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She stepped through the diner doors, and I knew I was a goner. She had said that she had an errand to run, but I had no idea what she could possibly have to do that didn’t involve us. We always stuck together. The minute she walked through the doors, I understood.

“Oh boy,” I mumbled as I eyed her sauntering toward the table.

“What?” Sam questioned, turning his head in her direction.

“Whoa,” he mumbled as she approached the table.

“Sootch your bootch, Dean bean,” she laughed at me as she moved to sit beside me in the booth. I didn’t move.

“Dude,” she gestured, waving her hands so that I would scoot over. When I didn’t move she laughed. “Dean, pick your damn jaw up off the floor and scoot your ass over.”

I blinked rapidly and smiled, moving slightly to make room for her.

“Its just you look,” my breath caught in my throat as she turned to look at me with a smile.

“I look what, Dean? Like a girl?” she deadpanned, a look spreading across her face that said I was an absolute idiot.

I chuckled at that. I loved her sarcasm.

I narrowed my eyes at her, thinking before I spoke. “You look beautiful,” I breathed, reaching out to run my fingers through her freshly cut Y/C/H hair.

She tossed her head back in laughter. “It’s just a hair cut dude!” she exclaimed with a smirk.

“Its not just that,” I mumbled. When I started to pull her face to mine, her smile fell and her eyes darted to my lips.

Her eyes shot up to meet mine, full of questions, right as my lips met hers. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise at first then her hand landed on my thigh and her other hand gripped my wrist holding her face as she deepened the kiss.

She pulled away with a laugh. “All that because of a haircut?”

I smiled brightly as I brushed her short hair out of her beautiful face. “No. But it did make me realize that I’m tired of you not being mine. You take my breath away woman,” I said with a shaky breath.

“And apparently your words,” she laughed.

“Shut up,” I smiled, kissing her again.

“Maybe I should go run errands more often, eh Winchester?” she teased, her fingers slipping into my hair.

“You can do whatever the hell you want sweetheart as long as you’ll be mind at the end of it all?” I asked, a bit of fear slipping throw my typically tough facade.

Her face moved closer to mine, her lips just grazing mine, her nose brushing against mine. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to hear that from you, Dean. Say it again,” she whispered.

“You’re mine,” I growled, my hand landing on her neck and pulling her lips to mine again in a passionate kiss.

When we were both breathless she rested her forehead against mine and whispered, “I always was, Winchester. I was just waiting for you to see it too.”

I’ve fallen in love

(A/N): I haven’t written for Loki in ages! 

Request:Loki x reader where you’re Natasha’s little sister and when Loki is sent to Earth to be watched over by the Avengers you and him end up falling in love with each other and you hid from everyone please

Warnings: none

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     “(Y/N), no,” Nat stated as she folded her arms over her chest, glaring at you menacingly. “It’s not a good idea, he took down our entire team, you have no chance-” 

    “Well forgive me for doing my job Nat,” You sigh as you turn to her, sighing exasperatedly. “I was assigned Loki and nothing you do or say is going to change that. It’s only for a 2 or 3 months at most plus I’ve handled stuff worse than him,” 

    “Remember what he did to Barton?” She asks, her voice low and dark, a tone that would intimidate anyone, anyone but you. You’d grown up listening to that voice, that dark tone that was intimidating to all but to you it was just Nat. 

    “I know Nat but he had the tesseract back then, now he’s just-” 

   “Now he’s just the god of mischief (Y/N), this should be a walk in the park for you,” You smile a bit, assembling the last of your shield uniform before turning on your heel, giving Nat a quick little smirk. 

    “It will be,” 

    The god of mischief sat before you, shackled and chained like some animal. Despite the mask over his mouth you most definitely could see he was smirking, you could see it in those devious eyes of his. 

     “Be careful (Y/N),” Fury whispers to you in passing, handing you a simple remote with all the controls to his elaborate cage. You give him a small smile and nod, quickly putting your hard facade back on to face Loki. 

    “Let’s get one thing clear,” You state, mocking Nat’s rather intimidating tone. “I’m not here to mess around, I’ve got a job to do and that’s all, I will go anything and everything to complete this job do you understand?” Loki’s eyes squint at you, no doubt an amused little smile upon his face before he nods, slowly and almost thoughtfully. 

    With a shaky sigh you press a button that releases the hold of every chain that contains Loki as you attempt to hold your intimidating facade. It wasn’t easy though when the god suddenly rose to his full height, much taller than you would have expected. 

    “So,” He drawls, that ever present smirk upon his face. “Where to first? Some jail, asylum, perhaps one of Shields secret bases?” You merely put on a smirk of your own, giving him a coy little smile. 

    “Oh no, I’ve got something better,” 

    “I have to live with you?” Loki looked about your apartment disgustedly, wrinkling his nose up at the puppy that was jumping up his legs, begging for attention. 

    “I figure it’s a better punishment than all those places,” You merely shrug, taking a sip of water from a mug. “Plus, this way I can keep an eye on you until shield decides what to do with you,” 

    “I am not some pawn for you to pass about your world-” 

    “You stepped into our boundaries Loki,” You set your glass down, staring at him menacingly. “You became our pawn the minute you thought of taking over earth,” To this he smiles, almost like a reflex. 

    “This pawn doesn’t want to play,” He muttered, his voice dark and evil, holding a more sadistic tone than you thought possible. Although his words have tremors of fear sparking up and down your spine you ignore it, instead puffing out your chest a little bit and standing taller, giving you a more confident stance. 

    “Too bad buddy, you’re already in the game,” 

    Living with Loki was…as expected, hard, infuriating, and most nights it ended with you locking yourself in your bedroom to cry pure tears of frustration. He was beyond annoying, constantly pestering you, annoying the living shit out of you, and only the gods knew that he was a need attention seeking monster. He was constantly doing shit to get your attention, perhaps a little threat here, maybe an almost escape incident there, suddenly appearing in your room at the most ungodly times. And all together it was just infuriating. 

    You had hoped that the two of you could get along, after all it didn’t hurt to have faith, but as the weeks ticked by, dwindling down until just one month had passed in his 2-3 month sentence. It was a bit horrible to say but you couldn’t wait until the god awful god had to take his leave. But you had stuck it out, given him a chance, you’d been kind to him, gave him a roof over his head and food in his stomach and yet it still wasn’t enough to appease him. 

    This week had been particularly bad, he’d been more than obnoxious, always getting into something, whether that be your closet, knocking over a picture on the wall, or simply throwing an insult or two your way. You’d been able to tolerate it all week but today was your breaking point. 

    You’d had an awful day at work, a mission went awry, you were pretty bruised up, and when you got back you had to deal with piles upon piles of paperwork so yeah, you were a little stressed when you walked through your apartment door. 

    “There’s my favorite human,” Loki sneers from his perch atop the couch, giving you a greasy smile as he flicks the TV off. 

    “Not today Loki, please,” You beg softly, throwing your bag onto your couch in exasperation. 

    “But I’m bored,” He whines, putting on a mock pout. “Play with me,” 

    “I don’t want to,” You grumble as you walk into your hallway, grabbing a towel before attempting to enter your bathroom, however, before you could Loki appeared before you, that damn smirk upon his face. 

     “Someone in a bad mood?”

    “Yes, now get out of my way so I can shower, please,” 

    “Oh, I like it when you beg,” He taunts, an evil little twinkle in his eye. “Do it again,” You grit your teeth as you attempt to not rip his throat out, instead gripping your towel a bit tighter. 

    “Get out of my way Loki,” 

    “And If I don’t?” For some reason that was your breaking point, those few words, that damn smirk, the fact that you couldn’t even try to shower without him pestering you. 

    Everything over the last few weeks builds up, creating a flurry of emotion behind your eyes and before you know it you’re crying, full blown out crying.  You pathetically wipe at your eyes, trying not to sob as you officially give up. You were done with your job, with Loki, with life in general. Without another word to Loki you turn on your heel and march to your room, locking the door behind you. With a defeated sob you collapse on your bed, sobbing into your pillows. 

    The world seemed quiet around you for only a few moments, the only sound being your quiet sobs. God, you just wanted to have one good day once, was that so much to ask? You sob a bit louder, your entire body heaving with the effort when suddenly there came a timid knock at your door. You couldn’t even cry in peace with Loki around. 

    “Go away,” You yell at him, burying your face into your pillow afterwards. 

    “(Y/N) one way or another I’m coming in there, you can either get up and let me in properly or I shall simply do it myself,” You grumble something as you realize just how screwed you are here, there was no hiding from Loki at this point, he was either coming in, or you were letting him in. With another defeated sob you unlock the door, collapsing back onto your bed. Not even a moment later the door swings open and Loki hesitantly creeps in. 

    “What do you want?” You ask bitterly, attempting to glare at him angrily. 

    “I’ve never seen you cry before,’ he states softly, cocking his head to one side to give you what you believed to be a sympathetic gesture. 

    “Well,” You sniffle, wiping away at your tears. “I wasn’t really expecting you to see me crying and-” As you go to wipe away at your freely falling tears one of Loki’s surprisingly gentle hands grip your wrist, pulling it away from your face. Instead, with his gentle and warm hands, he wipes the tears away for you. 

    “Do you care to explain why you are crying?” His tone is much softer now, a tone you’d never think you’d hear coming from Loki himself. 

    “Why are you being so kind all of a sudden?” Your tone has lost it’s bitterness, instead replaced by that hopelessness you were feeling. 

   “Well,” Loki gives you a form of a smile. “I didn’t think I’d ever say this but I can’t stand to see you upset, especially at my own hands, I just wish to amend my wrongs. Now, do you wish to tell me why you are crying?” He asks once again, his eyes swimming with some form of emotion. 

   As you stare up into his face you can’t help but realize just how beautiful he looks right now, a concerned expression on his face, his eyes swimming with worry, his face much softer than you’d ever seen it and as you do stare up at his face you can’t help when the words just start spilling from your mouth. 

    “I’ve had a rough day at work,” You admit, “And I’m tired all the time and-” You stop, realizing your next words were about him. 

    “And you are tired of me?” He asks, his tone holding some kind of edge to it. 

    “It doesn’t help when you’re constantly pestering me-” 

    “(Y/N), I am so sorry,” The god stares at you earnestly, his words soft and smooth. “I never wished to make you feel this way-”

   “Really? Then what were your intentions?” Loki looks into your eyes, almost biting his lip in thought as he does. Then he sighs softly, closing his eyes for only a moment before opening them once again. 

    “I did not know how to handle my situation when I realized that I had fallen for a mortal, much less a mortal who had ‘imprisoned me’,” He admits quietly, those beautiful blue eyes filled with what could only be shame. “I only realize when it’s too late that I should have gone about this differently,” 

    “Who says it’s too late?” The words fly from your mouth with no filter, thoroughly shocking you and Loki. 

