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fuck every other fandom, i’m just going to lie down and wallow in hannibal

the show is breathtaking, the fans are wonderful and full of black humor, their fanart is morbidly gorgeous, the cast is diverse, enthusiastic, and well-spoken, and they all look absolutely fucking adorable in flower crowns, the directors and producers love their fans and pay meticulous attention to their craft, and the only truly problematic element is the titular character’s tendency to, y'know. eat people

(and even then, he only eats RUDE people)

This has been hanging out on my computer for who knows how long so I thought I’d post it. I’ve been thinking about streaming while I paint. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching?

Harry (Styles).

Auctioning men. ° Unbuttoning men’s shirts in record time. ° Phil and the birthday chair. ° Flirting with men. ° Holding a man’s hand during interview. ° It was *his* helicopter. ° He’s an outrageously handsome, that man. He’s truly, I mean you look at him and you go wow. ° Well, I’m on yours. ° Sir you’re so tall. ° We love the players as well. ° But thank God people like old men Harry, don’t they? They do. They do.° You’re amazing. ° You’re a handsome silver fox if I’ve ever said so. ° You look better in an apron. ° This could be fun. ° I like a smack on the face. ° I looked at *him*. ° Are you single? ° I like your body and I think you look sexy. ° Are you stood on a chair? How tall are you? ° Dancing with men. ° Sitting in men’s laps. ° Grinding on men. ° Pretending to lick men’s hair. ° You too sir you look fabulous. ° Licking off cake from a man’s face. ° Biceps? Well you have tiny biceps. I’m kidding you look fabulous. ° How are you men? ° Sir you’re very very muscly. Very muscly man in here. °



Japanese green tea and Opera cake

Hello, hope you had a beautiful long weekend.

At my parents-in-law for starter we had a lovely broth, I call it broth because it’s salty but it’s actually green tea with blue shiso, plum, kelp (seaweed), matcha and salt.

The cake it’s an Opera cake, originally a French cake but the one I bought was made in Salzburg/Austria. A fabulous cake.

The cake is made of three layers of Joconde almond flavoured sponge soaked in coffee syrup and topped with coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache. The top is covered with a deep dark chocolate icing.

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The Hearts Of Two Heroes

In the hope and spirit of reconciliation…

Oliver took his glass of champagne and moved off by himself. He was thinking that it has been a long time since the Loft had a festive atmosphere. It felt like a home again and gave him a sense of belonging, of family. Felicity’s party gave that to him. Despite throwing Curtis to the floor when he arrived, Oliver was relaxed for the first time in weeks.

To be sure, there were some dark and painful memories here as well. He almost lost Thea; more blood on his hands. Felicity broke up with him a couple feet away from where he was standing, showing Oliver how deeply damaging his darkness can be. Donna and Curtis were nearly killed here as well.

But perhaps the most anxious moment for Oliver was the thought of Felicity and Billy sharing this place. He didn’t think about blame or anger or jealousy—he thought about inevitability. Billy was all the things Oliver failed to give Felicity. He was trust and truth and inclusion. If Oliver hadn’t put three arrows in him, Billy might have become the reality Oliver asked Felicity about that night on the balcony. Billy might have been the final piece of the big picture in Felicity’s life.

Oliver took a drink from his champagne. But this wasn’t a night for bad memories. Those were past moments of regret and sorrow and loss. They were reflections of what could have been. They were behind him. Oliver heard the echo of Felicity’s advice ringing in his mind—leave the past in the past. Felicity also told him that he should start living his own life. That is what this party is about. She is showing him it’s possible to make new memories.

Oliver looked across the room and saw Felicity talking to John and Quentin. They, along with everyone else here, were his family now. They were his future and he couldn’t think of any kind of life without them in it. It was Felicity who gave him, since he was a boy, the feeling of always having a home, starting in Ivy Town, then here and hopefully in that future. Her forgiving him for his sins, for ripping her heart out and making her doubt the choices she made with him—it was a grace Oliver could not have conceived of outside the light of love she shined on him.

Felicity turned and looked at Oliver. She smiled at him and it held Oliver in place. For the first time in over a year, he did not feel he was over-reaching for something he no longer deserved in his life.

He smiled back at her.


Felicity excused herself from John and Quentin and crossed the room towards Oliver. She could feel him looking at her. Even when he wasn’t, she knew he was aware of where she was all the time. He could find her in a crowded room, almost as if he was looking for her heat signature. It was the same with her as well. They have been apart for what feels like forever to her, but never so far that she couldn’t sense him near. Even when she was with Billy, Felicity still had that connection with Oliver. She always knew it was there. And even if they continue to stay apart, to be just friends and work partners—he will always be an integral part of what makes her life work.

She told Oliver in Nanda Parbat that he had opened her heart in a way she didn’t know was possible. Even with everything they went through over William and what it did to them, her heart was still open in that way. The sting of his lack of trust in her went deep, but when he told her down in those steam tunnels that his lie to her was a lack of trust in himself, Felicity knew that her heart would never close on him.

She walked up to Oliver, a little nervous but also feeling happy. “Hey,” she greeted him. “Want some company?”

“Absolutely,” Oliver replied. “I haven’t had a chance to thank the host yet. Felicity, thank you for the party.”

Felicity shook her head. “You’re uncomfortable with all this, aren’t you?”

“Felicity, I’m not…okay, maybe a little. Does it show?”

“Well, after you body slammed Curtis, I suspected you were a little tense. I should have known you don’t like surprises. Oliver, I know you.”

“Better than anyone,” he reminded her. “But really, I’m grateful for all this.”

They both fell silent. Felicity began to unconsciously rub her hands and Oliver took another sip of his champagne. They continued to gaze at each other. Both of them had a softness in their eyes not there since before their breakup.

Oliver finally broke the silence. “Felicity…I figured it out.”

“Figured what out?”

“The kind of person I am.”

Felicity’s heart fluttered. “You did…I mean you have…I mean…what kind of person are you?”

Oliver quickly glanced around the room “Someone who is not alone,” he answered.

Felicity looked into his eyes. I love this man, she thought.

“Felicity, I’m not sure if this is the right time or place, but I’ve been thinking about us the past few days.”


“I love you,” he told her. “I hope you know that. I will never stop feeling that way about you. Even if you don’t feel the same anymore. When I thought I lost you…I…Felicity, all the terrible things I’ve done in my life, all the people I killed and the choices I made and the directions my life went in—hurting  you was the deepest I’ve ever gone in my darkness.”

Felicity took Oliver’s hand. “Oliver, you didn’t lose me. I think maybe we lost ourselves. Yes, you made a bad choice in William. But, I made my bad choices as well; with Helix and walking away from you last summer. I almost went down that same path with you. I didn’t. I told you I get it.” She smiled up at him. “Can you imagine how drastically our relationship would have changed if there was two Oliver Queen’s in the Bunker?”

Oliver chuckled. “God that would be a nightmare.” Then he got serious again. “Felicity, I want you back in my life. Not just as Overwatch, but as someone I love and care deeply about. I am not dense enough to realize that you are the greatest thing that will ever happen to me. And uh…I get it too.”

The love that filled Felicity’s eyes could not be contained any longer. “Get what…” she whispered.

“Inclusion,” he told her. “Felicity, things with Chase are coming to a head. I know he is locked up in Argus right now, but he is not done. He is going to try to pick us off one by one. “I’m…I’m going to need you to lean on.”

“Oliver, you’ve already shown me that things are different now between us. And you’re right…leaning on each other can only make us stronger.”

They looked at each other and a light of unity shone in their eyes. Oliver squeezed Felicity’s hand.

“Oliver, in case you’re wondering, I did get you a present for your birthday.”

Oliver kept silent, waiting.

Felicity turned to address her guests, but was startled to see all of them were gathering their things in preparation of leaving.

John came up to them and had a knowing grin on his face. “Guys, it’s getting late. We should be going.”

“John,” Felicity responded. “It’s only seven-thirty.”

“Yeah…late.” John smiled at her. He looked at Oliver. “Happy birthday, brother.”


After everyone left, Oliver and Felicity just stood in the middle of the room; all nervousness and hesitancy gone.

“Felicity,” Oliver finally spoke to her. “We didn’t cut the fabulous cake you got me.”

Felicity turned around and pulled him with her toward the stairs. “Later, Oliver. I want to open your birthday present first.”

“Felicity,” he whispered as they began to climb the stairs. “You’re wrong about one thing.”


“I do like surprises.”

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Hazelnut mini cake

Hello, I made hazelnut mini cake, taste fabulous,  I didn’t put flour, it’s moist and airy because I separated the yolks and the white eggs. Put hazelnut croquant and some butter around the little cakes before I purred in the molds. 

Yesterday I received a cookbook “Simply Nigella” and a marzipan rose. :-) We can’t have flowers in the house, lol. They’ll be dead or chewed as soon as I would put them in a vase, lol. 

Have a nice day/evening.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Special Act pt 1

Oh my god you guys. My girlfriend ordered me a cookie cake for my birthday and they had a horse cake, so she asked them to just add a horn and make a unicorn. But look at this fucking unicorn. It’s so ugly it’s fabulous. This cake is WayHaught and basically it’s the best birthday ever.