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Mood Board Challenge: Augustus Winters

I enjoyed doing this the first time around, so I went ahead and did another one, heh. I may or may not do a few more…depends on time and such ^_^; Ideas for Gus’ just randomly popped into my head and demanded to be realized :P Anyway, hope you guys think they’re cool to see too <3333

god i love brotherhood hate so much tbh fuck brotherhood (sorry if you like brotherhood but fuck brotherhood)

listen basically that long post i just reblogged brought up my biggest beef with brotherhood and manga (tho ive never read manga and have heard its better with characters) is that it ignores its characters

i like good plots and i get bored when something doesnt have a plot and is ONLY characters. but whats even worse to me is when its ONLY plot. the characters and plot should drive each other and the characters should be affected by the plot

FUCKING BROTHERHOOD doesnt let its characters recover from trauma and shit

i remember reading ed didnt cry until the last episode and i was like “wtf i remember him having some awesome crying scenes” and then i realized i was remembering 2003, which has BEAUTIFUL and realistic character development and thats when i got super pissed

AND FUCKING AL you know when marta is killed in his armor in 2003 its so fucking horrific and then you have the same thing in brotherhood and youre like “oh no how is al going to feel after this poor thing” and he JUST BRUSHES IT OFF? and later he goes on this rant of “im sick of watching people die” and it just pisses me off like im sorry, al, i didnt even realize those deaths affected you but if you wanna bring them up to motivate yourself to become stronger then sure do that even though its total bullshit

AND NINA! i know nina IS brought up a few times in brotherhood, but every time im loterally like “oh yeah that happened.” And i dont feel anything. When ed says at the end how he couldnt even save a little girl, despite how epic the scene is, i was kinda pissed because it felt like such a cheap thing to mention since i didnt see ed or al actually affected by nina. just feeling sad for her every once in while isnt being affected by it. Being affected by it is when the experience permanently leaves an impact

you get that in 2003. every thing that happens to the brothers permanently affects their growth, rather than it all being episodic events that add to their male protag angst (“what doesnt kill me makes me stronger lol what emotions? What trauma? I use it to fuel my righteous fury hiyah!”), every thing pushes them slightly further to who they end up at the end of the series

i can and have gone on and on on how much brotherhood characters piss me off because they all came out of the series almost the same as they went in, learning concrete lessons but not actually changing psychologically/realistically nor GROWING, and how every character got what they originally wanted in the way they wanted it. and imo, thats BAD character writing. It works sometimes based on the story, but with something like fma with these goal-driven characters who face challenges and trauma im order to get what they want, they SHOULDNT ultimately get what they want. And if they do get what they want, it should be either that they dont need it, they dont want it anymore, or they get it in a more bittersweet/twisted way (like roy couldve gotten what he wanted without getting his eyesight back and becoming fuhrer. He would lose the more surface goal, but he could still achieve the more abstract underlying motive of fixing the country.)


I’m working on a little project where the Breakfast Club are redesigned as poc! If these are meant to be universal characters that face relatable challenges and adversity set by social standards, then I thought it’d be interesting to see a diverse, modernized cast that have their backgrounds reflect their struggles. This is still in the early stages so stuff is likely to change, but I’ll probably be doing more of this in the future, maybe with other 80s movies!

Here is a quick Pansy Parkinson for this weeks Harry Potter Character Design Challenge.  Since I’m super busy with freelance, I needed something to unwind today.  This helped. lol

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〜Mod Neko

I don't want to ever forget Crowley

Its 5 am And here I am on tumblr, silently crying in my bed…Every time I look at Crowley, part of me forgets he’s even gone…Part of me remembers just how terrible of an ending he got…Then part of me remembers…He’s never coming back. Never… Its a fictional show, we’re anyone can come back, amd the one person who I loved most in dosen’t get to come back like everyone eles beacuse of whatever reason… 

 Crowley’s gone forever… 

I know he’s not real. I know he’s just a character someone made up for a story…But damn it, he’s was made to be seen like a real person.

 Characters are not robots, they have emotion, they have feelings, they have flaws, feel pain, happines, failure, have goals and dream, just like a person would have. They are meant to be connected to, understood, empathized, weather good or bad. I connected to Crowley. Now I’m not gonna lie, it was cause he was hot and British and I had the hots from him.

 Later…I kept watching, I watched this character grow, face challenges, cause trouble, fix problems, cause problems, wouldn’t help, woukd help… I saw him at his highest and at his lowest… I watched a life…flash before my eyes… Maybe not a real one…but still a life… And … I watched him die…

….I have seen Death before. 4 years ago, I lost my grandmother to stomach cancer…I watched her die in a hospital bed as she took her last breath… I will never be able to unseen that moment for the rest of my life… Now I feel numb…like she’s just on vacation…i just…won’t see her again. She was such a positive impact on my life and when i lost her…I feel into a deep depression… 

 I wanted nothing to do with anything… 

 Till two and half years later, my friend tell me to watch Doctor who…I do, I like it. And slowly it makes me feel…ok… Then she says, hey, you should watch Supernatural, it’s got an actor from doctor who in it. He plays a demon, and he’s British (Apperntly that’s all you need to say to me to bribe me into a show) That’s how it started. 