    “Well, you cannot possibly mean-” 

   “Perhaps I could find it in my heart to forgive you,” You give him a soft smile, one that made your eyes crinkle with the utmost joy. Loki smiles at you, not the crude and rude one he usually sports but an actual, authentic smile. 

   “I would greatly appreciate it,” The two of you smile at each other for only a moment more, just staring at each other with these half sad half adoring smiles before one of you reacts. 

   “May I-” You stare at his lips, those beautiful lips that you had to admit you’d been dying to kiss. 

   “Be my guest,” He whispers, staring at your lips with just as much hunger as you were his. Without a moment to spare you lean forward, capturing his lips within your own. It wasn’t the slowest, most kindest kiss you’d ever had but you loved it more than words could describe. 

    The feeling of his hands tangled in your hair, his lips pressing against your earnestly, the warmth of his chest pressed against your own made the moment all too perfect. But eventually the moment had to end, you did have to breath after all. Your lips part and you’re left gasping, your forehead gently pressed against his own as you do so. 

   “We mustn’t tell a soul about this,” Loki murmurs, breathing just slightly heavier than usual. You nod your head, smiling softly as you still attempt to regain your breath. 


honestly I think people analyze jack too much, it’s nice to have hcs and all, but when you think clearly, you have to admit he ain’t that complex, he’s most probably meant to represent primal instincts like greed and wrath and envy and pride and is basically a symbol for the tyrants of humanity, I don’t think there really is something deeper than that there, except he’s still a kid and shows occasional vulnerability like any other kid (and his vulnerabilities are not even sympathetic, like he literally throws a fit because he doesn’t get the control he wants). as an adult he’s probably just gonna grow to be a depraved political snake that only seeks how to suck the life and money out of people

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Hello! Could you please post the birth of Jemmy? I love that in it Brianna needs his father so much.. she takes all the strenght she needs in Jamie, his presence, his hands..only him, Claire helps her but we saw that without him she couldnt support this.. she is like a lost little girl who need the everything of her father, when she called him daddy I was about to cry.. for me this is when she became a proud daddy's scot girl, when she admit that Jamie is her real father, her 'world' in a way..

Of course! It’s such a great passage and definitely an experience that I’m sure Brianna never thought she would have her father there for.

“It’s like baseball,” I assured her. “Long stretches of boredom, punctuated by short periods of intense activity.” 

She laughed, then stopped abruptly, grimacing. 

“Ugh. Intense, yeah. Whew.” She smiled, a little lopsidedly. “At least at baseball games you get to drink beer and eat hot dogs in the boring parts.” 

Jamie, grasping at the only part of this conversation that made sense, leaned forward. 

“There’s a crock of small beer, cool in the pantry,” he said, peering anxiously at Brianna. “Will I fetch it in?” 

“No,” I said. “Not unless you want some; alcohol wouldn’t be good for the baby.” 

“Ah. What about the hot dog?” He stood up and flexed his hands, obviously preparing to dash out and shoot one. 

“It’s a sort of sausage in a roll,” I said, rubbing my upper lip in an effort not to laugh. I glanced at Brianna. “I don’t think she wants one.” Small beads of sweat had popped out quite suddenly on her wide brow, and she was looking white around the eye sockets. 

“Oh, barf,” she said faintly. 

Correctly interpreting this remark from the look on her face, Jamie hastily applied the damp cloth to her face and neck. 

“Put your head between your knees, lass.” 

She glared at him ferociously. 

“I can’t get … my head … near my knees!” she said, teeth clenched. Then the spasm relaxed and she took a deep breath, the color coming back into her face.

Jamie glanced from her to me, frowning worriedly. He took a hesitant step toward the door.

“I expect I’d best go, then, if you—” 

“Don’t leave me!” 

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Bro. Look how cute and innocent she looks!!! She’s so cute.

Karalena au: High school Kara and Lena.

After months of watching Lena at the front of the class, at the head of the pack, and leader of the charge, she finally has the guts to ask her out on a small lunch/ hangout. Not quite a date because what teenager admits anything is a date at first greeting.

Lena being Lena and such a social butterfly (just a facade to escape facing reality of her extreme loneliness in a crowded place) she kindly accepts because what Kara didn’t know what she watched her as well. In the corner of the class, daydreaming of something better… bigger. She could see it in the way Kara looks to the clouds and sky above like there’s more there for her.

Lena distracted herself with school, and friends, and sports because at home she’s barely paid attention to. Even at school everyone likes her because she has money and throws these Gatsby parties every weekend. Never felt like she had a close friend that saw her for… well… her. So when Kara asked her for lunch one day her heart nearly swelled.

The gif is the moment when Kara brought her back to her room to hang out. Kara couldn’t hold it back and blurted out the question, “do you like girls!?” Kara full on red by this point, squeezing her fingers in her hands not knowing how she’d react. All Lena does is lift her eyebrows with a kind and sweet smile and respond, “well I’m obviously into you, aren’t I?” Her smile never fading as Kara got less and less nervous. Watching Lena be an absolute goddess on her couch in her room.

(Idk if you’d want a before and after for this little tidbit. Let me know)

To Build a Home (2/3)

Rating: M

So…this got away from me and will now be in three parts because I needed to add some Captain Cobra.

Killian throws the note in the water and Emma waits in a house that is no longer a home.

