fabulous vegas


The pool is for enjoying your body not feeling nervous about what people you dont know think of you GO TO THE POOL wear that swimsuit you love enjoy yourself with zero fucks given! lifes way to short not to enjoy whatever body you have ALL BODIES ARE BEACH BODIES dont wait til your scar is less visible til u loose more weight til you can find somethink to cover strech marks or cellulite EVERYBODY has stuff like that no one cares about small flaws on amazing people and if you do your flaws are bigger than mine


LISALAMB BEACH CLUB LIFE i get cyberbullies telling me theres no way im happy im that my blog is a lie my life is a lie FUCK YOU IM FAT AND HAPPY get tf over it you dont have to look a certain way to enjoy life!!!! now im not saying being fat doesnt have negative side effects im just saying LIVE and enjoy whatever body you have dont be afraid to love yourself just the way you are RN


Fabulous Las Vegas

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“Fun times at The Killers ⚡️Show in The Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!! After the show, I said Brandon let’s do a Snapchat selfie he said ok, then I pulled it up and he’s like what’s this?!? and laughs!! I thought it was too funny! Haha got him 😆 #JimmyKimmyLive #Thekillers #fabulousLasVegasNevada”