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I am 99.9% sure that Iris West is still alive. I think that was either Julian or HR using HR’s face changer tech. I am leaning towards HR. He seemed to be saying goodbye this episode. I hate that Joe and Barry had to see “her” die, but it had to look real for them and the audience. There were so many clues that let me know that was not Iris.

1. She did not say I love you to Barry when she was about to die.

2. They brought back that face changer tech from episode 6 out of the blue.

3. They had Barry use the face changer tech to show that it could change body composition (Barry becoming Lyla).

4. HR is silly, not dumb. He would not that really told SaviBarry where Iris was unless it was apart of a larger plan.

5. When Barry was trying to hit SaviBarry with the Speedforce gun the camera panned away from Iris.

6. I don’t think Barry, Wally or Cisco would have let Iris walk around with the murder coat on if they didn’t have a back up plan.

7. Where was Julian?

I have several more reasons why I don’t think Iris is dead, but I’m at work about to start my shift. In closing, I think Iris is really on earth 19 with Cynthia/Gypsy.


                                          What   h a p p e n e d   to us?

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One of my friends has a theory about tonight's flash: HR introduced the face changer in the beginning of the season. and in tonights episode, hr made a big mistake and then he feels guilty, so he tells his gf that he needs to fix this. HR took the face as Iris. he died.

Yeah, that’s been a popular theory for weeks, if not months, now…

My The Flash theory

I’ve been thinking a lot about Iris’s death and after watching a lot of 3x22 reaction videos I have my own theory. Let me know your opinions. Is it possible for Future 2024Barry to help? Since he is living in a time that Savitar (I’m gonna call him SaviBear.) is already trapped in the speedforce then 2024Barry wouldn’t share memories with SaviBear. He could travel back in time and HE could replace Iris with the face changer thingy. I can’t imagine Iris letting HR, Julian, or even Joe take her place but Barry is fast enough to not get her permission. He could have switch places with her at anytime bc he knows everything about Iris. He would know the reason why Iris and him switched rooms and he would know that song too. I believe Iris is not dead too but I cannot wrap my head around any other person sacrificing themselves for Iris to live and her being ok with it. Even if HR feels bad about what he did, Iris would have forgiven him. Idk if my theory makes any sense but it’s the only one my mind kept circulating. I heard a great theory from Marriedtothereal and he might be right. I’ll find that video and tag y'all in it. But I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. And I can’t wait.

I 100% believe that Snart grabbed some 2017 tech from Team Flash while he was there. And not just because it would be in-character, but because they kept pointing out the holographic face changer thing from HR’s universe. (which may actually be important for saving Iris, but that’s a different theory entirely.) Barry used it in front of him and told him what it was, Snart kept showing his slight of hand skills, Snart had access to a lot of STAR Labs while the team was talking and was shown messing around and touching stuff.

My point being, he could have grabbed something that could have saved him and made it look like he had died, though I’m not sure how or what.

The face changer. That’s the key

Why bring that back into the show for one small scene. Unless you needed to use it for something else too.

H.R. is going to use it to swap with iris. Cause let’s face it, she’s not dead. And H.R. freaking out about doing nothing good. Something is going to happen, like Wally traveling back and swapping H.R. and Iris and it’ll all be H.R.’s plan and no one else will find out until Savitar is defeated


So after watching this (and starting and stopping throughout) I’ve come up with a new working theory on Iris’s “death.”

Savitar either created a time remnant of Iris, or just created something that looks and feels like Iris to kill in front of Barry. But he didn’t kill the REAL Iris, he’s just holding her somewhere. Because that image above ^^^^^^^ has not happened yet (along with several other things in this trailer). That certainly looks like Iris interacting with Savitar!Barry.