Part One here

Henry is wondering, not for the first time, if he is the only sane person left in this town.

(And really, last time he thought that, he had totally been right. Cursed and all.)

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Prank Panic

“You sure you’re going to be alright?” Oli chuckled as he walked Jack to his front door.

“Just fine.” Jack replied, a tight smile on his face, “But I’ll be getting you back. Watch your back,” He tried to laugh, but his body was still on high alert from before.

“It was just a little prank, mate.”

“Still a prank,” Jack pointed out, stepping out of the door, “I’ll get revenge one day.”

“Can’t wait to see you try!” Oli laughed again as he shut the door behind Jack.

As soon as the door was closed, Jack let the happy facade fall from his face as he started down the hall, towards the lift. His eyes constantly darted around the empty hallway, as if half expecting a spider to appear, much like it had in the game he had been playing only a short while ago in Oli’s gaming room.

Knowing he wouldn’t be able to calm down alone, Jack decided to give Conor a call as he headed to the ground floor.

“What’s up, bro?”

“You busy?”

“A little. Anth and I were just about to head to the studio.”

“Oh,” Jack tapped his thigh with two fingers, “Alright, then never mind.”

“I have a few minutes, though.” Conor replied, the background noise fading away.

“No, it’s fine, just go to the studio, I don’t want to distract you.”

“Jack, tell me what’s wrong.” His older brother said firmly.

“It’s so stupid,” Jack sighed, “Just a little game with Oli.”

“The spider prank.”


“Shit, I didn’t think he would do it with you…” Conor sighed, “You alright?”

“Yeah. I should be.”

“You wouldn’t be calling me if you were. Look, I can skip the studio and come over.”

“No,” Jack told him as he stepped out of the lift, “I don’t want to take you away from your music. I’ll be okay.”

“What about Joe?” Conor asked suddenly, “Talk to him.”

“I don’t want to bother him either.”

“He’s your boyfriend, Jack, you won’t be bothering him.” The eye roll was evident in the words, and Jack smiled lightly as he realized his brother was right.

“Maybe I’ll head over there then.”

“Do that, and I’ll text you in a bit, yeah?”

“Alright. Thanks, Con.”

“Any time.”

Despite the phone call with his older brother, something that normally could calm him, Jack only felt the panic grow. The thought of going home and being alone was too much, even though he knew that there would be no spiders there. It was ridiculous really, the stupid little fear. And Jack knew he’d be okay, it was just his mind tricking him.

The entire way over to Joe’s, he felt the panic slowly spread through his body, so by time he was knocking on the front door, his hands were shaking and there was unshed tears pooling in his eyes.

“Jack?” The older man frowned as he opened the door, seeing his boyfriend clearly upset. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“I’m sorry,” Jack said softly, “I can leave…”

“No,” Joe shook his head quickly, reaching out for one of Jack’s shaking hand’s, tugging him into the flat, “You aren’t going anywhere.”

“It’s stupid, really, I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“Babe, you aren’t bothering me.” Joe smiled softly at him, leading him over to the couch. “But you need to tell me what’s going on.”

“Oli was doing this prank, with his virtual reality headset, and there was spiders…and I just, I can’t go home. I can’t be alone. Joe, I just can’t.” Jack rambled, his grip tightening on his boyfriends, a few tears falling from his eyes as he sucked in a few breaths.

“Hey, hey,” Joe placed a hand gently on Jack’s cheek, brushing the tears away with his thumb, “You’re okay. Breathe, Jack. Everything is fine. You don’t have to go anywhere.”

“Are yo-you sure?”

“I never complain at getting to spend time with my boyfriend,” Joe teased lightly, relieved to see Jack offer a small smile back. “You’re always able to come over here, I don’t care when or why.”

“Thank you.” Jack mumbled, closing his eyes as he leaned forward, burying his face into the crook of Joe’s neck, “I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Will you stop apologizing,” The older man scolded lightly, his fingers moving into Jack’s hair, “You don’t have to apologize! We can’t control our fears, and there are times when we can’t control how they affect us. But I’m here, and there is absolutely no spiders anywhere in here. So you don’t need to worry about that.”

“Alright.” Jack replied, his voice muffled against Joe’s skin, “Can we just watch a movie or something?”

“That’s all I planned on doing anyways,” Joe answered, leaning back against the couch, pulling Jack with him. “You staying the night, then?”


“And tomorrow we’ll plan our revenge on Oli.”

“I knew there was a reason I was with you,” Jack chuckled, lifting his head to kiss Joe’s jaw quickly.

“Who wouldn’t want to date the Prank King?” Joe grinned.


Church of Santiago Apóstol, Pomata, Chucuito Province, Puno Region, Peru. Part 3: The main facade (c. 1794). 

Facing a narrow street leading to the town´s  square, the main facade of the church of Santiago at Pomata is more austere than the lavish lateral portal, but in no way less impressive. It was the last part of the church to be built and it consists of a portal within a projecting arch flanked by two huge tower bases. This particular arrangement, in which the portal is placed inside a deep projecting arch is rather common in Puno Region, and it is present in the churches at Lampa, Zepita, Vilque, Juliaca, among others. The portal is a large structure, three stories high - with a smaller fourth story- , with three bays framed by twelve columns, four on each story. These columns are different from those in the lateral portal, having a straight shaft carved in planiforme or mestizo style depicting a human figure holding vines entwined with flowers and leaves. The capitals seem to be highly stylized versions of the Corinthian order, consisting of two pairs of volutes in the first story and two rows of vertical leaves in the second and third stories. The entablatures, reduced to just a cornice, are also entirely carved with planiforme motives. The huge choir window, deeply splayed, occupies the second and third stories while shallow niches fill the rest of the spaces between the columns. The portal fits rather awkwardly within the projecting arch, with the outside columns of the third story not supporting its corresponding entablature.

