle Weasley (Ravenclaw)

Dominique Ginevra Weasley (Gryffindor)

Louis Charlie Weasley (Ravenclaw)

Teddy (Edward) Remus Lupin (Gryffindor)

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy(Slytherin)