I mean, the HR using the face changer thingy to take Iris’s place theory is also still plausible, but I think this quick moment may point more towards my theory.

so, they actually killed iris?

i mean, i’m guessing, based on the fact that barry deliberately wasn’t in the room when the scene happened, and the audience was never shown the plan, that there is something else happening here

i’m guessing it was HR pretending to be iris with his face-changer technology, especially since HR was not on the roof and instead it was joe

or her deaths will just be reversed some other way

i highly doubt this show will kill iris and keep her dead


O GOD FUCK. FUCKING FUCK ME IN THE ASS WITH THE SHARP END OF SAVITAR. That fucked me up hard. The last time I cried over Flash was when Eddie died.

I reeeeeeeeeally hope that wasn’t just HR pretending to be Iris with his face changer. That would fuck me up even harder. But like????? It seems like that’s where they’re heading, but FUCK. What if he asked Tracy to officially join team flash so that there would be someone to be there in his place? That final chat with Cisco where he was puttin on his hat and jacket……… FUCK

My breakdown of Transformers 4!!!!

Alright so I saw Transformers 4 yesterday and I loved it! It wasn’t perfect but it was awesome; I think it’s best summed up by saying: I was expecting it to be better than the previous 3, and while it was about the same as the previous 3 as a whole, there are so many individual aspects about this movie that do make it so much better than the other ones. You should definitely go see it, it’s a great thrill ride!

Okay on to my personal list of pros vs. cons. Remember this whole post is just my opinion so yeah idk. Minor spoilers may follow, I’ll put a read more break in before I get into the really spoiler-y stuff.

Things I liked:



  • Want a solid cast of bots who each have their own 3-dimensional personalities and are treated like actual characters? Check
  • Want human-made Transformers that are badass and have a cool new unique way of transforming? Got it
  • Want some mysterious references about Cybertronian history and mythology/legends? Yep
  • Want some vicious robotic/cyborg wolf beasts? Got that too
  • Want a badass Cybertronian bounty hunter that doesn’t give a fuck and can probably transform any part of his body into a weapon? Bingo
  • Want to know some cool shit about Cybertronian biology like what they’re made of, etc.? Sure
  • Want to see the how the world works now after the Battle of Chicago and how all of our robot alien friends are doing? Got that too
  • Want to see an assload of screentime devoted to Transformers? It’s got it
  • Want a serious assload of robots everywhere? Good 
  • Want to see some awesome giant fucking spaceships and their interiors full of Cybertronian tech and robots and shit? Boom

The plot was decently solid, probably better than the last 3. It kinda starts to give way at the latter half of the movie though but it’s still pretty good. Also I know people complain about it being 3 hours long but it’s totally worth it, and the cool thing is that there are so many characters and so much shit going on but it’s handled decently well. Transformers 4? Nah, more like Like seriously, so much happens, everybody’s fighting everybody, and it’s all pretty great. So, some quick things:

