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theworksofshanyu  asked:

So I used to work at a fat fashion clothing shop and I wanna say a quick mention about sizing. In the *same store*, in the same design lines in that store, I would fit anything from an X to a 3X. Of course the store only went up to a 4X like tonnes of fat stores do. :/ Can we please just get a store that goes from 14 or 16 to like 36? EVERYONE DESERVES TO LOOK AND FEEL GOOD. EVERYONE DESERVES NICE CLOTHES. /end rage. Have an awesome day my fellow fabulous fatties!

Why stop at 36 though? Seriously, I’d love to have more choices, and I’m a 38…

There are people even bigger than me

-Mod Siarl

I’m a fat kitty and I’m damn cute.
I took this today because I never got to dress up on Halloween so I’m sorry I didn’t do my cat makeup for you.

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