 I lived for every single second that demon was screen for however long or short it was. I was excited to see him. I sat there and laughed at him or with him, yelled at him for doing sonthing mean or stupid, was on the edge of my seat to see if he was ok… 

 This , sassy, sultry, classy, demonic bastard made me feel…the happiest I had every felt in years. I felt creative, I felt good, I was excited to had muse I just felt better. I started to learn about Mark amd feel in love with how much a wonderful loving person he is. 

 They became…apart of life. A positive, in all the negative I was surrounded with. I meet some of my closest friend Beavuse of Crowley, threw the fandom. I meet my boyfriend who I love deeply, beacuse of Crowley.

 So when that season finale came. 

 When I watched one of the lights in my life…. Die before my very eyes…helpless to do anything, to stop it… I felt shattered…Numb…all over again… 

 That’s same feeling when I saw someone I lived die before, was back again… It felt the exact same way. I felt…like I had just lost…one of my bestest friends… A family member … Who…who I never ever had the chance to thank for helping me in ways they never could imagine… 

 And I will never get the chance cause they are gone… I will never see them again…not ever… 

 What hurt me on top of that is that…they just left him…they just left Crowley in the other world…he’s there …all by himself…it’s just shell…its just a meatsuit…but that’s all they know of Crowley is that face… He doesn’t get to get buried…he dosent get to have a funeral or burned, nothing… For everything he’s done… That’s what he gets…a goodbye…and death… 

 What I hate most is just how helpless I felt …how helpless I feel. 

 Crowley deserved so much better.

 I can’t change what happened I can’t bring him back Don’t have that type of sway over whoever thought this fate, was best. I watched Crowley’s life…He became apart of mine…

 It hurts…somtimes when I’m just looking at his pictures and gifs for way to long Cause in reminded he’s gone… He’s gone… One second he was here… Next he was just… Gone…

 I’m sorry if this is just random…emotional…wierd? It’s just 5 am -…I’m emotional…I’m sad…I’m not over this… I probally won’t ever be…and yeah…

whatagloriousstainsir  asked:

☞ + James March

You asked for it but I’m not picking him up because @embattledment already does such a great job I could never compete. I couldn’t really think of a prompt or anything so I just made it as if it were a starter to my Liz.

James could still hear the horrified screaming of his latest victim in his ears. It was like poetry to him. Maybe it was because the man was a Shakespearean actor past his prime, but that wasn’t the reason he had selected him as a victim. Oh no. This man had made a scene in his lobby, drunkenly and incorrectly reciting Hamlet’s soliloquy, causing James to conclude that this man no longer had worth and needed to be put out of his misery. 

But no one said they couldn’t have a little fun before the man met his doom.

He was able to convince this “actor” in his inebriated state that the owner of the hotel desired a private recital in his suite, and that they should act out the duel at the end of Hamlet. What James didn’t tell the man was that the poison-tipped rapiers they were using were indeed, quite real. Which wasn’t a problem when you were a ghost, but when you were flesh and blood…well, the answer to the famous question was not to be.

As usual, James went a little bit harder with the final blow than necessary, causing blood to spill in a pool around his feet. Miss Evers would have a field day when she got the opportunity to sop it up from the carpet. 

A knock was at the door. That must be her now.

James walked with a spring in his step from all the fun he had just had, and opened the door, only to be greeted by everyone’s favorite bartender, manager, and fashionista extraordinaire.

“Ah, if it isn’t the beautiful Miss Taylor!” He said with a slight bow of his head. “What can I do for you today my darling Cleopatra? Did you come to see the remains of that dreadful fop that was bothering you?”

Bullet-Point Review: TW 6x15 “Pressure Test”


  • We have villains with names, faces, and motivations.  Nolan.  Tamora.  They are the bad guys, but they’re not cardboard cut-outs.
  • Sheriff Stilinski and Agent McCall represent the break-down of traditional approaches of law enforcement and civil polity in the face of mob justice.
  • The complexity of what happened to Satomi’s betas.    The complexity of the situation is not lost on that characters.  
  • Scott faces challenges of leadership.   Some he handled very well and some he handled okay.   He’s not flawless.
  • Schrader getting his.  Sadism is its own reward.
  • This is how you arrange a redemption arc without making it seem effortless.   Theo is not suddenly good.  He’s not suddenly premium pack material.  But you could see the decisions in his face.  Slowly.  Slowly.
  • It is a credit to the show that every character did what you would expect them to do in that situation without it seeming cute.   Someone called it a ‘bottle episode’, but it was also an episode where we were reminded who these people.
  • Seth Gilliam can really act, don’t you think?
  • “What did you think we were going to do, run?”


  • I love Deaton back but I’m not sure if I like the history of the creature.   It didn’t spark my interest.  


  • The suicides seemed out of place and extraneous.
  • I damn forgot.  They killed Satomi off screen.