The Haçienda Must Be Built

Ivan Chtcheglov

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Judith Hopf
Mousse Publishing

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Factory Dance
Factory Records 1980 - 1987
Strut Records

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FAC 51: The Hacienda - Opening Night - Tony Wilson - Opening Speech

21st May 1982

Tony Wilson gets onto stage at the Hacienda opening party to give a speech about the club. Only this turns out to be very funny because of people shouting out random stuff.

The other highlight of The Tube day was an interview with Morrissey and Rob. Now I don’t know why, but Morrissey had always hated Joy Division. Maybe Rob got it right when after a lively debate as the cameras were turned off he turned to Morrissey and said, ‘The trouble with you, Morrissey, is that you’ve never had the guts to kill yourself like Ian. You’re fucking jealous.’ You should have seen his face as he stormed off. I laughed me bollocks off.
—  Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order in the book The Haçienda: How Not To Run A Club