face breakers


A crosier received from the goddess Hecate.
This staff is the only remaining memory of her birthplace.

No matter how skilled in magic she became,
and no matter how outstanding her knowledge of magic grew,
her old home would never take her back.

And thus, she only has one relic from those days of old.
From the time she spent with her wonderful little brother,
when she spent every day ceaselessly and productively learning.
And at long last, having become a favorite pupil,
she received Hecate’s divine blessing.

Medea is my favorite Caster period end of story. I remember when i first summoned her on a yolo and was so happy! On an emulator no less. But all that time ago you have stabbed many a man in the face.
And for that I am grateful.
You slayed the beast Tiamat in Babylon. With another stab to the face with rule breaker.
The character may have done evil things but I do not find her evil at all. I love the character and I hope I’ve done her justice.

Just My Damn Luck

I went to Lynn Woods and pulled the breaker- instead of two deathclaws- it’s two ALPHA deathclaws and one is a god damn legendary!! So I’m going between shooting at them and hiding and being on here, and I looked away from the screen (I’m right inside at the bottom of the tower where the breaker is, facing the door) to browse tumblr for a moment. I look back and the Deathclaw is right in front of the door staring at me. I’ve never screamed so loud. I just use my 10mm and repeatedly shoot it in the face while shouting. It doesn’t move. It just throws rocks at me and stares. It finally left but oh god I made a mistake!