Two huge tower bases flank the projecting arch that houses the portal. Of these, only the right base holds a belfry, while in the other an inscription states that it was built in 1794 (Quiroga año 1794). Over the base of the right tower two superimposed stories support the large belfry, composed of two arched openings on each of its four sides -an arrangement that resembles that of Cusco Cathedral - topped by a small dome over a cornice, surrounded by four pinnacles.


  1. General view of the main facade.
  2. Main portal of the church.
  3. Main portal of the church.
  4. Inscription on the left tower.
  5. Detail of the projecting arch.
  6. Detail of the first story of the portal.
  7. Detail of the first story of the portal.
  8. Upper stories of the portal.
  9. Portal and right tower.
  10. View of the right tower.

All photos by Juan P. El Sous (2017).

boys are so fucking disgusting and judgmental like you want a girl thats thin but when she thin you tell her to go eat a hamburger and when they thick you tell her to go eat a salad and god-forbid your girl weighs more than you or is taller than you god forbid she have a few stretch marks which are TOTALLY NATURAL and completely normal, god forbid a girl look like an actual fucking human being than your weird stigmatized idea of girls

and like dont even get me STARTED on the whole blonde hair blue eyes thin waist big breast pretty face facade like??? do y’all not realize that not a lot of girls in the world are just naturally born like that? like i dont even understand where people get this idea of the “ideal” teenage girl comes from because like NO teenage girl looks like this naturally. like im not saying there arent women that look like this, obviously thats not true, its just that your average teenage girl isnt going to look like a fucking full grown woman. like that should be an easy enough concept; i am 16, i have not finished growing, therefore, i will have the body of an average 16 year old

so like why the fuck do yall expect that from us??? teenage girls are still growing??? their bodies are still changing??? how the fuck are yall gonna expect us to look like kylie jenner or some curvy bombshell when we aint even finished growing yet??? 

and what makes me even ANGRIER is the fact that girls ALWAYS gotta look their best, we always have to look like supermodels before we even fucking hit 18, while these same greasy fuckboys who’re tellin us to do squats and tone our bellies and stuff our bras, are the SAME fuckin guys who cant even grow a full goddamn mustache without having gross patchy bits. some of y’all got a jawline of a goddamn fish. some of y’all got the voices of a little flute. you know why?? Y’ALL HAVEN’T FINISHED DEVELOPING.

yet we’re supposed to accept that without question? when it’s a teenage boy, he’s just not done growing. when it’s a teenage boy, he has other redeeming qualities. when it’s a teenage boy, he’s just a late bloomer. but when it’s a teenage girl, we’re all quick to pass judgment on her, huh?? we expect her to look like a woman, before she’s a woman? what kind of sense does that even make?

Dean and Sam stepped through the door of one of their old friends’ house, Dean holding the door for Sam. Sam rolled his eyes, and Dean grinned, a quirky little grin. 

Jack and Maddie greeted them, Jack’s voice resounding through the house.

“Sam and Dean Winchester! Long time, no see!” Dean returned Jack’s hug, nodding his head, while Sam’s hands linked on the back off Maddie, who had to stand on the balls of her feet to kiss Sam’s forehead. 

“I remember when you two were tiny,” Maddie laughed, a laugh which Sam joined her in. Dean was looking off in the kitchen, where Jazz was just exiting to come into the living room. 

“Jasmine Fenton,” Jazz extended a professional hand out to Dean, who took it, never letting his gaze leave hers. Jazz had grown into a beautiful woman, and Dean can never keep his eyes off the beautiful women. 

“Dean Winchester,” Jazz nodded, and Dean felt a pang of sadness when she released his hand. Jazz blushed and her eyes fell to her feet. 

“So where’s Danny?” Sam asked, trying to break the awkward silence that Dean and Jazz had created. 

Maddie was jerked from her thoughts. She blinked. “Oh! He should be here…” she twisted to look up the stairs. “Danny! Sam and Dean are here!”

“Coming!” came the muffled reply. Danny was listening to music in his room, probably doodling spaceships and himself in astronaut suits.

“Boston?” Dean asked, impressed.

Maddie grinned. “Oh yeah, Danny loves all the oldies.”

“The classics,” Dean corrected, smiling warmly, removing his hands from his pockets, preparing to shake Danny’s hand. 

The seventeen year old came bounding down the stairs, feet light on the carpeted landings. He looked at the brothers and grinned. 

“Hi, Danny,” Sam said, and shook the boy’s hand. Danny nodded, flashing a huge smile. 

Next Dean. “Hey kid,” Danny looked at Dean. Danny blinked. He smile faded. Just before their hands were to touch, Danny stepped backwards, eyebrows furrowed. 

What are you?”

DECEMBER 27, 2016 - 362/366

The Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum was built in 1993. The most notable feature is the west-facing facade, which is covered by a stainless steel “skin,” and reflects the late afternoon light in a way that is both beautiful and slightly hazardous to drivers on the Washington Avenue Bridge. Designed by Frank Gehry, the Weisman is one of the most interesting buildings in Minneapolis, and the stainless steel panels were a precursor to Gehry’s iconic museum in Bilbao, Spain.

