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Review of the Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Double Breastpump

For working mothers, every minute counts. I get stressed out whenever my schedule overruns because it means that my time spent with baby is compromised. I’ve never worked so efficiently in my life before; my husband calls me the master of multitasking nowadays.

That’s why I bought the Medela Freestyle even though I’d been gifted a single pump, which had been used for only 3 - 4 times. I was hesitant to buy it at first. After all, it costs RM 1,800 which is very pricey compared to a lot of alternatives in the market. Here’s my take on it.

Good: Light, decently quiet and can be used handsfree without any additional accessories (no kidding!)

Bad: Expensive

Grace’s Take: The Medela Freestyle fulfills its purpose very efficiently and successfully, which is to be a heavy duty breastpump meant for long-term and frequent usage, e.g. expressing milk at work or for exclusive pumping. Unfortunately, it is pricey.

What I Look for in a Breastpump (As a Working Mum) and Why the Medela Freestyle Scores 4 Stars:


After I’d completed my confinement period, I did quite a fair bit of pumping at home because I was busy stocking up milk in preparation for my return to work. There were quite a number of times when I had to pump while watching over baby sleeping and I realised just how important it was then to have a quiet breastpump. The rhythmic noise of the Medela Freestyle seemed to provide some sort of white noise (soothing noise like rain or your air-conditioning sound) to Baby Dozer instead which was a good thing!

Exactly how quiet is the Medela Freestyle? If you turn on your air-conditioning fan speed to the highest, there’ll be a loud wind sound. The Medela Freestyle is definitely quieter than that. However, if you were to compare it to the vibration of a mobile phone in quiet mode, the Medela Freestyle is louder than that. 


I often have to manage so many things at the same time that efficiency to me is key. This means doing something as fast as possible without losing out on effectiveness. I find that the Medela Freestyle meets this criteria because it’s able to empty both my breasts within 10 minutes usually. 

Reasonably priced

Unfortunately, the Freestyle is really pricey and I say this because there are so many other brands out there like EveLove and Rumble Tuff which are retailing for around RM500 - RM600. Medela however is a renowned and reputable brand and comes with a one-year warranty. Do bear in mind though that this warranty is only applicable for breastpumps purchased in Malaysia. The USA and UK warranties are not usable in Malaysia. 


I decided to get the Medela Freestyle because I was attracted to its claims of “handsfree”. You’re actually supposed to buy something called a handsfree kit which looks like this, but it costs over RM100. I managed to figure out how to use it handsfree WITHOUT the handsfree kit or any accessories at all! You can read about how I did it here

More Details Below!

If you read the Medela Freestyle official website, the key selling point of the Medela Freestyle is its “2-Phase Expression” technology, which mimics the sucking rhythm of a baby. I have to agree with Medela in this claim. When you start pumping, the breastpump suction rhythm is quick and short (Medela calls it “stimulation phase”), very much like a baby sucking, before letdown. (What is letdown? Read here.) Once the letdown happens, you can press a button to change the suction to longer and deeper pulls (Medela calls it “expression phase”), which is really how your baby will suck when your milk has letdown. I think this is probably why the Medela Freestyle is so effective in emptying your breasts within a relatively short period of time. 

This breastpump is designed for daily usage and for people who need to pump several times ago. Basically, very suitable for working mothers or mothers who don’t live with their babies. 

I like that the breastpump comes with a complete set of accessories:

  • A tote bag which I’ve found to be waterproof and quite well insulated to keep the milk cold
  • A cooler bag and ice pack 
  • 4 Medela milk storage bottles
  • Calma milk bottle teat (this normally costs RM85 in the market)

I find the quality of the accessories given pretty good and really necessary. Also, it means that I don’t have to buy them separately. As a new mother, I really appreciate convenience in one bag. 

Medela Freestyle breastpump + accessories

Medela Calma teat

Where to Buy the Medela Freestyle

You can get them from almost any baby shop like Fabulous Mom, Mamours, Babyland in SS2 etc. but just to share, there’s a mom called Aja Sulaiman who sells it as well and her prices are actually VERY competitive. You should check out her website mybreastpumpshop.com. I’ve asked friends, relatives and colleagues who’ve purchased from her before and all of them give favourable reviews! I too have recently purchased my breastpump parts from her because her prices are really lower than what I can find elsewhere! 

I bought mine from Fabulous Mom in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI). If you’re a new mother and still unsure of which breastpump to buy, you should head over to Fabulous Mom because they offer free trials where you can test out the different brands. 

Tip: Bring your own milk storage bottles so you can bring your expressed breastmilk home with you after you’ve tried out the different breastpumps. 

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