A masterlist of underused alternative fcsAlternative as in the y’know, different people, rock artists if you may, with tattoos and awesome hair and all that. I’m in love with these people and I almost never see them in RPs (I really want to), So here is a masterlist with a bunch of ‘em for those who want to use them too. I also linked a few gif hunts and please feel free to make some more. They are all under the cut, please like or reblog if this has been helpful. Some of them are better for 1x1s, since they lack gifs and gif hunts, but they are in the list anyway. The ones that don’t have a gif hunt listed are the ones that either don’t have a gif hunt or I couldn’t find one. Also, feel free to suggest some to me if you want.

last updated: 08/18/15

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A look at all my face claims so far and who is next. I have been super slow with writing my back stories lately but GAH I just love them so much and I want them to be perfect!!!

Molly Reed - Chelsea Staub
Aria Sheridan - Kiersey Clemons
Addison Sinclair - Gabrielle Wilde
Crash Yamaguchi - Yoo Gun
Thomas Hunt - Henry Cavill
Ethan Blake - Lee Thompson Young
Lisa Valentine - Demi Lovato


Bianca and Team! Oh and if you are thinking “hmm Bianca and Desiree look like the same people.” It’s because they are real life sisters!

Bianca Stone - Vanessa Morgan
Desiree Stone - Celina Mziray
Jenni Whitman - Dianna Agron
Lance Sergio - Chace Crawford
Anders Stone - Terrence Howard
Shae - Claudia Lynx

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If you're still doing face claims, if all men from Supernatural were female, what would their faceclaims be? Thank you!

Dean; Amber Heard

Sam; Missy Peregrym

Castiel; Zooey Deschanel

Crowley; Helena Bonham Carter

Gabriel; Jennifer Lawrence

Lucifer; Natalie Dormer

Bobby; Kathy Bates