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Jack D3 and Gabe E3 please! (If you have time of course!) <3

Oh dear anon, I had time… but not well organised till now orz. Hope you’re still around and enjoy this delayed request for ya! Extra little flower for a confident and fabulous Strike Commander Morrison;;;

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my mom just told me she hopes my day is fabulous. with a rainbow emoji. i think she might Know.

“Because I’m different”, or, Neuroatypical Relationships in CBS Elementary’s “Ready or Not” (S4E18)

Previously, on Elementary…

[Or, previously on “Personally, I abhor the typical”, or, Autistic interaction (the kind Neurotypicals never see) in CBS Elementary’s “A View With A Room” (S4E12)]

Fiona Helbron, the first canonically autistic/neuroatypical character on CBS Elementary, has avoided being thrown into the “special episode” trope, as well as avoided being used as a character prop to inspire neurotypical people (in universe). She has been, thus far, written as a three dimensional character, with her own sense of morality.

When the synopsis of the episode first arrived, I admit, I was apprehensive. In the media, disabled people (especially two disabled people, in a relationship, with each other) are rarely happy for long. While relationship conflict is normal and a pinnacle for building television drama, it sends a very different message when that is the default for disabled characters, when they live.

After watching “Ready or Not” (which I was not ready to see), my verdict matches the same as the previous episodes featuring Fiona - skeptically optimistic of her future. In that regard, the show has not completely sunk.

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I feel like Felicity will text her mom: “Maybe don’t come back to the loft for a while…” (Or Oliver but that might be a bit… much.)

And her mom will text back: “Don’t worry about me! Might not come back at all tonight… *winky face* *martini glass* *heart eyes* *kissy lips*”

And Felicity will regret showing her mom how to actually send texts (let alone using emojis).