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Deadpool’s Friends in Cable & Deadpool

We see Weasel first acting as the information broker for Deadpool, helping Deadpool find the McGuffin pieces needed to stop/help Cable.

And later when Deadpool is working to restore Cable, he again turns to Weasel for his tech and information needs:

Deadpool runs into Weasel while on a mission, and despite lots of evidence to the contrary, Deadpool maintains that Weasel wasn’t the thief who stole the McGuffin files.

[Deadpool]: If Weas says he didn’t do nothing to your computer, then he didn’t do nothing. We’ve been buds for years-he’s saved my life, I’ve saved his, he’s screwed me over, I’ve screwed him over—
[Deadpool]: If there’s one thing I know about Weasel, he doesn’t lie, cheat or steal! Okay, he DOES cheat, and steal— and yeah, okay, he lies, too—But he’s my bud and he wouldn’t lie to ME!

Unfortunately, Weasel DID lie and steal and cheat from Deadpool.

[Deadpool]: You lied to me Weas! I stuck up for you and you lied to me!

So when the fight ends, Cable takes Deadpool back to Providence, Deadpool leaves Weasel to the cops.

[Weasel]: Wade—what about me? You’re not gonna help me get out of this mess?
[Deadpool is still pissed at Weasel for lying to him when he stuck up for him. he points a gun in Weasel’s face]: I can do that, Weas. Your choice. MY way…or their way.

Even when Deadpool is angry at Weasel, he can’t quite forget about his bud:

[Deadpool]: You’re letting me cover your back? Oh, this is so totally cool! Weasel’s gonna fart—oh wait, forgot I’m not friends with him anymore…okay I’ll make friends with him again just to tell him, but then I’ll break up with him again. Not break up like we’re going OUT or anything! I’m ALL MAN I TELLYA! C’mere—you snake chicks and all twenty of you Rives and Makeshifts and I’ll show all of you!

They meet back up again during the revolution in Rumeskitan:

[Deadpool raises up his mask for his tête-à-tête with Weasel]
[Weasel]: I thought—well, after the PROBLEMS we had.
[Deadpool]: What with you stealing the stuff I was trying to steal then lying to me about it when I stuck up for you against the people who were accusing you of stealing it?
[Weasel]: Uhm… yeah… that… Wade, listen. I know you’re in tight with Cable and all now, trying to do things a bit more… on the up-and-up…after what happened a few months back…well, I went through the system all legal-like. I plead a deal that got me spring after four months.
[Deadpool]: You took the stint—Did the time—you did that for ME?
[Weasel]: Pretty much. Also to avoid a life sentence for everything they had on me.
[Deadpool]: Well… just so you know… that whole time… just in case we could square things between us…I tivo’d every episode of Battlestar Galactica for you.
[Domino voice over]: Get a room.

Their friendship renewed, Deadpool turns to Weasel for help to restore his mercenary reputation after his fall out with Cable during the Civil War.

And when one plan fails, he tries more, including setting up an elaborate plan which included shrinking Deadpool to 3 inches tall:

[Weasel]: You’re still trying to prove yourself, right? So…what better way to show what a hot tamale you are than to capture an escaped rampaging super-felon…while trapped at three inches tall?

And eventually he gets dragged along with Deadpool when Deadpool is hired to find and rescue Alex. Unfortunately, in the craziness of rescuing Alex and stealing Bob, the Hydra Agent, Weasel gets forgotten and left behind.

Deadpool forgets about Weasel for a while, but when Wolverine plans to destroy the Hydra base, Deadpool goes in first to try to get Weasel. But just as he finds he pal, Wolverine strikes. When it again looks like he’s been betrayed by Weasel again, Deadpool maintains his faith in his friend.

[Wolverine]: And…?
[Deadpool]: Still doesn’t prove anything.
[Wolverine]: You’re an idiot.
[Deadpool]: Or maybe I just have faith in my FRIENDS, hmmm…?

[Wolverine]: You let your friend ROT here for weeks, some coincidence, you showin’ up when I decided to hit the place…
[Deadpool]: Because believe it or not, even HOMICIDAL MANIACS can have a FRIEND keepin’ an eye out for us…

Blind Al:

Deadpool’s former housemate/prisoner only has a brief cameo in the Cable & Deadpool run. Deadpool turns to her for advice when he’s on the outs with Cable and needs to restore his mercenary reputation.

We do get some fabulous sass from the old lady:
[Blind Al]: You want to find Taskmaster?
[Deadpool]: Are you DEAF now, too?
[Blind Al]: And yet, the name remains simply BLIND AL.

[Blind Al]: So…Taskmaster?
[Deadpool]: My rep is shot, Al.
[Blind Al]: In comparison to what it always was—?

[Deadpool]: Time was, I had the chops, Al…
[Blind Al]: And no purpose.
[Deadpool]: …Did whatever the job required…
[Blind Al]: With no regard to the consequences.
[Deadpool]: YES! Exactly! You always understood me.
[Blind Al]: Which says quite a lot about me.

Alex and Agency X:
Again, after the Civil War when Deadpool and Cable are on the outs, Deadpool hooks back up with his old Agency X friends. It starts when Outlaw and Sandi call on Deadpool to rescue Alex, who had been captured by Hydra. Deadpool succeeds, picking up Bob, Agent of Hydra, and loosing Weasel, along the way. Alex has become morbidly obese and no longer has the mobility required for his mercenary work, so he hires Deadpool (and Bob) to fill in for him, which is a good thing because Outlaw and Sandi are kidnapped by T-Ray in yet another plan to hurt Deadpool.  Deadpool rescues them.

Deadpool is pretty content with Agency X for a while, doing some jobs, playing strip poker:

Until he gets caught up with Cable, Cable’s death, and then T-Ray’s mess.  

But the series ends with Deadpool happy, no longer watching television alone, but surrounded by his new family:

ellie's positivity post of the day

when i woke up it smelled like roses and laundry and my lips werent chap from the night before. i have fun watching tv with my sister and our internet friend whos visiting for the weekend. i went to work and got officially promoted to a real life clothes folder instead of a cashier!! cleaning all day relieves anxiety and i really like my coworkers, i think i just really like people in general and work is a cool way to get lots of different types of them all together. a fabulous 85 year old lady named Darlene wears golden belts and killer makeup with her uniform and she sternly told me i need to get bike lights so i dont get hurt when i bike home. i work with a scene kid named Jayce and a kind old lady named Joyce. my roommate made really good spaghetti, the best hes ever made so far and jiarra just knocked on the door and im excited to hang out with her because i havent in a while and she always makes me feel very twinkly and light like im full of helium. im glad there was a lot of good stuff to be positive about today. i am grateful for what i have and what i no longer need