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How do you think the assassins/templars would react if they find their SO sleeping in their coats?


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I hope you don’t mind, dear anon, but I didn’t stay strictly to your prompt. Satisfaction is key, and if I failed to write something how you wanted it, please let me know!

Thanks to a dear page supporter, I’ll now be adding Mary Read/James Kidd to the list of assassins. Let me know what you think!

Altair: He’d been searching everywhere- he could not find his coat, which was necessary for his day. Unaware of where else to look, he decides to go to your quarters, hoping you’d know where the coat was. Without knocking, he barged into your home, but halted abruptly where he stood. There you were, peacefully sleeping, however not in your normal robes, but in his own coat. Still frozen in your doorway, he slowly and silently backs up and leaves. He would just steal one of Malik’s for the day.

Ezio: Your moment of silence had been disrupted by short, loud, and raspy chuckles. Slowly, groggily, and annoyed, you began to wake from your euphoric rest. Unsurprisingly, there was Ezio, lying by your side, laughing like an idiot. Not only were you tired and irritated, but now confused; that is until you figured out why he had been laughing. The night before, you’d been so lonely, knowing Ezio couldn’t be with you. To feel content and whole again, you reached for his coat… one he never wore, and the one he wanted you to keep. Unintentionally, you’d drifted asleep, the cloths contorted around your body. Ridged with realization, you hastily and unsuccessfully attempted to take the coat off; Ezio’s laughter subsided. He grabbed your hand, his eyes crinkled with delight. “You’re just too beautiful, mi amore.”

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Fic title: faltering light

definitely pike struggling to keep up her always-strong-never-bothered facade in the face of all these horrors because she has to, because she can’t let her family know how this is tearing her apart.

Imagine #22 Carl Grimes [Requested]

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Weakness is in human nature; emotions are man’s greatest weakness, especially in the midst of the apocalypse. As fate would have it, these tortuous realities were beaten into your darkening heart with each loss of a beloved family member. Building an impenetrable barrier for emotions is quite simple; you give into the instinctual fragment of your brain, concentrate on survival and just stop caring. At least, it was simple until Rick Grimes stumbled upon you and your elder brother living in his broken down Honda on an abandoned highway.

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Mon Amour

A/N: Hey y'all, this is my first Hamilton fic so please forgive me if it’s crappy. Also, if you haven’t already scrolled past this and read it all the way through, feedback would be great! And btw, this was so fun to write, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. xoxo

Pairing: Lafayette x reader, platonic Hamilsquad x reader, briefly mentioned Mimi (@hamilsquadxreaderwritings) x John Laurens, Modern!AU

Summary: Lafayette has some questionable contacts on his phone, and the Hamilsquad finds out who one of those contact names belongs to.

Word Count: 2,900+


You absentmindedly tapped your foot on the concrete, trying to come up with some excuse to meet up with your friends. It was getting dark, even though it was only five o'clock, but the days had been getting shorter since it was fall after all. However, this meant that you had to think of something soon so you weren’t stuck outside in the dark with nothing to do. You pulled your phone out of your hoodie’s pocket and checked the lock screen for any new messages; only a reminder from Alex and Hercules to finish writing your script for the play you had agreed to help them with.

You rolled your eyes and started to text them back, but stopped moving your thumbs when you heard someone approach you from where you sat on the sidewalk. You tilted your head up to see who had walked by, and were pleasantly surprised to see it was Lafayette.

“Lafayette!” You said cheerfully as you stood and brushed your pants free of the dirt from the ground. Lafayette grinned and held his arms out. “Bonjour, Y/N,” he greeted you as he engulfed you in a bone-crushing hug. Although his strength made it hard to breathe, you returned the embrace nonetheless, inhaling his familiar scent.

After standing in the middle of the sidewalk wrapped up in each other’s arms for a moment too long, you finally let go; he followed suit and took a step back so as to see you better.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to come back from France for another week?” You accused jokingly, prodding his chest with your finger in a teasing manner. Lafayette held his hands up in defense. “What can I say, I’ve missed seeing your pretty face, chiot.” You blushed at his comment, but tried to disguise your pinkishness as the result of being cold.

You held your arms and started to rub them up and down so it would seem like you were trying to stay warm. “Brrr, it’s cold out here isn’t it?” You attempted to maintain your facade. Lafayette’s face twisted into one of confusion, and you could’ve sworn there was a hint of well hidden hurt in his face too. “Y/N, I am not Burr, it is me. Lafayette, Laf, Laffy Taffy… your baguette? Remember?” You stared at him with a blank expression; did he seriously not know what it meant when someone said ‘brrrr’ in cold weather? “Y/N, you are scaring me. Are you feeling alright? Do you need me to take you home? I could stay there with you if you’d like to make sure you get better.” His words finally registered in your mind.

“What?” You started to say. “Oh, no! No no no, you don’t need to come to my house. In fact, I was just about to head over to the Hamilhouse to ask Alex for help with a school project.” The Hamilhouse was the large home that the boys all shared, and they each took turns paying rent. “Oh, I see. You wouldn’t mind if I accompanied you, would you?” Laf asked innocently, his face still looking a bit confused. “Of course, I’d love it if you walked there with me,” you told him honestly. “Parfait!” The French man exclaimed excitedly, holding out an arm for you to take. You hooked your left arm through his right one, and you began your walk to the Hamilhouse.


