A walk through the legendary Hacienda

We Know What Its Like!

Fanzine of the day - probably posted this before.  But, hey, I’m lazy and there’s bound to be late joiners who haven’t seen it before.

Freaky Dancing was the ‘house’ magazine of the Hacienda queue.  Drawn by a collective centred in a flat behind the City Road Inn (hiya, Nick) and given out for free (usually resulting in a bit of a scrum to grab one).  A mix of comics and articles based on drug taking, music and drug squad paranoia.

(Source: the Acid Grandad’s archive)


FAC 51: The Hacienda - Opening Night - Tony Wilson - Opening Speech

21st May 1982

Tony Wilson gets onto stage at the Hacienda opening party to give a speech about the club. Only this turns out to be very funny because of people shouting out random stuff.