==>Vocaloid Fandom: Pester Homestuck Fandom

You don’t talk to these guys very often, there’s never really a lot of contact between you two. But they seem nice, and you need some help for the game, so let’s give it a shot!

VL: hey!

VL: hey hey hey! homestuck???

HS: oh hey. whats up?

VL: nothing really :p

VL: im just curious because i need a bit of help with the game and stuff XD its a bit confusing

HS: oh yeah loads of people keep asking me stuff. what is it?

VL: im just kind of stuck in this one part of my land…..

VL: its kind of annoying, really :( because i dont know what to do!

VL: omg please help me!

HS: calm down ok! 

HS: where are you?

VL: im just stuck in this tower or something!! 

HS: how many levels have you completed?

VL: all of them :DD

HS: oh, well done.

HS: you need to go to your quest bed now. 

HS: message me when youre there, ill help you.

VL: ok thanks! X3

You should talk to them more often, they are pretty nice! Maybe you could even become friends! But let’s not jump to conclusions. 



this is seitricia my majesty from dragon nest!! wahaywahawya THIS TOOK ME LIKE 3 WEEKS