Ummm have you ever seen something this rocker chic?! I need it in my bedroom right now! This couch is the perfect mix of hot pink velvet and classic black leather! Seriously, this is the greatest piece of furniture I have ever seen…… ordering one now:http://www.fabulousandbaroque.com/collections/whats-new-pussycat/products/belle-de-fleur-french-love-seat-black-leather-and-pink-velvetli

Feast your eyes on this amazing piece of art! The Absolom Roche 96 Inch Curved Sofa is the ultimate in spectacular, high-end furniture! A high curved back, highlighted in bright silver leaf with a black glaze draws the eye to the intricate hand carvings on this beauty. Amazingly enhanced by the sumptuous candy pink velvet upholstery the Absolom Roche Curved Sofa will be the most daring piece of art you ever purchase and will make your friends salivate.

Break out the Cristal when this beauty arrives and have a friend handy to pinch  you…because you will think it is a dream! If the silver leaf doesn’t make your mouth water, the amazing Swarovski crystals on the tufted back will have you seeing stars.



Be prepared to have your sweetest dreams, as you drift to sleep in the new King Arthur Bed, exclusive to Fabulous & Baroque! This amazing mahogany, hand-carved bed, is intricately designed with scroll work and a cut-out headboard to enhance the magnificence and royalty of its appearance. The footboard and feet flow with the same design as the masterfully created headboard and are all finished in a stunning black lacquer.

If Black doesn’t tantalize your senses, spruce it up by switching to fuchsia. Remember, you dream it, we can make it! 



This fabulous Amelie platform bed is a beauty in any bedroom. The frame is hand carved from solid mahogany and finished using gold leaf to give that contemporary look, the headboard is upholstered in pink velvet and studded with Swarovski ELEMENTS crystal buttons. A modern twist with classic design this is the ideal bed for someone who appreciates both classic and modern design. The Amelie is luxury at her finest!


This unmistakable Fabulous & Rococo style platform bed from Fabulous & Baroque takes center stage. Handcrafted and created out of mahogany with a crisp, hand-painted black lacquer finish, this bed was to take your breath away! http://www.fabulousandbaroque.com/collections/frontpage/products/fabulous-rococo-king-bed-in-black-lacquer


This fabulous Queen Anne’s Revenge chaise is button upholstered and finished in a deep black finish complete with a sumptuous black  silk fabric.  An amazing piece to any bedroom or boudoir!

Size: W: 88 H: 38 D: 29 (approx)


Revenge never looked so sweet!

This fabulous Queen Anne’s Revenge chaise is button upholstered and finished in a deep black lacquer complete with a sumptuous black velvet or silk fabric.  An amazing piece to any bedroom or boudoir!

This is the perfect piece to round out your Fabulous & Baroque collection. Sleek and modern with a twist of classic grace and smooth lines that will make you feel as though you are the queen of your very own palace. The only question is, who will be feeding you grapes as you lounge on this chaise and make demands on your subjects!?

If black on black is too elegant or demure for you, don’t be afraid to dress it up with gold leaf finish or pink velvet! The ideas never end with this amazing Queen Anne’s Revenge Chaise!



This highly ornate Rococo styled, 3 intricately carved drawer side table from Fabulous and Baroque is handmade and created out of carved, solid mahogany. Set inside a beautifully designed frame, the gold leaf detail, hand-painted finishes make it the perfect companion to the Fabulous & Rococo Bed. 

The Rococo era was very decorative and ornate. Everything was designed as a work of art, the word Rococo is seen as a combination of the French rocaille, meaning stone, and coquilles, meaning shell, due to reliance on these objects as motifs of decoration.



This breathtaking high back chair is finished in wonderful white lacquer and upholstered in a unique fabric combination of white cotton twill and stunning raised three dimensional black velvet accents. With it’s short cabriole style legs and the thin, narrow back; this chair will make a statement in any room. This item has no distressing.

If these colors don’t make you jump for joy, Dream up what will and we will create it!