You knocked on the door for the third time, still to no avail. Frowning, you stuck your hand in your back pocket, searching for your key to the house. “Dammit,” you muttered under your breath. “What’s the matter, mon cher?” Lafayette asked with a concerned expression, placing his hand on your shoulder. “I, uh, forgot my key at home.” You looked up to him with a sheepish grin as you played with your sleeves nervously. His worried expression quickly turned into an adoring smile.

“Do not fret, chiot, I have my key right here,” he assured you as he reached into his coat pocket and fished out his key. You couldn’t help but sigh in relief as you watched him unlock the door and swing it open. You stepped inside and slammed the door shut after Lafayette had entered behind you, and you shouted “WHAT HAS YOU SO BUSY THAT YOU COULDN’T BOTHER TO OPEN THE DOOR FOR US??” The two of you then proceeded to kick off your shoes and run upstairs, towards the sound of your yelling friends.

You walked over to John’s bedroom and swung the door open; you and Laf were met with the sight of Alex, John, and Hercules all watching Disney Pixar’s Cars. “Why would you say that!! You just jinxed yourself dude!” John yelled frustratedly at the television screen, his protests were followed up by Herc’s popcorn getting thrown at the TV.

You heard Lafayette struggle to stifle a laugh at the scene that played out in front of you, but failed miserably as his laughter reached the ears of the boys that had previously been very focused on the movie they were watching.

“Laf!” The boys all shouted, scrambling over to the door to engulf him in a giant group hug. “Bonjour, mes amies,” your French friend said happily, a goofy grin on his face. “I thought you weren’t supposed to come back from France for another week?” Alex questioned him as they all released him from their holds, repeating the exact words you had asked him only a half hour ago. “That’s exactly what Y/N said, too.” Lafayette said with raised eyebrows. John laughed at this, nudging Alex with his elbow as he said “I told you, Alex, you and Y/N are basically twins at this point.”

You cleared your throat and piped up “I’m pretty sure Alex would have noticed his twin’s presence by now if that were the case,” you raised an eyebrow at their lack of acknowledgement towards you. Your comment caused them to look over at you, finally noticing your presence. “What am I, chopped liver?” You said with a sly grin. “Y/N!” The boys shouted in unison, turning their attention towards you as they drowned you in a sea of arms. “Okay, okay, no need to suffocate me!” You squeaked as their tall frames just about swallowed you up whole. They released you from their grips after you said this, and you looked past their shoulders at the movie they had been watching.

“Looks like somebody wanted a blast from the past,” you laughed at the boys’ widened eyes. Hercules scrambled over to the remote, then frantically attempted to pause the movie and turned back to you, stepping in front of the screen to hide it from your view. “Ah, you were too late anyway; the credits were rolling, ya know,” you said with a smirk. “Aw, man,” John grumbled and all three of the boys wore disappointed looks.

“Hey, I know you originally came here to ask for homework help, Y/N,” Lafayette said, addressing you. You spun around to face him, having almost forgotten he was there. “But maybe we could all watch another movie, you know, to celebrate my return,” he continued with a hopeful look in his eyes. You and the rest of the group all agreed that Laf’s suggestion was a good idea, and since Lafayette was the one that you were all celebrating, he got to pick the movie.

“How about Back To The Future? I have heard that this is a very popular film here in the US,” the French man suggested. “Yeah, back in the 90’s,” John muttered under his breath. You slapped his arm and gave him a scolding look, hoping Lafayette hadn’t heard his comment. “That sounds like a wonderful choice, Laf, I’ll set up the living room for the movie,” you assured him with a sweet smile. Laf nodded his head enthusiastically, grinning from ear to ear. “Parfait! I’ll go pop the popcorn,” he said before rushing off to the kitchen which was several rooms away. You smiled after him, following him with your eyes as he sped away, but then noticed that he had left his phone on the couch when his screen lit up with a notification.

“Hey, Laf, someone texte-” You were cut off by John’s hand clamping your mouth shut. “Shhhh, this is a prime opportunity, don’t let it go to waste,” your childish friend whispered to you, grinning mischievously. You removed his hand from your mouth. “John, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea… what if he finds out?” You said cautiously, your voice unsure.

“Pfff, it’ll be fine. Just a harmless joke, ya know?” Laurens reassured you just as Alex and Hercules entered the room. “What’s a harmless joke?” Hercules asked, already looking excited to see what plan his friend had come up with. John smiled proudly, then went over to pick up Lafayette’s phone as he mouthed an ‘I told you so’ to you.

“Eliza texted our poor little baguette; he doesn’t even have a passcode on his phone; and we are going to respond for him.” Alex and Herc each responded with an ‘oooh’, and soon enough the four of you were neck deep in your oblivious friend’s messages.


“Hey, he has my contact info saved under the name Tortue, what does that mean Alex?” John asked your other bilingual friend. Alex snorted and translated “It means turtle boy.” “Oh, well that’s not too bad I guess,” Laurens said with a shrug. “Hey, who’s ‘Loud Bodybuilder’?” Hercules asked in a voice loud enough for Laf to hear from the kitchen. “Shhh!!” You and Alex shushed the loud man.

“Probably you, Herc,” you said, giving him a look over. You all froze in your positions huddled over Lafayette’s phone when you heard him call from the kitchen “The popcorn’s done, I’m going to use the bathroom and then we can start the movie, oui?” “Okay!” You and the boys shouted back in unison. All four of you instantly eased up when you heard the bathroom door close.

