fabulous scripts

“His voice is throughout the show,” Coleman says of Moffat, “his humor, his imagination, his quick-wittedness, his sharpness. Having so many layers and also within one episode and also the way he can pepper and arc the story throughout the series – I think is quite incredible. It’s a really, really dynamic show that’s always moving and never does it patronize and it appeals to four-year-olds, it makes them laugh and kind of appeals to a 78-year-old, and that all boils down to Steven’s writing.”

“Yeah, I think that the expanding success of the show has to be put onto him,” Capaldi agrees. “What people don’t understand is that if you’re a showrunner as good as he is, one of the great legends, is that he will come in if you’re having trouble with a script and with one fabulous idea, turn that script around. And so his influence on the material and on the other writers’ work is major. Because he’s such a huge fan of the show, his connection to it is very deep. He absolutely loves this show. He’s the person that makes it. If you ever see an episode of Doctor Who and think, ‘Wow that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen,’ it’s because of him.”

– Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi on Steven Moffat