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4S pulled his sh*t together at the right moment. Combo of Doom rose from the ashes to become a glorious phoenix. My headcanon didn’t get totally jossed. Headcanon Brian is a f*cking prophet. Yuzuru threw down the gauntlet, broke the scoreboard,  made history and brought the whole house down. And H&L has dethroned Seimei as my favorite free skate of all time.

In other words, feeling pretty good ^^

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Just sayin.. but the way you draw Jade and gals in that way. Where they're buff, with body hair and sometimes chubby etc etc. That wonderful shit adds 10 tens to my life span and bless you for drawing them in your interpretation. SRSLY I LOVE UR ALL ART MAN !! Keep up the fabulous work my dude ~(sincerely a very gay fan)

thank u!!! i luv girls………….

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I don't read the comics, so would you mind answering? Who are Adam Warlock and the Watchers (and anything else you feel is relevant to the mid/post credit scenes)? I'd hate to go wth at the end of the movie when I go see it next week.

Hi Anon,

I don’t mind at all - love talking comics. :)

Okay so Adam Warlock… Warlock is a main player to the Infinity series in the comics. Like huge player. HUGE.

You know the gold lady in the trailer for GotG 2, the one sitting in the throne surrounded by other gold people? That is Ayesha. She was made by the same people who made Warlock and she and Warlock are, er, mates in the biblical sense. There were these group of scientists called the Enclave and they decided they wanted to create the universe’s most perfect person, which they do with the clever use of cocoons, and badda bing, out pops Adam Warlock, otherwise known as Him. AKA very powerful dude with fabulous hair. But for our purposes, as it ties into the Infinity story, the thing most important about Adam Warlock is that he was at one point the keeper of the soul gem.

This is actually VERY important. Because the soul gem eats souls. And at one point, after prolonged exposure, Adam Warlock lost his soul to the gem and he became this evil overlord called Magus. The interesting thing about this is that Magus went back in time, to when Adam Warlock still had his soul, and the two faced off against each other, meaning that Adam Warlock had to fight his evil self. What makes this interesting was that Thanos - yes THAT Thanos, the big purple sociopath - helped Warlock fight Magus. This becomes important history in a bit… (Warlock and Thanos are sort of the yin and yang of the cosmo side of Marvel). 

The Infinity series, in the comics is three parts, the first part, called Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos has all of the stones and powers up the Gauntlet (he went on a hunt for all the stones in a prequel to the Infinity series called ‘Thanos’ Quest’). The first thing he does when he powers the gauntlet is kill half of the people in the universe. Thanos has a crush on the cosmic entity Death, you see, who complained to Thanos that she didn’t have enough souls in her coffers and Thanos offered to fix that problem for her with a serious case of mass genocide. In other words it was just half of the population of Earth that disappeared, but half of the population of every planet everywhere, literally trillions of people. Back on Earth Cap is mid-sentence, talking to other superheroes about Avengery type things, and pow, the people he is talking to just up and disappear on him. This is the Avengers’ first clue that some serious shit has gone down

It is Warlock who travels to Earth to recruit the Avengers to help him get the Gauntlet from Thanos. So Warlock and Cap hatch this plan to distract Thanos with well, being killed, while the Silver Surfer waits for the perfect time to swoop down and grab the Gauntlet off of Thanos. This, sadly, doesn’t work (almost did though, go team!). Instead Thanos kills all of the Avengers, and then the Celestrials until there is no one left who could oppose him (but Warlock and Nebula). But the thing about killing all of your mortal (and immortal) enemies is that life becomes so freakin dull. Thanos becomes bored and decides to go all non-corporeal, or one with the cosmos, whatever. And this is where leaving Nebula alive (who is his granddaughter in the comics) becomes a mistake, well, not for us, for us it’s ‘yay, Thanos messed up, sucker’, but for Thanos, it was a mistake. Because Nebula gets the gauntlet while he’s one with the cosmos and resets the universe, undoing everything that Thanos did so everyone that died while Thanos had possession of the gauntlet comes back. Nebula then gives the gauntlet to Adam Warlock, which leads to the next story in the series, Infinity War. 

In Infinity War Warlock decides that having possession of the Gauntlet is too big of a responsibility to mess up. I mean, when you have all the power of the cosmos in your hand, you kinda want to do a good job with that. And being a better person than Thanos is Warlock’s personal life goals. So he decides to go Vulcan and purge all emotion so he can be ruled by logic, as you do. Unfortunately, when he does this, guess who pops out of him? You know how I said a few paragraphs back that Warlock’s history with the soul gem was important, well, when Warlock channels his inner Spock, Magus pops out of him and decides to grace the universe with his presence. 

This. is. a. problem. Meanwhile the Avengers be like ‘JFC first Thanos and now this big ugly blue guy wearing way too much eyeliner, when do we get a freakin break?! After this I am so going on vacation’… (but that’s not what happens because there is a third chapter to the series called Infinity Crusade. You think meeting Warlock’s bad side, aka Magus, is bad, wait till you meet his ‘good’ side ;)).

As for the Watchers, they are the oldest species of the universe. They like to collect knowledge, like a lot, so they watch things. Watch but never interfere, this is their code. The Stan Lee theory, which Kevin Feige actually confirmed last week, is that Stan Lee is a Watcher, and each appearance he’s had in the MCU has been him popping up to keep an eye on things. 

Right, so that was long, sorry, but hopefully that answers your question?

awkward - Joji

Request based on the song ‘Awkward’ by Tyler, the creator. All is in Joji’s point of view, wanted to try something different, so it may be out of character. V_V Hope you like it!


“So, how was YOUR first kiss experience, George?” a very drunk Max said, grinning stupidly at me and swaying from one foot to another, almost falling. I’d love to see that, but I don’t even acknowledge his stupid dare as my eyes instantly dart towards you. [Name]. The one I’ve lost my first kiss with a long time ago. How many years has it been? Six or so, I think. I can’t remember and frankly, I don’t care. 

But still, you’re here, by my side, despite that awful experience. Wonder if you still remember it all—oh, no wait. Judging by your mortified expression, eyes widen in my direction, you surely do. Oh boy, has it been on your mind all this time, just like mine? Every time I stared at your lips, I had a flash of that one memory on that rainy day…

I can’t believe it, though. I thought that was an experience you wanted to forget. After all, it didn’t end up pretty well. I consider myself lucky that you still wanted to be friends after our failure of a relationship we tried to create as teenagers. But as I’m looking more closely…Was that a blush on your cheeks just now? Woah, what? Don’t tell me…

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Can we just talk about how beautiful and wonderful this show is? It teaches kids important life lessons while still remaining interesting and funny and magical. In Sadie’s Song, Steven walks on stage in makeup, a dress, and highheels and he starts singing and dancing, but does anyone laugh or look disgusted? No. They clap and the cheer for him, they encourage him to keep it up.

Because it’s okay for a boy to dress up like a princess and for a girl to dress up as a knight. And it’s because of this episode that my little six year old brother knows that now.

When my brother first saw Steven in a dress, he was confused. He looked at me and said, “Why is he dressed like a girl? He’s a boy!”. So I sat down and explained to him that it’s perfectly fine for a boy to wear a dress and makeup, it’s not wrong or disgusting. I told him that he could dress up however he wanted and that it doesn’t matter what other people think, and it’s because of this episode that he understands that.

So next time someone says Steven Universe is dumb, just remember that episodes like ‘Sadie’s Song’ teach kids of all ages important lessons.

And that is that it’s okay to be yourself.