“That was a close one,” John sounded relieved as he ran a hand through his curly hair. “Hey, maybe that’s a sign that we should stop,” you suggested, not wanting to lose your friend’s trust. “Can we just text one person? Pleeeeaaase?” The three boys pleaded, giving you their best puppy dog eyes. You sighed, but gave in anyway. “Fine, but just one person, okay?” You said sternly. They all nodded excitedly, and continued to scroll through his contacts with eagerness.

“Who would’ve guessed our Laffy Taffy knew so many people?” John wondered aloud as he swiped through ten more names. “Wait- stop scrolling!” Alex just about shouted. “Quiet!” Hercules shout-whispered, effectively getting Alex to speak more quietly. “Sorry. But look, let’s text ‘Mon Amour’,” the overly thrilled man tried his best to stay quiet whilst jumping up and down impatiently. Your heart lurched when you saw the name, wondering who your crush’s love was.

The boys looked over to you for approval, and you closed your eyes and nodded slowly. “Whatever, but make it quick- he’s gonna come out of the bathroom any second now.” John nodded in agreement and frantically composed a new message to ‘Mon Amour’, but before you could see what he had typed, you all heard Lafayette emerge from the bathroom.

John panicked and hit send as fast as he could, then fumbled to turn off his phone and get into a natural position like the rest of you had. Just in time, Laf walked into the room holding three bowls of popcorn and said enthusiastically “Who’s ready to watch a movie?”


About halfway through the movie, Lafayette turned on his phone to check the time and mumbled, “That’s strange, why is it on airplane mode?” Your eyes grew wide and you shared a nervous glance with John, who looked just as worried as you did. You looked back over to see Laf turn it back to normal, and you let go of a breath you didn’t know you had been holding when he shrugged and put his phone back down.

Just as he set his phone down, however, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, so you pulled it out to see who had texted you. Strangely enough, the message was from Laf, and it read ‘Mon amour, my love, I have loved you for a very long time, and I would like to confess my feelings for you. If you do not return the affections, I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love.’ You caught Lafayette looking over at your screen curiously, and upon noticing that the sender of the text was ‘My Baguette’, his brows furrowed and he picked his phone back up to see his message history with you.

All of this happened in silence, so the others were unaware of the current events that were unfolding. When you looked at his screen and saw the name above your chat history with him, your heart skipped a beat; you were ‘Mon Amour’.

Your eyes travelled up to meet Laf’s, and the realization that you were in love with each other sunk in for the both of you. You opened your mouth to say something, but when no sound came out, Lafayette smiled lovingly at you and told you quietly “We can discuss this after the movie, mon amour.”


By the end of the movie, you had become rather sleepy and had almost forgotten about your and Lafayette’s newfound love for each other. When you drowsily looked up at him, however, he met your gaze and he said in a comforting voice “We don’t have to talk about this tonight if you are too tired, chiot.” You nodded and thanked him for understanding, then crawled over to where he sat on the couch and curled up against his side.

As Lafayette began to play with your hair, your eyes fluttered shut, and you soon drifted off into a deep sleep, the last words you uttered being “I love you, my baguette.”


Lafayette looked down at you with such love and adoration that the boys couldn’t help but comment on his sudden gushiness. “Awww, someone’s in love,” Hercules teased. Laf looked up at him and glared, annoyed at his antics. “Tais-toi, muscle man,” the French man retorted.

“Hey, what’s the matter lover boy? You feeling defensive?” John pushed him even further. Laf’s glare was redirected to John, but he said nothing, hoping his silence would get them to stop teasing him. He thought wrong.

Alex decided that that was a good time to pipe up, so he said “Look at the lovebirds, they’re almost as inseparable as Mimi and John!“ At this, Laurens scowled and gave Alex a glare, but he just shrugged in response.

Finally breaking his silence, Lafayette said “There’s still one thing I don’t understand… when Y/N and I first reunited, she called me Burr. Has she been associating with him while I was away?” He looked around at his friends in horror as he said this. “Woah woah woah, she what!?!” Hercules said angrily. “Hold up, before anyone jumps to conclusions; context please,” Alex requested calmly.

“Well, I was telling her why I came back from France,” he started, leaving out a few of the unnecessary details, “And then she said 'Burr, its cold out here isn’t it?’ What does that mean?” They all sat there in silence as they replayed what had just been said in their minds. Then, out of nowhere, Alex burst out laughing, which earned him a few confused looks from his friends, but he calmed down when he noticed you shift in your sleep.

“Dude, she said brrr, as in b-r-r-r, you know, it’s what people say when they’re cold. I can’t believe your jealousy blinded you from such a simple statement’s true meaning.“ Alex explained all of this while smiling like a total maniac. “Oh,” Lafayette looked embarrassed, but also relieved that the love of his life was all his.

“Alright, this has been fun and all, but I’m going to bed. Good night guys.” John said with a wave as he stalked off to his bedroom. Hercules followed suit, and Alex wasn’t far behind; Laf, however, stayed seated on the couch with your head on his chest, your arms wrapped around his body.

He reached over your body and grabbed the edge of the blanket that was covering your feet, pulling it up so that the rest of your body was covered up too. Lafayette then switched off the lamp that was next to where he sat, and pressed a kiss to the top of your head before settling into the couch. With a sigh of content, the last thing he said that night was “Je t'aime, mon chiot.”