  • Bay is definitely lightyears ahead of the previous 3. You can tell he’s learned from some of the criticism and improved tremendously
  • All of the Autobots have their own distinct personalities, goals, motives; they can affect the plot by their own choices now instead of just offering fighting and information
  • I loved every single scene with the Autobots in it. They joker around, bicker, use teamwork, and interact with one another and with the humans, and every scene is gold
  • Crosshairs is awesome. He’s sort of an asshole but he’s great. I wonder if he used to be a Wrecker
  • DRIFT…TIRPLE CHANGR? YES Drift is a triple changer!!! His face really isn’t creepy either, it was just that damn toy. He’s cool too, he’s got a samurai-type personality and kicks ass with those swords
  • Hound is hilarious. He’s awesome on the battlefield too but wow he’s just a great character.
  • Bee is going through a sort of rebellious teenage boy phase? He’s pretty great too though, really funny scenes and some badass combat too
  • OP-..OPTIMUUUSH? OPTIMUSH PRIEM??? PERSONALITY??? MICHLE BOY MOVIE??????? YES Optimus actually has emotions in this one!!! Okay so this time around he’s kinda pissed and has lost faith in humanity, it’s really sad. So there’s that, but that’s not all. He may be the same in combat but we see a softer, more genuine side of him with his Autobots, he’s finally like a father figure to them! Think along the lines of TFP Prime. Optimus even has a line or two of comic relief!!!!
  • also he can fly without a jetpack now, he’s got cool leg jet things
  • There are so many great scenes with Optimus, he’s fucking awesome
  • I love Lockdown, he’s amazing. Not only is he badass just because of his alt mode or his weaponized body or his ship, but his attitude too. Think TFP Soundwave, only with more personality and the ability to speak. Where Megatron was more of a barbaric warmonger who wants to rule everything, this dude is calm, cool, collected, ready to fuck shit up because he’s pissed and he works for the “creators”. He knows he’s a badass
  • DINOBOTS!!!! They were cool, robot modes were awesome, didn’t get much screentime but they were amazing. Also they’re HUGE. Movie was sort of loyal to their characterization in previous incarnations of being neutral but choosing to help the Autobots in the end
  • Really does feel like a fresh start for the franchise for most of the movie
  • I really enjoyed the human characters too. I have nothing against Witwicky but damn it was so refreshing to not have him there. Cade and Tessa were great. Tucci’s character was cool too and T.J. Miller’s character was fucking hilarious. Grammer and Welliver’s characters made good human villains.  Shane was alright I guess. Acting was good all around
  • Voice acting was stellar
  • Comedy was great. There are some golden moments, and the sexual/crude humor is pretty much gone, except for one or maybe 2 lines
  • Some people say the beginning 30 minutes or so is boring because it moved slow and there’s not many Transformers but I personally loved it. The human characters and interactions are all really good and it’s nice to take it slow for a little while and get acquainted with our new characters. Also there’s some nice scenery porn of Texas and western countrysides and little towns and abandoned buildings. Very cool
  • Scenery porn and CGI porn. Everywhere. The settings are all great and so are the designs of everything CGI. It is a visuallly fucking stunning film. 3D was amazing

Things I disliked:

  • BAY YOU WERE SO FUCKING CLOSE OMFG. Okay so just to be clear, I love Michael Bay, the Bayverse movies, and I loved this movie. But I do recognize that these movies have their problems. There’s alot of problems addressed by whiney geewunner fanboys and film critics that I say are total bullshit, but there are still a few problems. So anyway, I have a tie between my 2 biggest complaints for this movie for my chief complaint. I’ll detail one here, and one under the spoiler cut. Here goes
  • Most of the movie was perfection, but the climax rubbed me the wrong way, it seemed a little sloppy. I don’t know if this was the fault of Bay, Kruger, or the editors. I think everything that happened was great, from the Dinobots to the human-made Transformers to the fight against Lockdown to the fight against the human villains. But I just think it could have been told and put together so much better than it was and could have been more cohesive with the rest of the movie.
  • There were some parts where the music didn’t fit the action and some other parts were really cheesy. Don’t get me wrong, the action in the climax is pretty amazing but it just left me unimpressed after seeing how good the rest of AOE was, it almost felt like a clone of DOTM’s climax. I think it could have used some longer, more intimate combat scenes with higher stakes and Cons that didn’t go down so easily. In other words they should have made it more like the ROTF forest battle. I think that scene is where the Bayverse has peaked on its action levels and 5 years and 2 movies later it still can’t top it.
  • The Autobots tend to say things like “I’ll kill them!” or “Die!” or “I’m gonna kill you!” a little too much
  • Also it’s not really a complaint of mine because I see these movies for the Transformers, but I just wanted to point out there’s alot of sexism throughout the movie. Alot of it is redeemed by Li BingBing’s character kicking some major ass though

But yeah, all in all it’s an awesome movie and you should totally see it! Okay, here’s a couple more things I want to say, that deal with major spoilers, so here’s the “read more” break.

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but the first episode of lost girl is basically just the platonic love story of bo and kenzi