fabulous ghirahim

I am just… Okay, let’s just say I really want to do a picture each day, which includes colouring rather than just sketching. This was originally meant to be a sketch but I need to try out different styles and yeah….

ANYWHORE, here we have Ghirahim and Vaati in a Modern AU I guess. I love these two, and I can envision them gossiping over a starbucks, but Ghirahim will ultimately start talking about Ganondorf, thus, leading to Vaati becoming pissed but will stay with Ghirahim regardless, since his jokes and fashion sense is on POINT. 

I love these happy girlfriends <3 I will do them justice soon <3

I wanted to cheer myself up after the Paris incident by drawing Ghirahim (the original reason why I started this blog, I do ship Ghiradorf…don’t hate), unfortunately, my melancholic mood transferred onto his expression =/ I really don’t like it…sorry  he doesn’t look like his normal , flamboyant self…

Personally, I like to think he is looking at Link’s carcass like: Is that it? Really? Get up fool, you’re supposed to be a challenge.

(Because, Ghiraheeham on heroic mode  is a bitch and a half. He fucked me up twice before I could get him )



Full Gif:(remeber Gifycat allows you to speed, slowdown, or play it backwards)

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it2sk2nzbnY


The Banana man is back. Reference pic: