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(( My mind was crying when wonfes declared there’s going to be a figures collaboration with T.M. Revoution - Hot Limit.

Because, have u seen HOW the video is?? ))

The Valentine's Day Community Relationship and Bonding Soirée

Chapter 1:  The Set-Up

Fanfiction ~ Main Pairing: Jerza (but many others involved!)
RATING:  Chapter 1~Teen+  💕  Chapter 2 ~ Mature (verrrrry sexy!)  😉 💋

Words ~ 7600
Total Chapters: 2  Total Words ~ 15,000  COMPLETE


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Summary:   None of the Fairy Tail guild members would think of Valentine’s Day in the same way again… A night of frolic, dancing and minor (for Fairy Tail) explosions.  Also, canal boats.  Mirajane and Cana plot to ease Erza’s surly attitude, roping Gray and Wendy into the action as well as stirring their spoons in several other pots.  The older members of Crime Sorcière are only too happy to help out, as they’re tired of Jellal’s moping. 

A fabulous collaboration between @nalufever​ and @impracticaldemon​ – We hope you’ll enjoy this Valentine’s Day present to you! 💗💗💗  If we receive enough encouragement, we will definitely try this again, although we still haven’t quite recovered from our current state of giggles!  😂 😂 😂

Chapter 1:  Set-Up

[I] The Planning

Mira sat on top of the freshly polished bar and employed her brightest smile at Erza.  “The Master gave me the go-ahead for the Valentine’s Day Community Relationship and Bonding Soiree.”

“Valentine’s Day is an archaic idea.” The red haired swordswoman crossed her arms and frowned.  “The Master only wants to ogle more women.”

“Of course.”  Mira’s smile never lost any wattage.  “There’s nothing wrong with that.”  She cast her eyes over to a sullen Laxus and Freed dancing attendance.  “We could use some fresh meat here.  Don’t you get tired of the same guys?”  She giggled—Laxus could hear everything (dragon slayer senses doncha know) but she had a thick skin when it came to certain things; if he knew what was good for him and her and Freed—he’d ignore Mira’s small verbal faux pas.

“Ugh.”  Grimacing, Erza looked away and let her lips pinch together in a most unflattering expression.  “Not everyone is looking to sate their base desires at a moment’s notice.”

Cana took this opportunity to spin around on her bar stool.  “More’s the pity.”

“Yes, Cana knows what Valentine’s Day should be about,” agreed Mira.

It took all Erza had not to growl. Instead she grumbled:  “Why would any sane person take the advice of a demented match-maker or an inveterate lush?”

“Tch.”  Mira ignored the tone and content of Erza’s words.  “You really need something to take that wicked edge off.”

“I am fine.”

Cana drained her mug and shook her head; Mira looked at the red-head and giggled.  “The cards never lie, Erza.  You need some help.”

“I am fine.”  Repeating her words didn’t make her believe them any better either. The endless scuffling between Gray and Natsu, behind her, burned her last nerve.  Turning, Erza glared at the ice and fire mages.  “I will rip off your arms and beat you to death with them if you don’t stop right this instant!”

Natsu pulled his punch, turning his haymaker into a friendly arm around Gray’s neck.  For his part, Gray grimaced but allowed the contact.  

“We’re the best of pals over here!”

“The very best!”

Lucy sighed and joined Erza, Cana and Mira.  “Did I hear someone asking for help?”

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Dark Hook Comes to Storybrooke - Prologue Sneak Peek

A new Captain Swan fan fic coming THIS SUNDAY in honor of the fabulous @kmomof4′s birthday!

Collaboration by  @hollyethecurious, and @winterbaby89

Beta’d by: @ilovemesomekillianjones

Rated M for language and dark themes

Summary: Moments before the Evil Queen’s Dark Curse whisks our beloved fairytale characters to Storybrooke, Captain Hook finally gets his revenge on the Crocodile.

Despair gave way to distraction as a low rumbling caught Hook’s attention. The ground began to shake under his feet as the rumbling became a cacophony within his ears, and just over the treetops Hook watched as a dark purple cloud came barreling towards him.

“What the blazes is that?!” Hook exclaimed.

“Oh, that,” the crocodile quipped, “would be the Dark Curse.”

Hook paled at the realization that there was no escaping the onslaught.

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WETHEURBAN PREMIERE: Dangerous Muse - Fame Kills (Video)

Today we’re happy to be the first to bring you the latest visual offering from enigmatic NYC-based electronic rock project Dangerous Muse! Lead by the always colorful Mike Furey, the “Fame Kills” visual is everything we love in one: fashion, art, music, and intention! Stream above and peep our exclusive interview after the jump:

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(This is what happened: my followers sent me descriptions of characters they’d made up on the spot and I drew them!  So these are all-new babies from a fabulous collaborative effort. <3)

Sorry for how skewed some of them are, I had to hold my sketchbook to one side since the computer was on my lap. @v@ 

Next on my Nicksmas wishlist … Another Nicks & Grohl collaboration, but this time an album. As well as songs from the vault 2, I’d love to see Stevie do an album of new material. While I appreciate the fabulousness her collaboration with Dave Stewart has produced, I’d give almost anything to see her work with Dave Grohl next. I love that Stevie loves Dave’s grungy vibes & I’ve loved everything they’ve done together so far. The world needs more Nicks & Grohl!