fabulous vegas

The Signs As Famous Land Marks
  • Aries: the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Taurus: Space Needle (Seattle)
  • Gemini: Empire State Building
  • Cancer: Grand Canyon
  • Leo: Lady Liberty
  • Virgo: Central Park
  • Libra: The White House
  • Scorpio: "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign
  • Sagittarius: Gateway Arch (Missouri)
  • Capricorn: Lincoln Memorial
  • Aquarius: Mount Rushmore
  • Pisces: Niagara Falls

“There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.” / a mix for the stupid couriers who let that checkered suit bastard stick around.

1. Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas - Brandon Flowers / 2. Kill Of The Night - Gin Wigmore / 3. Vegas Lights - Panic! At The Disco / 4. Miss Atomic Bomb - The Killers / 5. Bang Bang - will.i.am / 6. Spiderhead - Cage The Elephant / 7. Devil’s Backbone - The Civil Wars / 8. Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine / 9. The Judge - Twenty One Pilots / 10. Lucky Strike - Maroon 5 / 11. Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon / 12. Snake Eyes - Mumford & Sons

fromvault111 and justicehawke i contributed to the benny trash fandom. i’m not useless anymore

(Kinda made this around my courier Indy and her relationship with Benny but like I said this can be for any Benny/Courier pairing. Enjoy.)


KENT PARSON / ALEXEI MASHKOV: a ‘fear and loathing in las vegas AU’ (read my fic here on AO3

Kent Parson, famous sports writer, is sent by his editor to cover the 1977 National Athletic Exhibition being held in fabulous Las Vegas. He doesn’t exactly want to go. He is assigned up and coming sports photographer Alexei Mashkov as his partner for the event, who takes it upon himself to make sure their trip is a memorable one. Many, many, maaaany drinks and a really sweet rented car later and the new duo is well on their descent into chaos.

For all three of you who care:

You all may have been wondering about my near total disappearance this past week. Well, I’ve been in the process of escaping my shitty ass hell state of California to the land of liberty, debauchery, bright lights, ferrets, and smoking cigars out in public and people not giving a rat’s ass, fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

I’ve got a good job filing shit in a law firm, great friends, and a wonderful new apartment that’s really coming together! So yeah, I’ll be coming back after a fashion, seeing as I just completed a trip to hell and back with the local cable company to get internet in my apartment.

flamingo: a definitive summary by someone who has never watched an interview with brandon so if he said what the song is about sorry he's wrong
  • welcome to fabulous las vegas: welcome to vegas but watch your back
  • only the young: a play on the phrase "only the good die young" in that only the young will make it when things are difficult
  • hard enough: please understand that i am going through some shit too sweetheart
  • jilted lovers and a broken heart: mr brightside and spaceman had a baby and it just got dumped
  • playing with fire: no dad, i'm giving up your dream
  • was it something i said: valentina dumped him at a diner so he wouldn't make a scene
  • magdalena: brandon flowers likes mexico and talks immigration
  • crossfire: charlize theron was in this music video OR trying to salvage a dying relationship
  • on the floor: i have regrets
  • swallow it: brandon flowers apologizes for the things he said when he was young and brash
  • the clock was tickin': a country jam about how we are all going to die
  • jacksonville: a song for when you are high and dancing in an empty pool in a dessert
  • i came here to get over you: he got cheated on and now he is GETTING EVEN but he will only fail and get drunk
  • right behind you: probably this is about religion