face behind the otp

imagine your otp standing side by side, looking out over the ruins of civilisation from a high cliff. imagine one of them steps forward, as though they were momentarily convinced they could take flight. imagine the other steps back, either to watch or to abandon. imagine they look at each other, and they know what comes next. imagine they embrace, and the wind blows, and they feel weightless. imagine your otp as the wind gusts through their hair, grains of sand scratching at their skin and leaves gently scraping their arms as they drift by. imagine the blustering wind picks up even further, and your otp close their eyes, accepting the inevitable. imagine the wind stops. imagine your otp open their eyes, and they see each other. imagine your otp being scared. imagine your otp turning to face you, behind them on the cliff. imagine your otp seeing you. imagine your otp asking you to finish what the wind couldn’t. imagine your otp. imagine your otp